The Recipe of Happiness

Hi readers,

It’s californiangirl! Thanks for reading my posts, I’m really thankful that this blog is up and running. Thank you WordPress!!!

This post is more deep and meaningful. It’s something thats important to me. Today, I’m going tell you the “recipe” of happiness, in other words how to stay happy your whole life. I’ll be honest, I’ve been sad and depressed at times. In fact, someimes that I can even think suicidal thoughts. But now I’m fine. In fact, today I feel great! These are the steps I took to being happy.





Positive Thoughts




  1. Keep a happiness journal. Everytime something happy or wonderful happens in your life, jot it down. Even if it’s a tiny moment. Or if it’s something BIG. Later when your sad or down in life, read your happiness book, to remember all teh happiness you have in life.
  2. Write poetry in the journal too. I’ve found how helpful and powerful poetry is. It can help you express your feelings instead of keeping them to yourself.
  3. Blog or Talk about your life to others. Find someone you trust, and talk about what’s going on if you’re depressed. Or better yet, keep an anyonomous blog. You can share your feelings and have advice with out revealing your name or personal information.
  4. Think of the Positive side of everything. There is always a silver lining, even if it’s hard to find. Find it and hold on to it.
  5. Love. This is the most important step. You must love and show compassion. Love your family and show them that you love them. They will show you it back. Love the Earth, give back to the world that has given you so much. the Earth is beautiful and if you haven’t found that out, you will soon enough. And most importantly, Love Yourself. (yes, like the Justin Bieber song). You are too amazing to be depressed. You are too wonderful to leave this world. You can change the world. Love yourself, always.

Comment down below your tips and ideas for those dealing with depression, or your story. I’m here for you, we all are.

californiangirl signing off,






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