Dance Compeitions: Expectation vs. Reality

Lifetime’s hit show all about young dancers competing at dance competitions all across the USA

Hi Readers,

It’s californiangirl again! For my second post, I’m doing an expectation vs. reality all about dance competitions. American teens and tweens are obsessed with Lifetime’s Dance Moms. (I may or may not be one of them) But I’ve actually competed at a dance compeition (now for my second season) and it’s not quite the same as Dance Moms competition.

Expectation: All the moms there are CRAZY and there is a ton of drama.

Reality: Ok, there are always those crazy moms! But usually the dance moms are (mostly) sane. There are no cat fights or shouting matches at a dance competition (at least that I’ve seen). I’ve seen is loud cheering from moms and that’s about it.

Expectation: It’s an all weekend event.

Reality: Competitions are scheduled for a weekend (from Friday to Sunday) at each location. That does not mean you’ll be competing on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It depends on the category your in. About 2 weeks before the competition, a schedule will be sent out to you. Then you’ll know exact times.

Expectation: Everyone who competes has to be super amazing at dancing.

Reality: When watching competition, I’ve seen the good, bad, and ugly. And many are in the bad category, and some even in the ugly category. Not all who compete are good, let alone as good as the Abby Lee Dance Company. There are some studios who enter 100s of terrible, not clean entries. Also, in many competitions, there are different ability levels (example: primary, secondary, intermediate, and elite). This is so a first time competitor doesn’t go up against people who’ve been competing since they could walk.

Expectation: Competitions are not fun because you are too stressed out.

Reality: NOT TRUE!!! Competitions are so fun and you learn a lot. I don’t just compete to win awards, I do for the experience. And it’s a great one. You have so much fun throughout the journey and you get so much better.

So if you have a dance competition coming up, remember to have fun! Let me know in the comments your experiences and tips, I’ll be happy to read!!!

californiangirl signing off,





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