Updates (On Life)

Hi Readers,

It’s californiangirl! I know I haven’t really been blogging in a while but I’m back! Here are some quick updates to my life!

I know I haven’t posted a Fashion Fail, really, I tried, but I didn’t see much fashion failing this week. I know, shocker, but really, I swear, no fashion failures were spotted. Watch for a Fashion Fail post next week, because the fashion police (aka me) are on the lookout.

Next, I’ve just finished reading Looking for Alaska by John Green. I’m going to blog a book review in (hopefully) the next week. And just to let you all know, Looking for Alaska is effing amazing! Please read it… Please, please, please ♥

Also, today was day one of Rainbow Dance Competition! I competed one piece there today, a Contemporary Small Group dance that went up against 30 other pieces. And all of them were extremely talented and amazing, and I’m honored that I went up against such wonderful teams. It was pretty amazing and shocking but… WE GOT SECOND OVERALL!!!!! Like OMFG, what just happened there?! Second overall? That’s AMAZING. For a small studio, with a new dance team, winning a overall in such a hard division, at such an amazing dance competition?! Woah. I still compete tomorrow with a larger group (line team) so I’ll have a more detailed post soon with all the juicy details of this weekend!!!

Lastly, I have a shoutout to a newbie at this whole blogging thing (well actually I’m a newbie too so I shouldn’t be the one to speak.). Please check out: https://theuncategorizediris.wordpress.com

When she becomes famous… Thank me for helping you stumble on her blog. lol

Thanks again for all the views and support… I can’t thank you my readers enough… Omg I love you guys so much!

Ahhh… Life is good! My blog is up and running (again huge thanks to wordpress.com), I’m surrounded by the poeple I love, and it’s pouring buckets (which btw is a good thing in California)!

californiangirl signing off











One thought on “Updates (On Life)

  1. Hi! Great job at the dance competition! I can’t say I know exactly how you feel, but it’s such a great accomplishment! I look forward to your next update!

    PS-Thanks for the shoutout, and I’ll make sure to read Looking for Alaska!


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