Fashion Fails (Week 1)

Hey Readers,

It’s carliforniangirl! I know, I’ve really been blogging a lot in the past few days but I have so many things that I want to blog and better now than never! So this post is my first Fashion Fail post. Let me know in the comments if you think I should continue writing these. I’m not trying to be rude or mean (please let me know if I am), I’m keeping everyone I mention on this anyonomous.

Fashion Fail #1: Nightgown style dress

I came into homeroom on Thursday and I saw a horrid sight. My teacher Ms.W was wearing a horrendous stripped, baggy dress that looked like a nightgown. Not even kidding. Many kids made fun of her behind her back, so I wanted to tell her, but what would I say?

“Your dress is really ugly and looks like a nightgown take it off immediately?”

So I kept it to myself and hoped she would never wear it again.


It was pretty much a striped version of this (BUT IT WASN’T A NIGHTGOWN & SHE WORE IT TO SCHOOL)

Fashion Fail #2: Brown “Fur Tube Style” Hat

Another teacher, Ms. M was caught wearing another fashion fail. This, I can only describe. It’s as bad as it sounds, trust me. It was a dark brown fur “tube style” hat. Almost like an oversized beanie with a hole in the middle for her hair to stick out. Or liek one of those raccoon hats with out the tail sticking out. It wasn’t even a cold day, but it looked like she was in the middle of a blizzard in Siberia. Do me, and yourself a favor and please never wear that hat again.

Unless your in the middle of a blizzard in Siberia.

Fashion Fail #3: Neon Orange and Maroon

Some people can pull off that unusual color combination. Most can’t. I’ve never been a huge fan of orange clothes. It don’t really match with much. Does neon orange match with maroon? This Fashion Failer wore a neon orange tee-shirt from Under Armor with a Maroon fleece jacket. Sorry, it did not work. Well, in some cases you can pulloff a maroon and orange outfit, this is an example of a way to make orange and maroon work.

Notice the sutble, more dark and warm orange, instead of blaring neon. Nude or quiet colored pumps, purse, and jewelry are great from balancing out the bright colors.

Overall, this week, I’ve seen some bad fashion choices but I’ve also seen some great ones and learned a lot from watching other people’s fashion sense.

californiangirl signing off,





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