Let’s Enjoy The Little Things In Life

dear readers,


you know the saying “It’s the little things that make life big?” Well it is my newest mantra for these coming fall months.

Before you stop reading because of the cheesiness you sense coming up, let me explain. Life goes on. Things happen. Time rushes through us. I mean, think about it, 2017 has gone by so fast! Sometimes we forget to ‘smell the roses’ to enjoy ‘the journey.’ I know this sounds oh-so cliche, but it’s something so important to keep in mind as we hustle throughout our lives day after day.

So I’m taking on a challenge, and you can join me too. Everyday I’ll write down some of the beautiful “little things” that happened to me. Whether it be a “hi” in the hall, an A on my math quiz, or a joke made at dance, I’m writing down the little things that make my life BIG. I’ll start by journaling out this weeks “little things”


girl gave me the extra dollar I needed to buy boba at the football game

not getting last place in frisbee golf during PE

conversation with a cute boy in my science class

my dance teacher complimenting me as I did an extension

trying to do couples yoga with my sister

laughing at absolutely nothing with my friends

the calm after the thunderstorm on Monday

an email from a woman who I had a brief conversation with, but still remembered me


All these “little things” aren’t much, but they sure do make my life colorful. I’m excited to continue this throughout this month and I hope you decide to notice all the little things that make each of our lives wonderful and special!





fall fashion staples//californiangirl

hey readers,


long long time no post! High school has been full of homework, new friends, drama (I know already), stress, and crushes;). Honestly, I’m still getting used to the fact that I’m a high schooler! Today, I’m going to share with you some of my fall fashion staples. Even though the 100 degree weather here in California doesn’t reflect it,  it’s already September!

1. scarves scarves scarves

A scarf is definitely the must have accesory for fall! Like think sunglasses and cute baseball caps in summer, scarves and beanies in fall.


2. beanie

if you are having a bad hair day, or just want an excuse to not have to do your hair, throw on a beanie! They are cozy, warm, and really stylish.


3. an oversized sweater

Oversized sweaters are built for those cold days when you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed and don’t want to get ready… they make you look like you tried to look cute when in reality, it was just the comfiest thing you had in your closet.


4. a choker to tie it all together


a simple velvet choker is the perfect thing to use to tie together your fall look. The black one pictured above is simple but also stunning!

5. boots!

Finally for the feet, you need some chunky boots to finish the look. literally any boots, whether they are doc martens, uggs, heels, combat, or ankle boots are neccessary for the fall season!


Thanks for reading about my fashion fall staples! I hope you enjoy your long labor day weekend!

What are your fall fashion staples? How’s your school year going?




HIGH SCHOOL?! Why I’ve been M.I.A…

Dear Readers,


okay I’ve been missing in action for what feels like the longest time (but what has actually been like 2 or 3 weeks) because I have started


I know! It’s pretty insane that I’m a high schooler now and that I’m a little freshman (or as the seniors like to call us the “fresh-meats“) and that I’m on the path to adulthood. I’m only about a week in and I’m already feeling the stress of just the fact that everything matters and the hard content and work-load. Like this weekend I’ve had what, like, 4 hours of homework? And it’s the first week! This is insane!

Despite all the crazy stress and pressure, I actually really like high school so far. (Well I mean it’s still school so as much as one can like school.) The spirit at my school is great! I went to the first football game and it was so fun! So many people were there, decked out in our school colors, face paint, temporary tattoos and all… I learned a ton of cheers and we even managed to pull off a victory! Also, being in the dance team is great. It’s fun and a great way to “show-off” (I’m aware how cocky I sound #sorrynotsorry). We get to perform at homecoming and I’m so excited. Advanced English is killer, with 2 hours of homework a day, but I love English so I’m excited. I joined a club already and I can’t wait for the clubs fair. I’ve made some new friends and stayed connected with some old.

Overall, high school is great, while stressful and tiring (especially walking around our HUGE CAMPUS full of stairs). I may not being posting as often but I can’t wait to share my experiences with you throughout these 4 years!



your now highschooler, 


Europe travel diary 2017

dear readers,

I’m back! After 3 weeks of traveling through Europe, I’m back home in home sweet home California. I love traveling because I feel like since we are only on Earth for a relatively short amount of time, why not explore it and maybe find ourselves while getting lost in the vast, beautiful world. Everytime I travel, I see and learn so much and I really wanted to share with you all the knowledge I’ve gathered in the three weeks I spent traveling through England, Belgium, Sweden and Iceland so i decided to share some pictures and experiences from my trip! Sit back, relax, and bon voyage!


London, England

I personally loved London so much! the thing that sets London apart from a lot of the other places I’ve visited is the fact that I would actually love moving to London. London is charming but also street smart. Classic but also up to date. We stayed in London for about 3 ish days.

arriving in London, we got hit by a wave of flocking tourists and experienced locals swarming all over the airport
for that first day, we just walked the streets of London. They were beautiful and filled with character and charm
Next place we went, after a good nights sleep, was Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards. *tip get there early since there is always a big crowd
Here they come!


we stopped for a sweet treat (on the 4th of July) at Crumbs and Dollies
and some shopping time at the BIGGEST LUSH IN THE WORLD. As a huge lushie I was so excited to explore this 3 floor Lush with exclusive products and a spa!
Trafalgar square was actually one of my favorite places because of the many street artists, relaxed vibe, and beautiful atmosphere!
The next day, we got up bright and early for a visit to the Tower of London! if you are interested in medieval European history, you won’t want to miss this stop!
Westminster Abbey was full of history as well. I personally love history so this was one of my favorite stops since you could really feel like you were in Medieval England
We didn’t get to ride the London Eye which I was fine with to be honest since it was a 30 minute ride.
Views like this made London such a magical place for me 🙂


Stratford-upon-Avon+York, England 

We decided to rent a car to get to these places but we got in an accident, don’t worry not a huge one, within our first 5 minutes of driving. My dad was not used to driving on the right side since we drive on the left in the USA and hit a curb, causing our tire to rip and deflate. So we scratched that plan and took public transport, the train! Stratford upon Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace was so cute and peaceful!

Anne’s (Shakesphere’s wife) cottage was so peaceful and beautiful. Perfect for a nice walk and a glimspe into Shakespeares life!
Mary’s farm is really fun (especially for kids), everyone is dressed like they’re from the 16th century, and there are many animals like this adorable sheep that came up to me

Next, we took the train to York, a town full of history.

these ancient ruins were spectacular!
the York minister was also stunning, we got to climb stairs up to the top to get a full view of York!
the view from the top!
sunset in the Shambles

back to London, and Brussels, Belgium

We made a quick stop back to London to then get on a plane to Brussels, Belgium.

enjoying our last day in London

Brussels was a quick stop, only one day, and then we rented a car to go to other places in Belgium. Brussels was a pretty pleasant city filled with the scent of waffles and historical buildings

the famous ‘Grand Place’
Of course we had to try some belgium waffles!


Ghant, Brugge, etc… little Belgium towns!

Somehow, the little towns we visited overshadowed Brussels with their character! We visited many of them and found that it was hard to communicate since most people spoke only French!


Luxembourg was really gorgeous! I was sick at my time during here but I loved this cute city (or actually country)
The views were seriously STUNNING!


Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm was stunning, I really enjoyed my day and a half there and I wish we spent a lot more time there.

The streets of Gamla Stan, old town. The streets are full of tourists, bright buildings, and character!
Took the ferry to see the city. The blue blue ocean and gentle breeze was so relaxing and added to the scenery!
The vasa museum is a MUST SEE!
I didn’t want to leave Stockholm!


Gothenburg, Sweden

My sister was playing in a soccer tournament in the town of Gothenburg so we spent 5 relaxing and fun days in Gothenburg!

Fireworks exploded, celebrating the opening of Gothia Cup! Hundreds of Teams from every country you can name watched as they sparkled through the sky!
a quick trip to a nearby island was definitely a highlight of Gothenburg! The beautiful island of Bruno was so peaceful and gorgeous!


taking a trip in a boat to the canals and harbor was so fun!


Copenhagen, Denmark

We spent less than a day in Copenhagen since we were catching a plane to Reykjavik, Iceland. However it was a great couple hours in this lovely city. It was rainy but that didn’t stop us from having fun!


Stunning buildings by the river!
The locks of love


Final stop: Reykjavik, Iceland

I was so excited about visiting Iceland! It was so remote and raw but that’s what made it beautiful. It was pretty chilly there, and rained

Iceland is full of gorgeous national parks
the hills were so green. this is the view from our rental car!
geysers galore!


the Blue Lagoon was a blast! So relaxing and a great end to the trip!
the view from the top: Reykjavik from the top of a church!


And then we headed home to sunny California! It was such a fun trip and I’m glad I got to give you a glimpse into it!

how has your summer been?








Summer Beauty Essentials

Dear Readers,

Happy summer! Are you enjoying the sunshine and time off? Well it sure has been hot here in California. I love the sunshine and blue skies but the heat keeps me up all night and makes my skin super dry in some areas but also oily from sweat in others! Today, I’m sharing with you some of the best beauty essentials for summer!

1. Cooling Facial Spray


This facial spray couldn’t be better for summer! It cools your face quickly and helps bring moisture to the dry parts of your skin, rejuvenating them. Also it can be used as a makeup setting spray and even for a boost of volume in your hair! Talk about triple threat! I have a travel sized version to keep in my bag for an on-the-go quick fix!

2. Anything Aloe Vera

Summer also means sunburns, and sunburns are not fun. What can help with relieving redness and pain from sunburn is aloe vera. I love using aloe vera gel before I go to bed by applying a thin layer throughout the sunburned area. It has a tingling, cooling sensation and helps soothe even the harshest sunburns!


3. BB Cream


A bb cream is great for summer since it’s lighter than foundation but also provides more spf coverage. It’s perfect for starting your makeup routine and covering any blemishes you have. The one I have selected above is great because it is an 8-in-1 bb cream with its benefits including Blurs imperfections, Brightens, Evens skin tone, Smoothes, Hydrates, Enhances, Protects with SPF 30, 0% oils and heavy ingredients.

4. Bronzer

Bronzer can be great for enhancing that summer glow! If you don’t tan very easily or just want a boost in your complexion, bronzer is amazing! To use bronzer, just make the number three on both cheeks! Start at the top of your forehead, dust it along your cheeks and sweep it across your jaw line all the way to your chin. Don’t forget to blend it into your neck!


5. A Lip Balm

Lips get chapped in summer so you’ll need to have lip balm on hand at all times! The Sephora collection offers an amazing lip balm in all different flavors using all different ingredients to moisturize your lips to keep them delicious and kissable all summer long!


My personal favorite is the coconut, but why not try all 6 since they are only $6 each!


And that’s it for my summer beauty essentials post! In less than a week, I’m off to Europe! I’m so excited to share that experience with all of you!

until next time





How to Make Bullet Journal//

Dear Readers,

Welcome back to my blog! Summer is great so far, I’m really enjoying a break from school, dance, and drama! However, the heat is killing me (and my hair!). Today, I’m giving a quick how-to on a bullet journal. I found this super cute idea when I was scrolling through Pinterest a couple of days ago then checked out this awesome Buzzfeed Video and I’m already hooked!


what is a bullet journal?

A bullet journal is basically a place to jot down everything. If you are one of those people who write a bazillion to do lists on sticky notes everywhere, likes pen and paper to-do lists, likes stationery, journaling, scrapbooking, beautiful pens, loves to doodle and draw, or wants to start a diary but can’t stick with the habit, then a bullet journal is THE PERFECT THING FOR YOU. You can make it neat or messy, fill it with words or drawings. It’s basically the perfect place to dump your thoughts and ideas!

getting started

As soon as I heard about bullet journalling, I knew I needed to try it. The first thing I did was find a notebook. It’s up to your preference and style on what note-book to use, but I’m using one without lines or grids so I can draw and write with freedom. However, if you like lines and grids, go for it! It’s up to you!

After I found a good notebook, I started to fill the pages. You can start with the “Index”  (basically a table of contents) and go from there.


the future log (and other logs)

First thing I did was the future log. ‘Okay slow your roll… Future Log?’ a future log is the palce where you can have an overview of all the important dates in coming months: birthdays, events, holidays, etc..


Then, you can move on to monthly/weekly, and even daily logs to go into further detail about these events. I’m not including these since I’m really busy and (let’s be honest) not good at commitment so I just have my future log, though most bullet journals include monthly and weekly logs.


before we get into more, remember that this is your notebook! Add doodles and special designs that you love! Make special pages only you would need and understand! It’s your bullet journal, make it yours!


thought bubble/to dos

Reserve/design pages built for you to dump all your thoughts and ideas for each month! I call mine the thought bubble, but call it whatever you want.


Also, set aside many pages for to do’s as well! There’s so much to do and this is a great way to keep track of it all!


other page ideas

More ideas for pages are a:

goals page

sleep tracker/log

food log

books to read+movies to see

grade tracker



Now make a bullet journal, your way, and tell me how it goes! I can’t wait for you all to try it out! They are super fun and easy to make!


how’s your summer so far?





summer clothing wishlist//

hey readers,

Today was the last day of school. Since we are graduating and moving on to a new school, it was a bittersweet day, and mostly bitter… I ended the day with some tears and hard goodbyes. it was sad to see some people who are so positive and kind break down right in front of me. It was also chilling tor realize that we would never be with the same group of people ever again. I’d taken them for granted and now some of them would be gone. I regret not getting to know some people as well as I could and should have.

Nevertheless, it also means its summer! (sorry for getting deep earlier) Summer means more posts since I’ll have a lot more free time and down time. I’m also going to Sweden and England in July and can’t wait to blog about that.

Today, I’m going to talk about some clothing that are on my wish list for summer! I tried to find things that were reasonably priced as well! Enjoy the post!


1. wide leg loose pants

So summery and under $20… shop the pants here

I feel like these days all I have are tight leggings and jeans. For summer, I feel like some wide legged loose pants would be an easy-breezy alternative.

2. off the shoulder top

off the shoulder tops are so trendy and also perfect for summer! I really love the effortless touch they bring to your look. this floral top paired with light wash jeans or shorts would be such a gorgeous look

shop the look here

3. a romper

Oh how I love rompers! So cute, but also really easy to run around in for the day. Only problem: USING THE BATHROOM. But hey at least you’ll look cute!

Shop the look here

This one is a tie on halter which I absolutely LOVE! It’s a little on the expensive side but worth the splurge!

4. a statement choker

I love chokers so much. And me being my girly self loves this delicate golden heart choker!

Currently on SALE

I can’t get over this gorgeous necklace. It would tie together any outfit and add a cute, girly touch!

5. a maxi dress

surrounded by a sea of midi and mini dresses, why not stand out with a maxi dress! I love dresses since they are an easy solution for when you don’t know what to wear. they are super easy and comfy too!

Check it out here


This one is so gorgeous and minimalistic. It’s just so flowy and summery (if that’s a word). I like the neutral color so you can add statement accessories and shoes!


Okay, that’s my summer fashion wish list. I can’t wait to go shopping so I can hopefully get all of these!

How’s your summer so far? What clothing item is your favorite? Comment below!