Rainbow Dance Competition… what a weekend

Hey Readers,

It’s californiangirl! This is a quick blog post about the amazing weekend I had at Rainbow Dance Competition! I competed 2 pieces, a small group Junior dance in the Contemporary category, and a line time (really big team) in the super line division. Overall, it was a fun experience and I can’t wait for my next competition (JUMP) in April.


-team bonding

-good experience

-fun to get to meet other people from other dance studios

-awards were AWESOME

-great staff at Rainbow




-crazy (lots of teams and screaming)

-tiring and stressful



Junior Small Team: We got 2nd place overall in a HUGE division of 30 dances. We did a contemporary dance called Stepford Territory (and if you’ve are old enough to know what the Stepford Wives are, our dance is exactly what you think it is), and went up agains lots of Jazz and Tap pieces. From my competition experiences, I’ve found that they like to give tap pieces overall awards so that they want to keep competing tap because there aren’t very many tap pieces that compete. The piece that beat us were, of course, a TAP piece. Like expected. However, I’m still proud and feel accomplished. Also, rainbow has a point system known as an adjudicated point system. We got Double Platinum… not sure what that means? So for example: judges score you out of 400. 0-150 is Gold, 150-250 is high gold, 250-350 is platinum and 350-400 is double platinum. We got the highest ranking!!! Finally, we got a judge’s choice award for Dynamic Dancing. Overall, super happy about the results of Juniors and I love all my team members… however to keep this blog anonymous I can’t name them but I made some “fake” names up. Shoutout to Sasha, Liv, Alexandra, and Holly (all very similar names to there actual names).

Super Line: We did a lyrical piece to the song Photograph about a pair of friends falling out throughout the years. there was actually only one other group in our division… a Hip-Hop dance entittled Tetris. And most of the dancers were 15-19 while we had a huge range of dancers from ages 9 little Ava, I mean little (hmmm what’s something that ryhmes with Ava) to the Senior Blair. We got a Double Platinum and we all sat in a huge circle, sweaty hands gripped together tightly as they announced the winner of our division. “And the winner of the super line category and $100 is…” A dead silence swept through the stage. The tetris music started to play.”Tetris!!!” We all unlocked hands. We lost. As disappointed as we were, we put on smiles and walked out. Maybe it’s good to not always win, after all, next competition we will be even more determine to win and we will work harder. This loss only put some FIRE in our bellies.

Overall, it was a fun, hectic weekend. I loved meeting other dancers and dancing my heart out for such amazing and experienced judges. Ever dance in our studio took home a Double Platinum which is pretty remarkble.

Thank you Rainbow for a great weekend!!!

californiangirl signing off,







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