Happy Almost March-national nutrition month

Hi readers,

It’s californiangirl again. March is national nutrition month, so in honor of this month’s national holiday, I’ve made a post all about staying healthy.

March is national nutrition month!

This month I challenge you to do the following. If you complete it then let me know in the comments! Who knows, maybe I’lll inspire you to have a new lifestyle.

  1. Work out at least 3 times a week. By workout, I don’t mean for a minute. I mean for at least 30 minutes. Here are some great workout ideas: running, walking, hiking, biking, jump rope, yoga, zumba, cycling… etc.
  2. Keep a food log. This is a great idea for binge eaters. (Yes, I’m guilty too) I understand what it’s like to eat one chip after another until the whole Super Size bag is empty. (Yep, I’ve done it before). And I do workout a lot (Dance and running), so I burn it off. But it’s still not healthy to binge eat for obvious reasons. Keep a food log to gain awareness of the snacks you eat.
  3. Don’t go have fast food this whole month. (Yes, it includes In & Out, Chipole, and (cringe) Starbucks) This is next to impossible for some of us. I know, it’s hard, especially the Starbucks thing. But, you’ve got to realize how unhealthy fast food is. I’ve recently read Fast Food Nation and it’s gave me an understanding of the fast food business and that the food they sell is not good for us.
  4. Run a 5k. A 5k is a run (you don’t need to run all of it) that is 5 kilometers. Find a 5k run near you and do it. I suggest doing one later in the month so you have time to train. You can use that training time for your workout time!
  5. Acheive a fitness goal. I don’t know what your personal goal is, but make one and try to acheive it. Mine is to be able to run a 7:20 mile. We’ll see if I can do that.. (Mine is currently 7:33). I don’t think I can do it. I don’t think I can do it yet. Share your fitness goals in the comments, we’re all here to help!!!

Alright, the month is starting soon, so you start Tuesday March 1st! Don’t worry, I’m doing it too! Good luck to everyone!!!

californiangirl signing off,






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