Summer Beauty Essentials

Dear Readers,

Happy summer! Are you enjoying the sunshine and time off? Well it sure has been hot here in California. I love the sunshine and blue skies but the heat keeps me up all night and makes my skin super dry in some areas but also oily from sweat in others! Today, I’m sharing with you some of the best beauty essentials for summer!

1. Cooling Facial Spray


This facial spray couldn’t be better for summer! It cools your face quickly and helps bring moisture to the dry parts of your skin, rejuvenating them. Also it can be used as a makeup setting spray and even for a boost of volume in your hair! Talk about triple threat! I have a travel sized version to keep in my bag for an on-the-go quick fix!

2. Anything Aloe Vera

Summer also means sunburns, and sunburns are not fun. What can help with relieving redness and pain from sunburn is aloe vera. I love using aloe vera gel before I go to bed by applying a thin layer throughout the sunburned area. It has a tingling, cooling sensation and helps soothe even the harshest sunburns!


3. BB Cream


A bb cream is great for summer since it’s lighter than foundation but also provides more spf coverage. It’s perfect for starting your makeup routine and covering any blemishes you have. The one I have selected above is great because it is an 8-in-1 bb cream with its benefits including Blurs imperfections, Brightens, Evens skin tone, Smoothes, Hydrates, Enhances, Protects with SPF 30, 0% oils and heavy ingredients.

4. Bronzer

Bronzer can be great for enhancing that summer glow! If you don’t tan very easily or just want a boost in your complexion, bronzer is amazing! To use bronzer, just make the number three on both cheeks! Start at the top of your forehead, dust it along your cheeks and sweep it across your jaw line all the way to your chin. Don’t forget to blend it into your neck!


5. A Lip Balm

Lips get chapped in summer so you’ll need to have lip balm on hand at all times! The Sephora collection offers an amazing lip balm in all different flavors using all different ingredients to moisturize your lips to keep them delicious and kissable all summer long!


My personal favorite is the coconut, but why not try all 6 since they are only $6 each!


And that’s it for my summer beauty essentials post! In less than a week, I’m off to Europe! I’m so excited to share that experience with all of you!

until next time





How to Make Bullet Journal//

Dear Readers,

Welcome back to my blog! Summer is great so far, I’m really enjoying a break from school, dance, and drama! However, the heat is killing me (and my hair!). Today, I’m giving a quick how-to on a bullet journal. I found this super cute idea when I was scrolling through Pinterest a couple of days ago then checked out this awesome Buzzfeed Video and I’m already hooked!


what is a bullet journal?

A bullet journal is basically a place to jot down everything. If you are one of those people who write a bazillion to do lists on sticky notes everywhere, likes pen and paper to-do lists, likes stationery, journaling, scrapbooking, beautiful pens, loves to doodle and draw, or wants to start a diary but can’t stick with the habit, then a bullet journal is THE PERFECT THING FOR YOU. You can make it neat or messy, fill it with words or drawings. It’s basically the perfect place to dump your thoughts and ideas!

getting started

As soon as I heard about bullet journalling, I knew I needed to try it. The first thing I did was find a notebook. It’s up to your preference and style on what note-book to use, but I’m using one without lines or grids so I can draw and write with freedom. However, if you like lines and grids, go for it! It’s up to you!

After I found a good notebook, I started to fill the pages. You can start with the “Index”  (basically a table of contents) and go from there.


the future log (and other logs)

First thing I did was the future log. ‘Okay slow your roll… Future Log?’ a future log is the palce where you can have an overview of all the important dates in coming months: birthdays, events, holidays, etc..


Then, you can move on to monthly/weekly, and even daily logs to go into further detail about these events. I’m not including these since I’m really busy and (let’s be honest) not good at commitment so I just have my future log, though most bullet journals include monthly and weekly logs.


before we get into more, remember that this is your notebook! Add doodles and special designs that you love! Make special pages only you would need and understand! It’s your bullet journal, make it yours!


thought bubble/to dos

Reserve/design pages built for you to dump all your thoughts and ideas for each month! I call mine the thought bubble, but call it whatever you want.


Also, set aside many pages for to do’s as well! There’s so much to do and this is a great way to keep track of it all!


other page ideas

More ideas for pages are a:

goals page

sleep tracker/log

food log

books to read+movies to see

grade tracker



Now make a bullet journal, your way, and tell me how it goes! I can’t wait for you all to try it out! They are super fun and easy to make!


how’s your summer so far?





summer clothing wishlist//

hey readers,

Today was the last day of school. Since we are graduating and moving on to a new school, it was a bittersweet day, and mostly bitter… I ended the day with some tears and hard goodbyes. it was sad to see some people who are so positive and kind break down right in front of me. It was also chilling tor realize that we would never be with the same group of people ever again. I’d taken them for granted and now some of them would be gone. I regret not getting to know some people as well as I could and should have.

Nevertheless, it also means its summer! (sorry for getting deep earlier) Summer means more posts since I’ll have a lot more free time and down time. I’m also going to Sweden and England in July and can’t wait to blog about that.

Today, I’m going to talk about some clothing that are on my wish list for summer! I tried to find things that were reasonably priced as well! Enjoy the post!


1. wide leg loose pants

So summery and under $20… shop the pants here

I feel like these days all I have are tight leggings and jeans. For summer, I feel like some wide legged loose pants would be an easy-breezy alternative.

2. off the shoulder top

off the shoulder tops are so trendy and also perfect for summer! I really love the effortless touch they bring to your look. this floral top paired with light wash jeans or shorts would be such a gorgeous look

shop the look here

3. a romper

Oh how I love rompers! So cute, but also really easy to run around in for the day. Only problem: USING THE BATHROOM. But hey at least you’ll look cute!

Shop the look here

This one is a tie on halter which I absolutely LOVE! It’s a little on the expensive side but worth the splurge!

4. a statement choker

I love chokers so much. And me being my girly self loves this delicate golden heart choker!

Currently on SALE

I can’t get over this gorgeous necklace. It would tie together any outfit and add a cute, girly touch!

5. a maxi dress

surrounded by a sea of midi and mini dresses, why not stand out with a maxi dress! I love dresses since they are an easy solution for when you don’t know what to wear. they are super easy and comfy too!

Check it out here


This one is so gorgeous and minimalistic. It’s just so flowy and summery (if that’s a word). I like the neutral color so you can add statement accessories and shoes!


Okay, that’s my summer fashion wish list. I can’t wait to go shopping so I can hopefully get all of these!

How’s your summer so far? What clothing item is your favorite? Comment below!





Dance Spring Show!//my experience

Dear Readers

this weekend was the show! The spring performance of my dance studio! It was an interesting but rewarding experience. Let’s get into the post!


tech rehearsal–the warm up

tech rehearsal is basically when we run all our dances in our regular dance clothes, not costumes, makeup, and hair. This is so we get used to the stage and marking formations. This year at tech, we went to get boba tea before to get a pre-snack and to give us a boost, since it would, no doubt be a long night.

BTW: edited on VSCO! I love VSCO soooooo much!

So after getting our boba, we left to the theater, with our bags full of pointe shoes and yoga blocks. i was pretty worried about this years show since I was in a total of 8 pieces. This meant I had A TON of “quick changes” meaning you only have one dance number (about 2-3 minutes) to change your shoes, costume, hair, and sometimes makeup! Yeah, I know, that alone pretty much finished me for the night. Luckily for tech, all i and to change was the shoes. Tech ran smoothly and long. By the time we left, it was 10 PM (and still a school night for most of us). I still had homework and was exhausted from almost 5 hours of dancing. I crashed as soon as I got home.

dress rehearsal–the disaster

Dress Rehearsal, basically the show but with no one in the audience. I show up to the theater in full hair (a high well gelled ballet bun) and makeup (thick show makeup). I was scared since today was the first time trying out my “quick changes” as well as the day they took pictures. we took class to warm up, then the night began. It started out fine, except my turns weren’t on spot. But, they were still better than what was about to come. So I went through my quick changes, barely making them, covered in a  layer of sweat. Part 1 was over so it was on to the next part. Then, I made my mistake. Instead of practicing my dance (a really hard adv ballet piece that I was the youngest in), I decided just to chill out and relax, as I was pretty tired. WORST MISTAKE EVER

I ended up forgetting that dance (on stage) as well as slipping and falling on my butt during it. and yes, all the way DOWN

and yes it was pretty much this bad (even though that’s obviously not me)

Yay! icing on that disaster cake was when I talked to my teacher (more like desperately apologized to him). He didn’t seem that happy with my performance. The rest of the night (kind of) made up for that huge disaster cake, as I did really well in my last 2 pieces of the night. I left the theater excited, but mostly nervous for the next day. showtime

show no. 1–recovery

I walked into the theater with a vision of performing perfectly that night. I was running late so I grabbed my ballet shoes and began to run to the stage, where warm up was. I sighed as we began ballet class, relaxing into the familiar movements and music. However, I still had a layer of nervousness wrapping around my mind as I remembered the mess ups of last night. AFter class, I changed into my costume and took some cute pictures (with my Polaroid of course). before we knew it, it was time for the show to begin. the curtains rolled open and the stage lights lit up the  stage. The first dances went well, I still wasn’t quite happy with my turns but they weren’t that bad. My quick changes were hard to get through again, but I made them. i did do a major-ish mess up in my last ballet dance of part 1 but I covered it up as best as I could.

Part 2 now began. I changed into my sparkly gold costume and did exactly what i didn’t do the day before. I practiced, and practiced, and practiced. Did I mention that I practiced? The dance went WAY better than the day before. I actually did pretty good. The accomplishment of that made me get through the whole night. I took a couple more pictures and then went out to greet my family, and friends.  1 show down, 1 more to go.

show no. 2-a goodbye

This show was not bad but I feel like it was a little worst than before. Nevertheless, I still felt happy with my performance in general. However it was also a day of goodbye. We had to say goodbye to three seniors and another girl moving to an arts boarding school in Michigan. We were also saying goodbye to all of our dances we’ve been working on since February, and the 2016-17 team.  I have to say at the last bow I was tearing up a little (actually a lot). I will miss everyone and hope they always come back to visit.


This show week ended on a bittersweet note however I never wanted it to end. I hope you enjoyed my post!




Poetry, my way of expressing myself//californiangirl

Dear Readers,

Today I have for you a few of my favorite poems I’ve written. I love poetry because it’s the best way to express my thoughts. My poems are about other people and how then influenced and changed me. Let me know what you think. It’s my first time sharing my poetry with others. enjoy!




“i’m fine”

she says

but i know it’s

not true


i see her sullen eyes

dried out

from crying

i see her veil of defeat

as each step she takes

sinks closer to the floor


i give her my hand and

sink down with her





you are

the one i have grown up with

my biggest competitor

my shoulder to cry on

when everyone else has left

the other half of my heart and soul

you are what pushes me to achieve my goals

you’ve made me laugh

and cry

but don’t worry, mostly laugh


if the world tries to

pull us apart

good luck world

it’s hard to break the bond of sisters



“can you imagine?”


she can’t sleep most nights

just lies awake until the light streams out

tired, exhausted, waiting for the feeling of sweet sleep

to finally overcome her

but her mind racing fast

a million miles

Can you imagine?


she says everyone hates her at school

that she is shunned

alone in a sea of darkness

with no light

guiding her out

Can you imagine?


she says she will always

be second best

never the star role

even in her

own life

Can you imagine?


but she still puts on a face

a brave face

each and every day

waiting for something better

something that won’t come

Can you imagine?


yeah i thought so



“ice cream”

we don’t talk

like we used to do

all night

on the phone


at school

we regard each other

then slip into our own


filled with different images

and people


i’d forgotten how much

i’d missed you

until we clutched


and shared ice cream

and memories



you are tehre

every time i look across the room


even when i don’t want you to be


smiling, laughing, at something i’ll never know

i wonder if in your little boy heart

if you can see me

or if i’m invisible to you

like i am to everyone else



Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed my poems or could relate, maybe try to write some poems for your self. I know if maybe hard, but just let your thoughts flow and teh word will come. you can do it! I truly wish you luck in the world of poetry!

my 101st post//highlights of my blog

Hey Readers,

This is my 101 post with this wordpress blog! I’m amazed that I’ve been blogging so much. It’s only been a little over a year since I started this blog and I’ve already made it to 100+ posts! I have to say I’m proud of myself for being this committed! Today’s post is all about what I’ve learned about blogging since I’ve started my blog. Also here’s a link to my first every blog post (time to make fun of fetus me). Today I’m going to read some of my old posts just for the fun of it. I’m probably going to cringe so hard that I never want to open my laptop again, but… whatever.

Thank you readers for leaving lovely comments and liking my posts, this makes my day and is what keeps me blogging. thank you so much!

picture credits above go to my friend L 🙂

I also changed the theme of my blog


today I’m sharing the highlights of my blog! 

here are some of my favorite posts

Fashion Fails (Week 1)

first thing you might notice, the pictures all aren’t up! Why? I honestly don’t even know myself. I think I put in the media wrong or something. This post really reminds me of what a spunky fashionista I am. I honestly burst out laughing multiple times.

Best quote: “It wasn’t even a cold day, but it looked like she was in the middle of a blizzard in Siberia. Do me, and yourself a favor and please never wear that hat again.”

The Recipe of Happiness

dear god, why was this so cringy but heartwarming at the same time?

“And most importantly, Love Yourself. (yes, like the Justin Bieber song).”

Rainbow Dance Competition… what a weekend

This is I think my most liked and viewed post. I personally think this was the first good post I wrote about dance, which is one of the biggest parts of my life.

” Maybe it’s good to not always win, after all, next competition we will be even more determine to win and we will work harder. This loss only put some FIRE in our bellies.”

20 Things That You (probably) Don’t Know About Me

This is really fun to write and re-read. It’s so interesting how much ahs changed since I wrote that post.

“20 is a VERY large number and I’m already running out of things to say.”

JUMP Convention part 1- Friday

ahhhh another one of my dance posts. This is about my experience at another dance competition, Jump. This one got pretty deep, and there’s also a part two which is my convention experience.

“We were nervous, the energy was like a cloud of buzzing bees hovering over us. We did some jumping jacks and crazy 8’s trying to keep our focus and burst the cloud of flying buzzing bees. The nervous energy only grew as we saw other teams. “Look away. It won’t help us if we look. Will they your performance better?” Our Coach, Ms. C, asked as she noticed our gaze towards them. “Stay focused.” And we did.”

ABRSM Piano Exam?!-experience and what I learned

This is about another very important about my life, piano. I feel like if I had to take an exam, I would want to read something like this.

“After each piece his ink pen scribbled furiously. I could hear the words as they formed on the paper.”

China Blog (Days: 1-3)

Taking a trip to China, where I’m from, is one of the best experiences of my life. I loved blogging about it too! Check out all my China Blog accounts!

The Dance Winter Performance//my experience

This post is pretty recent and it’s about my dance winter performance.

“The show is a big deal, but maybe not as big a deal as the Spring Showcase. I was in four dances this year, Rondo (ballet), Snow Scene (advanced ballet), New York Christmas (Jazz), and Winter’s Night (lyrical). This is my experience of both backstage and on stage, and I’m ready to share.”

Pool Parties+Updates

This was really funny and fun to write. I love team parties, its super fun. This reminded me of how much I love hanging out with the team. This made me laugh and smile as I remember the good old days.

“Next, we played pterodactyl, brought to us courtesy by Kristen.  In pterodactyl, you can’t show your teeth. You are in a circle and you have to say pterodactyl-hence the name. If you show your teeth at all, you are out.  We all crowded in a circle in the steaming, bubbling hot tub and we started. It was fine at first, but soon I got out along with half the girls. Since it was the Top 5, Kristen changed up the rules a little. You have to say a body part, either an internal or out-ternal organ. We cracked up at that. I was feeling so hyper from the Sprite I just had. The finalists faced off. Everyone cracked up again when Anika Selena muffled out vagina.”

Hamilton: a beginner’s guide

I love Hamilton. Like it’s pretty bad. Ok, it’s really bad. This was my attempt to get the people who don’t know or like Hamilton to know and like Hamilton. I have to say I was pretty successful since I converted my friend.

“Today’s post is about my current obsession, Hamilton the musical. A couple of months ago I thought I was obsessed. I listened to a few songs and liked them. That was it. Now, i truly am, I mean you don’t even want to know how bad it is. Like its stalking original cast member bad. Watching illegal clips of it live bad. Listening to it non-stop bad.”

food for thought: Body Image and Clean Eating

This was a lot more of a serious topic about me and my relationship with my weight. This was tough to write and read. It’s really difficult to share this information but also important to talk about.

” I studied by long, bulging-with-muscle legs, my broad and beautiful shoulders, my delicate and lean arms, and my now widened hips, showing that I was a strong woman. I looked at my beautiful body in the mirror. I took a deep breath and went back to doing the barre exercises.”

Beauty Wishlist

This is another very popular post. I love making LISTS. Like love love love. It was very fun to write this awesome list.

“I low high key want to get High Beam from Benefit Cosmetics”


Thanks for reading! Have a lovely day




food for thought: time

Dear Readers,

Why has time been going by so quickly?

It’s already May, which means we are almost half-way done with 2017. And I still write 2016 when I head my papers. Also, I always seem to remember things that seem like they happened a couple of days ago, but were really months ago. And the weirdest thing is that it seems like 2015 was so far away, I was such a different person, but nothing happened in 2017 and it’s still going super fast. And I learned another crazy fact (and not crazy in a good way) today: When you get older, time goes by faster and faster! (Read this article: it’s mind blowing)

Also, each day feels the same to me. Which make time also seem to go by faster and for me to have little differentiation between the days, months, and even years.


what i’m going to do

I’m going to stop stressing over time. Stop thinking about aging, about dying. I’m going to live life to it’s fullest and stop stressing. It’s our time and what we do with it. Don’t let it control you. Life isn’t a ticking time bomb, it’s a state of being alive.

how to control your time and stop stressing about it

-every week I’m going to write down all the things I’m grateful for, all the things I’m stressed about, and all the things I want to accomplish in the coming week

-I’m going to have a spa night every month to de-stress

-I’m going to take time to enjoy the small things in life

-don’t procrastinate (waaaay easier said than done.)

-do fun major events, so each day isn’t the same



has your 2017 been going by this fast or is it just me being CRAZY?




a look into my life//catch up with californiangirl

Hey Readers,

How has it been? I haven’t caught up with you in a while. I’ve been crazy busy with everything. It’s standardized testing which means lots of stress and little sleep. It also means block scheduling (meaning we only have 3 classes a day-as oppose to our usual 6 – and each are 2 hours long) which is in some ways good and some bad. For example, it’s good because I have a two-hour long free period. That’s why I have time to blog since I finished all my homework. But also, I don’t have my free period every day which is bad since I rely on it to get most of my homework done.

Good news: school’s almost out, which means it’s almost summer.  summer=more blog posts & a lot more fun. I don’t know, when school’s in session, I never have time to do fun things. I mean I love my life, but as my friend said our small California town is pretty boring and constant. Everyday is the same, day after day. School is the same except there’s the buzz in the air that summer is almost here. The drama is dissipating, which is nice but also gives little to talk and speculate about. Competition season is over at dance, making our studio more calm and peaceful. The big show is coming up though, meaning costumes and extra rehersals start to crowd the studio. But things are the same every day. You see, I love my sleepy town and all but I also want to see the world. I want to be part of something bigger and more beautiful.

Speaking of dance, next year on dance team I’m competing a trio! I’m excited but also scared. I don’t know yet who I’m doing it with. The problem is, two of the favorites, Sasha and Mari, are probably doing it together, meaning I have to compete with them. They will probably get the better choreography, more rehearsal time, and attention. I might join their trio if I work hard and other people in my trio back out. Fingers Crossed.

Meanwhile, I’m getting into photography. I went on a mini photoshoot with my friend and it was so fun! I even started a vsco (omg I’m so artsy). Vsco is an app that you can publish and edit pictures on. It really air brushes your pictures and makes them more professional and artsy. In fact vsco can make basically any picture look cool. What I learned from photography is that you need to find the special moments and places in life and capture them. You don’t need to look for a beautiful sunset, though it would be nice, you can find Instagram worthy photo opportunities everywhere! I may even add a photography section to my blog!


*I have a teensy weensy obsession with highlighter. It’s the only makeup I like and wear and I go just a little crazy on it.

Finally, I’ve really been busy with school/dance recently so I’m having a mini spa day with my sister. I’ll probably blog about what we did and some ideas for you to have your own spa night!


how has your life been treating you? (good I hope)




The Obsession Runs Deep//things I’ve been obsessed with

hey readers,

Welcome back to my blog, or if you’ve stumbled upon my little corner of the internet, welcome to my blog! Today, I’m going to be talking about all the things I’ve been obsessed with recently. There will be a bit about everything: music, beauty, food, lifestyle, books, and more, basically everything in my life I’ve been loving and want to share with you! Between school-tests, quizzes, girl drama, and dance-upcoming show, auditions, team, and injuries, I’ve been pretty busy. I’m thinking of posting a “catch up” to update you on my cray-cray life! But for now, let’s get on into the post!


1. Braids


I’ve literally been so obsessed with braids recently. Braids can make your head looks smaller and make you look more youthful. Dutch and French braids are freaking gorgeous! I personally like dutch braids better but both look so lovely and are great for the summer!

2. Spotify


I’ve really been using Spotify a LOT more this past month. I’ve had Spotify on my phone and Mac for the past year or two but haven’t really used it. Now, I’ve been making my own playlists and using it every time I listen to music! I love how you can make your own playlists, and also the awesome playlists built by other people.



If you’ve read my Beauty Wishlist, you know how obsessed with highlighter I am. I mean whats not to love about a little glow. A little highlight on the nose, cheekbones, and collar bone (yes, I said collarbone) makes all the difference! Highlighter is the most essential makeup item. Yep I said it. I spoke the honest truth.

4. The Pink Drink


My Starbucks order of a Tall DeCaf Caramel Frapp has expanded! I tried the Pink Drink, and it was worth it! It tastes like strawberry coconut milk, which sounds gross now that I’m typing it, but it’s actually delish!  So now, I basically just run on Pink Drinks, Spotify’s Happy Hits radio, and the thought that school will be over is 20 something days.

5. Hamilton (still)


Okay, I’m kind of Hamilton trash. Like aifdghvjdhasvkuf. I don’t think my obsession will ever cool down. I love the music, the concept, and the cast so much! I basically stalk every original (and some of the new) cast members. Jasmine Cephas Jones slays my life on a daily basis. Daveed is actually me. Oak is the best person in the world. I’m even reading an 800+ biography about Alexander Hamilton, what has my life become?

6. Over-sized sweaters


Oversized sweaters are my life. I love wearing them with leggings and chunky boots. They are cozy and comfy, yet make you look like you actually tried to find a cute outfit. Thank the lord for making oversized sweaters!


And that’s it! Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful Monday, and rest of the week!

What have you been obsessed with?





Easter Afternoon Tea//our (NEW) tradition

Dear Readers,

Last Sunday was Easter. My family is not the traditional American family. We don’t have religion and never go to church. I have no memories of Easter egg-hunts in our backyard, church, or grand brunches. I have absolutely no traditional Easter memories, just baking an apple pie and going hiking, and Chinese style brunches complete with porridge and homemade hash browns. So I decided to start a family tradition. Easter Afternoon Tea. It was really fun and is a new part of our family traditions.


My sister and I made all the treats, cream puffs (made with pate-a-choux and hand whipped cream), the perfect banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, mini sandwiches filled with chive and garlic infused cream cheese, garlic, and red pepper spread, and Earl Gray Tea Cakes. Now, I can say that I can bake! At least a little.

Meanwhile, my mom did some spring cleaning, helped us decorate the dining table, and found the perfect tea set. An elegant tea set, given as a gift even before I was born all the way from China. We also had a pretty, traditional English rose kettle and a shiny saucer filled with cream and another with sugar. My dad brewed all the tea, floral Chamomile, deep Darjeeling, and traditional Chinese Tea.

It was great to spend time with the family. Decorating the cupcakes together and getting it all over our nice clothes, catching up and arguing over tea, and debating over if plain cucumber sandwiches are acceptable to eat, or if they are just plain gross, it’s moments like these that we will never forget. It’s moments like these that form a tradition.


What did you do this Easter and Spring break?




Spring Break Snapshots

Dear Readers,

Today’s post is all about what i did this week for spring break. These are some “snapshots” into my Spring Break!


diy lunch: my family and I made a diy pizza! Very colorful and yummy.


read all about it: this is probably the biggest book I’ve ever read! I’m really into Hamilton, so I decided to do some spring reading. Only 1/4 way through!


spring cleaning: I cleaned out my backpack and realized how much junk was in them!


pictures: I had picture day with my dance team! It was super fun I defintely needed coffeee to get through the long day.unnamed-2.jpg

happy bday/aerial silk class: It was my friends birthday so we went to an aerial silk class to celebrate. Don’t ahve any pictrues, but it was super fun!

spa night: a much needed sister spa night was complete witha relaxing bathunnamed-4.jpg

night out at the city: I went to see a ballet in the city with my mom!


shopping: I found the perfect dress from graduation and had a fun day at the mall!



Tomorrow is Easter and my family is having an Easter tea party! I’ll keep you all updating with more pictures!

How’s your Spring break going?




Beauty Wishlist

Hey Readers,

Welcome back to my blog! Today, I’m going to be letting you know some products that I really want to invest in and get (aka my Beauty Wishlist)! I really love making wishlists, or any type of lists, because it makes me feel organized and put together (even when I’m actually not).


I’m more of a skin care girl, I’m not a huge fan of makeup because I like going all natural, but I’ve really been starting to get into makeup more, especially highlighter!

1. High Beam (Benefit Cosmetics)

$26 at Sephora


I low high key want to get High Beam from Benefit Cosmetics. This is a liquid highlighter and is actually the most gorgeous color ever, a iridescent satin ballet shoe pink color. I swatched it in-store and have been obsessed with it since.

2. Watts Up (Benefit Cosmetics) 


You guessed it, another highlighter! This one is more subtle and, in my opinion, easier to use as there is a soft glow blender. It has a more subtle champagne-ish color.

3. Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water (Lush)


Making a change back to skin care, I really want to get a Lush toner water. My friend and I went to Lush a month ago and I have to admit, it was the best in-store Lush experience yet. An employee working there that day was amazing. He gave us a ton of samples and let us try out a ton of things. I really loved the toner water which was so cooling and calming. I sprayed it like 5 times because I loved it that much! Still haven’t made my way there to buy it, but I’m definitely coming for it!

4. Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Cream (Lush)


My sister’s friend’s birthday party was at Lush. I’m kind of sort of obsessed with Lush, so I was naturally a little jealous. To make me feel better, she got me a sample of Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Gel. Oh my god, first things first, the color is absolutely amazing. Showering with vibrant yellow gel is sure to wake you up in the morning. The smell is amazing too! It’s supposed to smell like chocolate and oranges, but that’s not exactly the scent I get. Nevertheless, I adore the scent!

5. Clear Improvements Charcoal Mask (Origins)

$26 at Sephora

I’ve really really been wanting a nice reliable face mask, as I’ve been breaking out a TON recently. I usually have pretty good skin, a little on the oily side, few breakouts, but in the past month, my face has just been breaking out a ton. I’ve tried the Cupcake mask from Lush (which I LOVE). But I don’t like how, since it’s made of organic materials, only lasts for 2 weeks. My face is on the slightly more sensitive side so I can only do a mask once a week, or at most twice, so much of the mask is still left once it expires. This mask, which I got a sample at from Sephora might be a good substitute. I really want to try it out once I get some money and time to browse at Sephora.



That’s my wishlist! I’ll let you know when I try these out and will let you all know how they work and if I like them!

hope you have a good day!




Updates: winning a math award/doing a pointe trio?

Dear Readers,

Welcome back to my blog, or if you’re new, welcome! I’m californiangirl and I love dance, blogging, Hamilton, fuzzy socks, healthy foodLush, and beauty! Today I’m just gonna keep y’all update on what’s going on in my life right now.


Apparently I was chosen as one of the top Math students in my grade and won a math award for it. Which is weird because I don’t really like math. And I’m not even that good at it. I wonder how I got chosen for this award, honestly. But whatever, I’ll take it!

Also, I’m also in a trio for ballet! I’m super excited. It’s really hard and the other two girls in it are super good. they are both older than me and they are the people I look up to. Im kind of nervous that I’m dancing besides such beautiful dancers. I feel like I’ll mess it up for them since I’m so much worse than them. Also, a girl got injured so I have to learn her part in this dance that is really really really hard. Like really really hard. I’m kind of scared about that too. Of course I’m the youngest girl in that and I’m worse than all of them.

Also, I’m starting to watch Glee again and it’s amazing! I’m actually obsessed now. It’s sooo good. I’m probably going to binge watch Glee all spring break!


That’s it for now! What else have y’all been up to?





Spring Cleaning//my goals

Dear Readers,

Spring has sprung! Even though the weather doesn’t seem like it, spring has started! I love spring because it makes it seem like you are turning to a fresh new page in your notebook, or like you are starting a new one all together! For this post, I’m going to talk about some of my goals for this spring!


eat clean (I have a whole post all about this)
so far I’ve been eating cleaner for the most part. The only problem is my mom just went to buy a huge pack of goldfish and a carton of mint chip ice cream (my favorite) so it’s been hard to resist. I ate a bowl of goldfish yesterday so I decided that goldfish will be okay for my clean eating challenge, as long as I don’t eat too much to frequently. I feel a lot better though after starting to eat more cleanly. My mind has been clearing more. Yesterday at dance, I felt really happy with my body which doesn’t happen often.

read more
I feel like these days I’m on my phone more than reading like I used to. I’m trying to make it a habit to read a little everyday. I’m currently reading A Long Way Gone, a memoir about being a child soldier in Africa which is absolutely depressing, and rereading The Sometimes Daughter. (quick rant: The sometimes Daughter is one of my favorite books ever. It’s so good and I feel like every teen girl should read it. It’s basically about a daughters relationship to her mother who is a drug addict, joined a cult, left her family, but at the same time loves her daughter and wants to be part of her life. It’s so good, I cry every time I read it.)

be more social
I have friends that I love and trust, but I think I need to be more friendly and social and reach out to them more. Sometimes I keep things to myself when I should really be sharing them to my friends

keep up my snapchat streaks
A girl’s got to do what a girls got to do 😉

work on my handwriting
my handwriting kind of sucks right now. I need to start improving it now.

stretch everyday
as you all know, I dance, a lot, I feel like I should put more effort outside of class to stretch and get more strong/flexible. I’m in 8 pieces this Spring Dance show and I’m in eight dances. The most I’ve ever been in. Me along with two otehr girls are doing a pointe duet and I’m much younger than them. I have a really hard turning duet in one dance and a hard turning trio in the other. It’s really scary to be in so many because I don’t ahve much stamina. I’m worried I won’t be able to get through teh whole show without DYING. Two years ago I was in 6 dances, my second highest amount of dances and I barely got through that weekend.

be more respectful
I want to show more respect toward my parents because I love them, but I don’t always act that way. I want to show them how much I lvoe them before I move out and only see them on holidays.

listen to Hamilton less
who am I kidding? My obsession runs too deep to stop.

love myself more
hey if Hailee Steinfeld says it, than you should do it.





food for thought: Body Image and Clean Eating

Hey Readers,

Welcome back to my blog. I haven’t been posting much recently because of the overload of craziness swirling around me. This post is something very personal to me. I hope you all respect that. Feel free to share your stories with me in the comments or by email.


Yesterday, I stepped on the scale for the first time in months. I always have dreaded this moment. I’m not over-weight by any means and am considered skinny in this society, but I always have had this pressure to stay very skinny and to not gain any weight. I think it might come from all the ballet classes and many times I’ve spent staring at myself in the mirror in only a skin-tight leotard and tights. I gained weight. Not much, only a couple of pounds, but enough to make me feel bad about my body for the rest of the day.

The thing is, every time I step on the scale, I get depressed, no matter how much I gained. And how do I cope with that? Snacks. It’s really ironic that after I find I out I gained weight, I swallow down tons of snacks. The snacks result in stomachaches and I feel bad all over again.

Later in the day, during ballet, I looked at the mirror, seeing my long, not so lean legs, blooming breasts, too-broad shoulders, too long arms, and widening hips. I’m at the stage where I’m still growing. My body is still developing into the women’s body it will soon become.

The more I thought about it, I realized to stop being so hard on myself and body. It’s normal to gain weight as a teenager. I’m growing.

My body is still developing into the women’s body it will soon become.

I looked back in the mirror but instead of looking at what was wrong, I looked at myself in a different light. I studied by long, bulging-with-muscle legs, my broad and beautiful shoulders, my delicate and lean arms, and my now widened hips, showing that I was a strong woman. I looked at my beautiful body in the mirror. I took a deep breath and went back to doing the barre exercises.

I got home later that night and began a pact. With myself. I know. It’s kind of sad.

1. Don’t weight yourself as often

2. Don’t feel bad about your weight

3. Eat more clean

4. Reward yourself once a week to something good

Eating clean? What does that mean? It means to eat only things from nature. So goodbye Goldfish, Mint Chip Ice Cream, Girl Scout Cookies, and over processed salami. It would be hard, but I knew it would make me feel better. I’ve been getting stomachaches from eating too many snacks so I hope clean eating will make me feel better in that way as well.

And I want to have rewards too. If I eat nothing processed for a week, then I’ll eat a scoop of ice cream. If I worked out once a week, I’ll treat myself to an at home spa day. These reward check points will help me push through hard weeks.


So lesson learned?

I need to realize I’m growing and I’m going to gain weight. The only thing I can do is eat better and love my body.

share your story in the comments or by emailing me