Fashion Fails Week 2 (really it should be week 3)

Hi Readers,

Hey, it’s californiangirl! It’s time for fashion fails week 2!!! Sorry I didn’t post this last week, but it’s better now than never. Here are some of the fashion fails I’ve spotted over the past week.

Fashion Fail #1: Socks and sandals

Socks and Sandals is a classic Fashion Fail. This SHOULD be an obvious fashion no-no, but I spotted this fail at Rainbow.

This SHOULD be an obvious no-no.

A word of advice, don’t wear socks (especially bright fuzzy ones) with your flip flops. Instead, pair fuzzy, high socks with Ugg boots.

Fashion Fail #2: Tee tucked into leggings

When you tuck your t-shirt into you leggings it just doesn’t quite work. I spotted a 6th grader with a tye dye t-shirt tucked into her black leggings and you could see where the shirt bunched up because leggings are thin and you can pretty much see everything (like your underwear lines) through it. Don’t tuck you tee into leggings unless you want people to look at your butt area. PLEASE.

Fashion Fail #3: Crazy pattern socks paired with toms

Classic Toms shoes

I saw those exact super cute toms. I loved them, in fact, I might buy them. However, they were  pair with the ugliest polka dot socks ever. Why ruin these cute toms with socks-and not just any sock but crazy polka dotted ones? I either wear no socks or the no show socks with toms, moccasins, and some vans. Yes, your shoes might get stinky but just use some Shoe Fresheners.

That’s it for now! Love you all so much!!! Thanks for reading and liking.

californiangirl signing off,




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