Welcome to My World (and Blog)

Hello readers,

It’s californiangirl! Welcome to my blog! I’m just a regular californian girl—a dancer, dreamer, and middle schooler. I started this blog to channel my thoughts and inspire and help others. Even though I’m writing for you (my readers), I’m also writing for myself. I want to be able to share things out instead of keeping it to myself. I’m keeping it anonymous so I can share my feelings easier and keep my blog more real and honest.

I’m going to try to post as often as possible, but I’m pretty busy. As I said before, I’m a dancer and I dance about 10+ hours a week. Also, I’m still in school and I have schoolwork to work on. But, whenever I have time, I’m going to do a quick post and update about my daily life.

I’ll be posting about my daily life experiences, dance, and fashion/style. So stay tuned for more posts!!!

californiangirl signing off:




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