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hi readers-

what’s up! As we are approaching the final days of 2017, I decided I wanted to write a few blog posts! Today I’m going to share with you some of my favorite Lush products. Lush is all natural cosmetic brand that I fell in love with the moment I received my first bath bomb from it as a birthday gift. After that, my Lush love only grew and I collected more and more products, branching out from bath bombs to bubble bars and face masks and shower jellies! This summer, I even visited the biggest Lush in the world, on Oxford St in London! I’ve tried a lot of products and I want to share with you some of my favorites and how to use them!

A wall of Lush Product in Oxford

1. twilight bath both

Twilight was the first Lush product I ever used and made me fall in love with the comapny and brand. First of all, this bath bomb is absolutely GORGEOUS in the waters. It is all sorts of colors, from purple to pink to a soft blue, great for bath art. Next, it smells so so good, like musky lavender, perfect before bedtime. And finally, it makes the bath super silky, leaving your body smooth and soft!

the bath bomb itself is a plain purple-ish color with moon and stars imprint but it unfolds into the colors of twilight

2. cupcake face mask

for me, Lush face masks are hit or miss. This is the one that really works for me.

This is the only Lush face mask I have tried that has truly worked for me and clears up complexion quickly. Others have also kind of worked but were too harsh, oily, tight, etc for me. This mask not only smells delicious (minty, herby, chocolate heaven) but feels super cooling and soothing. The only thing I would say that’s perhaps not so great is it is a little bit thick and hard to spread. (see full review here)

3. shoot for the stars bath bomb (christmas product)


Another bath product that smells delicious and is also beautiful in the water is the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb which is unfortunelty an xmas product, but nonetheless a favorite of mine! It smells like honey and makes the waters a gorgeous blue, leaving little stars everywhere!

4. twilight shower gel

just look at the sparkles and the color!!

On to shower gels products… I love the twilight shower gel. It has the same musky lavender smell of the bath bomb it’s named after and also possesses the same luster and mysterous color, a deep, stunning purple. This is one of my favorite scents from Lush and I love the shower gel!

5. rose jam shower gel

Okay I lied, this is my ALL TIME favorite scent from Lush. Before you set off on a rose jam buying spree (there are a ton of products that share this delicious smell), not everyone loves Rose Jam. It’s very sweet and floral which I love, but isn’t for everyone. This shower gel is so good because it not only smells delicious while showering, it stays on your skin for at least 3 hours after. * quick note: I think rose jam and twilight are both seasonal, but can be purchased through gift sets all year round (how I get them)*-please correct me if I’m wrong haha.

6. ro’s argan body conditioner

Sharing the same scent as Rose Jam, and a year round product, Ro’s Argan is the next best (or better thing). It’s a body conditioner which may sound weird at first, but it is used on your body the same way you condition your hair. After cleaning your skin (with Rose Jam perhaps?) apply to your skin and lightly rinse off, leaving your skin soft and fragranced for the day! This is a wonderous product and always leaves my skin smooth.

I’m not sure what I like better, its scent or its effects!

7. santa’s belly shower jelly

yep it’s literally a shower JELLY!!

I did do a full review here, but just wanted to put this on my favorites because, while I thought it was too wobbly then, I’ve learned that squishing some into a wet loofah and then applying is the best way to do it while still having fun and making bubbles! The crisp apple smell is the best part!

8. creamy candy bubble bar

Run or crumble under water for big big bubbles!

This wouldn’t be complete without my favorite bubble bar! I love the Creamy Candy bubble bar because it smells super sweet and makes huge bubbles. It makes the waters a light pink color, so I enjoy adding another, more exciting bath bomb in with it!

9. pumice power

used to soften your cracked heels and rough feet

As a dancer, let me just say, my feet aren’t pretty. They are rough, calloused, and bruised from hard work in pointe shoes and bare feet. So let’s just say, pumice power was a savior! It’s the perfect texture, a rough moisturizing solid, to pamper my feet after a hard day. Bonus: it smells like fresh orange! They do go by fast, so buy a few to stock up!

10. outback mate soap

Finally, you can’t have Lush with out their world famous soap! Lush started out as a cute little soap shop, people mistaking their wheels of soaps for exotic cheese. This is my favorite soap because of it’s colors and zingy, rejuvinating scent. Ladies (and Gents) I present to you…. Outback Mate


It’s stunning visually… and don’t even get me started on the scent! I love using this soap to impress guests. After washing their hands, or going to the bathroom, they often ask where I bought the “beautiful soap.”


Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great rest of the new year and enjoyed learning about my favorite Lush products!

Let me know your top products in the comments below!!





what I got for xmas 2017

hey readers-

Merry 2 days after christmas everyone! I hope everyone had a great christmas with your family and friends, full of joy and love! I certainly had a great Christmas, staying at home with my family and seeing the movie Coco (which btw I totally recommended). Today, I’m going to share with you what I got for Christmas this year from my friends and family. I also did this post last christmas so if you want to check that out, click here ***Disclaimer: I’m very thankful for all I got and am not trying in any shape or form to brag.*** Now let’s get into the post!


giani bernini choker 

As a very girly type of girl (if that even makes sense), I love delicate jewelry pieces. I’ve always wanted a choker as I feel like they are edgy and really trendy, but I don’t really have the style to pull off a thick velvet choker. My mom knows me perfectly and got me a delicate real gold choker which I love so so so much! Also since it’s such a small choker, I can wear it everywhere (school, dance, travel, the gym) without it tangling and making a mess!

not completely sure if the choker above is the correct one but it is very similar

 lush gift set (rosy christmas)Okay hold up the train for a sec. If you are new to my blog, you probably don’t know how much I love Lush. Check out my Lush Cupcake Mask Review if you want to learn about one of my personal Lush Favs. Anyway, one of my friends knew me so so well and got me this lush gift set, featuring my favorite scent (rose jam). Girls, get yo self a friend who knows your favorite lush scent. It comes with the Rose Jam shower gel (which is so yummy… it smells like roses, and honey, and happy days), and Ro’s Argan (a body conditioner-I know crazy-with the same scent). Let me know if you want a Lush Favorites/Lush post because I haven’t done one of those in a while!

The best part of the set is it’s wrapped in an ADORABLE rose patterned knot wrap–a bandana like thing you can use for pretty much everything

more lush?

My other bestest friend got me another Lush product… one I’ve never even heard of before! A snow fairy dusting powder…okay first of all, it smells amazing, like cotton candy and candied raspberries. Second of all, I LOVE HIGHLIGHTER (which I also mentioned in like all my beauty posts) and this is a highlight bar pretty much! It’s so pretty and I can’t wait to use it

other snow fairy products that I’m excited to try!!

jansport backpack

This year, I started high school, and my old backpack wasn’t working so great. In fact, during finals week, it ripped under the crazy weight of textbooks, binders, and notebooks. So my mom and dad got me a new jansport backpack and I’m so excited to start using it next semester!

Leggings from VS Pink

As a dancer and active teen, leggings are a staple in my closet. Leggings are the most comfortable thing I will slip into for school and dancein the cooler months. However I’m kind on the shortage of nice full length quality leggings. My parents, who are mind readers, got me a new pair of fleece lined, full length leggings from Pink and I’m obsessed!1!!


sissy movie night kit

My sister being the adorable kind sister she is made me a supa cute DIY sissy movie night kit! What is that you may ask? Well it’s exactly what it sounds like, a kit for movie nights with your sissy. She filled a cardboard box up with popcorn, candy, snacks, and a list of movies for us to watch in 2018. How sweet!

 fuzzy socks!

One can never own enough fuzzy socks! This year I got approximately 6 pairs of fuzzy socks and I’m thankful for all 6 of them!


I totally forgot to tell y’all about this but… I’M GOING TO HAWAII NEXT WEEK!  SQUEEEEE!! I’m so excited and I got a pair of sunglasses to protect my eyes this trip.

mariia leotard

you can never have enough leotards !

As a ballet dancer, the cuter your leotard, the better you feel in class. My mom got me a supa dupa pretty leotard from the brand mariia which is my favorite brand!


Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a great rest of 2017! Look out for a hawaii travel diary and some more posts coming your way soon!!

how was your christmas? let me know in the comments section!






what christmas is supposed to be about


Dear Readers

With all that has been going on this year, it seems like the holiday season has come so soon. With deadlines, projects, finals, tests, grades, homework, disappointments, losses, and stress circling our lives, it’s hard to focus on what the holidays are really supposed to be about, spending time with the ones you love and relaxing. Christmas doesn’t seem to hold the special-ness it once did and now seems to just be another day. Another day of stress.

Christmas isn’t supposed to be like that. It is supposed to be special. A golden day of magic and family and cookies and presents and happiness. This year has just been different. Our family just got our christmas tree like a week ago. And it’s not even a real one, we have a 7 foot plastic tree living in our living room. Because of finals, I pretty much still have a huge ball of stress around me.

But now, the closer we are getting towards this holiday, I realize this day should be a special one. A day of hope and fun. Like how it was when we were young children.

I’m not going on my phone or the internet at all this christmas. I will cherish the memories I make this holiday without worrying about anything.

And I encourage you to do the same!




dealing with mean girls: how I put up with jealousy and backstabbing

dear readers,

hey what up it’s your girl californiangirl and I’m baackkkkk! Welcome back to my blog and if you are new, welcome! We’ve all been talked about behind our backs. Bullied, put down, ignored, hurt, and betrayed. And it really does hurt and can be hard to put up with. Today, I’m going to tell you all about my “mean girl” experience and how I’m going to deal with it and move on.20142f012f262fef2fwhisper-dd31c

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know I’m a competitive dancer and dance nearly 15 hours each week. My dance family is pretty much my second family and I love them to death. Most of them at least. In a family, we know there is always fighting and competition and our little family is no exception. Some people don’t really realize how competitive dance is. Who gets a solo, a special part, who gets to be the lead? Who is the teachers favorite, gets the attentions and the corrections to help them succeed? Really, dance is one of the most mentally demanding and competitive sports .

Last year, me and three other girls became very close. Let’s call them Tiffany, Grace, and Chloe. We were really close and kind of made our own little group. Even though we never left people out, we had a group chat, a growing list of inside jokes, and did pretty much everything together at dance. I was already good friends with Chloe and Tiffany, but I became really close with Grace that year, even though she was new to the studio. During the spring show was when our group was the closest. I have a wall of polaroids featuring us four smiling and laughing together.

Fast forward to this school year. Over the summer, Chloe and I were not at the studio, going to other summer intensives and traveling out of the country while Tiffany and Grace stayed behind. Time to introduce a new person. I’ll call her Kelly. Kelly has been the favorite at our studio for the past couple of years. She hung out with the older, advanced girls, and was known for stabbing people in the back. She was the queen bee of our dance studio. We were kind of friends, but not super close, and only talked once in a while. During the summer Tiffany and Grace grew closer to Kelly. the first day of dance, grace completely ignored me when I tried to talk to her. Tiffany stayed pretty nice, but stuck to Grace and Kelly like glue. Now those three laughed together and left me and Chloe out. Kelly and Grace would ignore me and give me dirty looks. I got a featured role in the dance we were doing in the show, and their mean looks and isolation got even worse. i rarely talked to Grace anymore who was so close to me before. Kelly, Tiffany, and Grace walk around together in a group, acting like they are better than me, with their rude remarks, and angry stares.

I guess I might be over reacting but they hurt my feelings. Especially Grace who completely ditched me for Kelly because I wasn’t cool enough or good enough. But really, why should I care what Grace thinks? Today, I decided I don’t need Grace, or Kelly, or Tiffany’s approval, and came up with this short list to help me move on and rise above these girls who have been so rude to me. I need to be the bigger person.

  1. don’t fight fire with fire. even if it’s hard, trying not to put even more fire into this situation. Instead, kill em with kindness. be nice in a genuine way, maybe they will realize all you want is friendship with them.
  2. tell the people how you feel. As someone who likes to keep all my emotions inside of me, i’m going to work on confronting the mean girls in a respectful calm way, and tell them how I feel.
  3. put down your thoughts. If you are not ready to confront your bullies, try writing out your experiences like I am doing now. It really helps, trust me.
  4. don’t be defensive. As an extremely defensive person this is hard for me. Try to see their point of view, why they are acting this way towards you. Maybe you did something to cause them to dislike you.
  5. have your space. Avoid these people if you are having a bad day or don’t want to deal with them. Instead, spend time with people you love and trust.
  6. don’t react. If you react to the mean comments, your bully will see it as encouragement to keep going. hold in your thoughts and let their remarks bounce back
  7. move on. Why should their opinions matter, take a breath and put your head up high princess!

thank you for reading! It’s night time for me since its 12:30 am…




dear ex-best friend…//what I want to tell my old friend who is drifting away

We’ve always had that friend, the one you love and care about and can’t imagine a future without. Sure they had their problems, but you never thought you would or could let go. They were almost part of you as a person, and were nestled into your life deeply. I had that friend and I thought we would be best friends forever, but this year, since we started a new big school, we’ve drifted apart. This is what I want to tell her, and maybe some day will. But for now, I’m just going to keep this letter to myself until I’m ready to share it with her.

dear ex best friend

hi. I just wanted to tell you that I miss you. We had such a close bond even though we were nothing alike. Everyone thought it was kind of weird how we were pretty much conjoined at our hips knowing our differences. I was petite and still looked like I was in 5th grade. You looked almost like a woman and could pass as a high schooler the moment you hit your growth spurt in 6th grade, and towered above my small figure. Not only were our physical appearances different, you were risky, bold, and outgoing, I was quiet, introverted, and only funny once you got to know me. I loved school even though I would never admit it and did well in it. You on the other hand, didn’t like school. You didn’t care about your grades or academics at all. But I knew you’ve been through a lot in your home life and I was magnetized by your confidence.

We became friends in 7th grade. A fast friendship formed, and soon we would walk to our lockers together, be partners in PE, and text all the time. You were friends with some other people. People that were too cool for me. But then we started spending more time together. We ended up making our own lunch table where we would sit everyday and talk. You told me your secrets. Some stuff were light : who your weekly crush was, some more heavy : the depression your sister went through. I absorbed them and learned to be a listener. in our relationship, you were the talker, I was the listener. You would dump everything on me and you became so clingy that I started to miss my old friends and try to avoid you.

8th grade. We had no classes together so I thought I could hang out with my old friends more. But I was wrong. We became even more close. Sometimes I loved our relationships, other times I felt trapped. You asked to hang out every weekend and usually I would try to make up excuses because I was tired of spending so much time with you already at school. I would try to avoid you sometimes, but still relied on you and loved you.

Freshman orientation, you found me and we clung together that day. I remember this as the last time we really spent a good chunk of time together with each other. I wanted to make new friends but I didn’t want to leave you. The weeks went by, I would sit with my other friends as I couldn’t find you since our school was so large. About once or twice a week we would sit together and talk. Well mostly you would talk.

this is when I found out you were moving away later this school year because of your depression. I didn’t know what I would do without you. I decided that I would try to sit and catch up with you more. Every week, I would sit with you by the theater alone and we would talk.

Then one week, we didn’t sit with each other. I don’t know what really caused that shift if it was my fault or yours. After that week, it began. I would see you, but you would ignore me. A couple weeks after, you had a group of new friends surrounding you and you would ignore me. It hurt… Now when I try to talk to you, it’s awkward and uncomfortable. I miss what we had but I guess our split was for the better. I have other friends now, that are more similar to me. You do too.


sometimes, I just miss you. and it hurts.




thoughts on thanksgiving//what am I thankful for?

Dear Readers,

Happy late thanksgiving! I hope you had a chance to spend it with the people you love, eating delicious food, in the place you call home.

Yesterday when I was helping my mom and sister prepare some of the food for the feast, I thought about a teacher I had. One of my favorite teachers, who lightened up the room as she walked in, was strict but fun strict, genuinely cares about us, and taught me pretty much everything I know. And despite being one of the most caring people I know and well into her sixties, she doesn’t have a family. She never married as she spent all her effort and love on her students. The rest of her family lives far away. This led me to wonder, Where did she go for thanksgiving? Did she eat alone? I’m sure she has plenty of friends to eat with but the more I thought about the sadder I got. I certainly couldn’t imagine being alone on turkey day. We have a small family here in California, everyone else is far away from us, so thanksgiving is usually spent with my immediate  family and a couple friends who didn’t feel like cooking, and wanted to tag along.

This thought about being lonely on thanksgiving stayed with me the whole night. And that is how I realized how truly lucky I am to have a family (even if we are a small one) and a place I call home. I am thankful for all the beautiful people in my life and all the support and love they give me!

Happy late Thanksgiving everyone!



15 Things You Don’t Know About Me//Q&A

Hey Readers !

Welcome back to my blog, or if you’re new, welcome! My life is a little crazy, and by crazy, I mean there’s just so many things going on… So I started blogging to keep track of my life and to vent a little, but it kind of turned into more of a scattered beauty/lifestyle/fashion, which isn’t what I want it to really be like. It felt kind of fake because really I’m NOT a beauty guru or fashion expert. So starting now, I want to keep my blog how I want it to be, just for the benefit of me sharing my exciting, confusing, and  beautiful life and maybe helping some of you readers on the way.

To celebrate my fresh start, I decided to to a 15 things you don’t know about me type of thing. I did one of these before but tbh a lot has changed since then. Instead of repeating the questions I did last time (and tbh-ugh this is second time I’ve used this word in like a minute of typing-the questions from last time were quite basic) I decided to look up more interesting and weird questions that I will answer as part of this “15 things” post. So yeah, they may be a little let’s say “interesting”  but let’s get started!!

number 1

What’s your biggest screw up in the kitchen?

hmmmm let’s be real every body screws up sometimes but I screw up all the fREAKING time! Also I SUCK at cooking like so so so much. I literally never even try to cook in fear that something bad will happen like it did this one time. It was 2013 and my little 5th grade self was home alone, except for my little sister, and I decided to make some pasta. Easy peasy right? WRONG! I was boiling the water over the stove and then I poured in the pasta and a piece of pasta fell out of the pot and in the stove right next to the flames, and ME BEING THE DUMB KID I WAS, grabbed a cloth napkin thing and reached with it to grab the pasta. Yes, I directly reached into the flame with a very flammable object. And yes, it caught on fire and burned up. I threw it in the sink and put out the flame, but this memory has always scarred me from cooking.

number 2

What’s a body part that you wouldn’t mind losing?

pinky toe for sure. Is it bad that I hate my pinky toe? (I told you these questions would be weird)

number 3

What animal would be cutest if scaled down to the size of a cat?

I LOVE GIRAFFES SO SO SO MUCH. Honestly giraffes are already cute enough at 20 feet, but they would be even more adorable if they were the size of a little kitten!

number 4

What is a fashion item you can’t live without?

oooh this one’s hard, but I’ll have to say I cannot live without a good old tee-shirt dress because I own a ton of slightly flared t-shirt dresses that I throw on and get compliments about but are just really comfy and create your outfit without much thought. Also you can tie it up like a t-shirt too.

number 5

What is the spiciest thing you’ve ever eaten?

The spiciest thing I’ve ever eaten is probably hot peri peri chicken wings from London. Basically I was in London this summer and we stopped by a chain restaurant called Nando’s. It looked pretty good and it was about 9 o clock at night and we haven’t eaten since the morning so we stopped in and ordered hot peri peri chicken wings. The thing is I LOVE SPICY FOODS, so I wasn’t expecting it to be that hot. I took one huge bite and my mouth felt like it was on fire. Like flames were lapping up my throat and down my stomach.

number 6

What are you currently worried about?

I’m probably just worried about life in general. Not being able to get good grades. Not doing well in my dance duet. Not being able to fit in. Not being able to get everything done. Not ever being able to find love. High school. Just life in general.

number 7

What are some misconceptions about your hobby?

I am a dancer, and people all the time come up to me and say that dance is easy… Um how is dance easy? Literally the one time I got in trouble at school last year was when I was in an argument about whether dance was easy or not and if it’s a sport (btw it’s an art AND a sport-that’s part of the reason it’s so hard).

number 8

When was the most inappropriate time you busted out in laughter?

Fun fact: I always burst out laughing at terrible times. I don’t even know why. Like this week I was giving a presentation at school and I just couldn’t stop laughing and I was just shaking and embarrassing myself in front of everyone. Another time this happened was when my friend at dance was talking about her cat dying and it was silent because we were mourning her cat, but for some reason I start to laugh, and I’m like trying to hold it in so hard. But I don’t succeed. This happens everywhere, bat mitzvahs, sad movies, piano recitals… etc

number 9

What has someone borrowed but never given back?

My biggest pet peeve is when someone borrows your pencil in class but doesn’t give it back. I’ve lost maybe a couple handfuls of pencils like this. Now I always pretend I don’t have a pencil when I’m asked.

number 10

Do you wear jewelry?

Because of dance I can only wear a little bit of jewelry. Also my ears used to be pierced but now aren’t so there’s that. But right now I’m wearing a necklace one of my best friends made for me and I also sometimes wear a “California” necklace that I have matching with my friend who recently moved away from California.

number 11

What is your favorite name?

My favorite name is probably Sierra. It’s very elegant and reminds me of nature. However this doesn’t mean I like all Sierras. I’m

number 12

Do you like breakfast or dinner foods?

Dinner foods, because I really don’t like eggs, bacon, etc. Much rather have some pasta, salad, and steak.

number 13

What is your favorite drink?

Okay this might be very oddly specific, but I’m an odd person so there’s that. It’s a macha latte with oat milk, 25% sweetness, with tapicoca balls in it from boba guys. It’s soooo good. My friend who actually works at Boba Guys told me to order this and now, it’s all I ever order!

number 14

What is a (weird) fear you have?

Okay you said weird so you’re getting weird! I have a fear of fish. I don’t know how or why. As a young child, I would go to lakes with the family and see little dusty colored fish lurking in the clear waters. I guess I’m scared the fish will brush by me with their slimy bodies or suck on me but when I think of them, I shudder. Snorkling in Mexico was not a great experience. As everyone was enjoying the colorful fish swiming about, I was swimming as fast as I could back to the boat.

number 15

What are your goals?

My goals are to become more confident and kind to others. To have a more positive view on the world and to choose kindness, even if it’s the harder choice. I want to be able to forgive people and accept other’s apologies. I want to be a better person.


thank you for reading,