20 Things That You (probably) Don’t Know About Me

Hi readers,

It’s me, californiangirl with a post about 20 things that you (probably) don’t know about me. I tried not to make them basic ones like “My favorite color is blue” and instead tried to make them more fun and unique.

  1. I prefer tea over coffee. I just don’tlike coffee that much. Even when I add tons of milk and about 10 packs of sugar, it still takes bad. Tea, on the other hand, is life. I probably drink about 5 cups a day. It keeps me energized and awake.
  2. I really love traveling. Pretty much every summer, my family leaves the US so we can explore the world. My personal favorite places are Venice, Italy,  Paris, France,  Beijing, China,  and Mexico. This summer, were taking another visit to China.
  3. I have the messiest locker and room ever. Whatever goes in my locker, never comes out until the end of the year. And my room is pretty much a disaster zone. There are so many piles of clothes everywhere and a bunch of journals and old work pile in and on my desk.
  4. I had to save up for my first phone and I help pay the bills each month. My parents are un-normal in the way that they made me do chores, tutor, and sell stuff so I could buy my iPhone 5s a year or two ago. I’m pretty proud of myself but I wish I saved just a little more money so I could get a 6.
  5. I’ve danced since I was 4 years old at the same dance studio. #PBS4L
  6. I got my first pair of pointe shoes when I was 10. That’s the year my feet almost died. True Story.
  7. 20 is a VERY large number and I’m already running out of things to say.
  8. I have two watches but I rarely ever wear them because I always get up too late and forget to put on my watch. Then, halfway through lunch, I’m like shoot, what time is it.
  9. I hate eggs. I can’t stand them. I think it might be the smell or just the idea that a chicken could of grown out of it that just grosses me out. Sometimes I eat eggs but really only when it’s in the Benihana’s fried rice.
  10. In Kindergarten, a teacher would always poke me when I wore polka dots (which unfortunely was almost everyday). She would say “Poke-a-dot!”
  11. The worst injury I had was spraining my ankle in 6th grade. I sprained it at a ballet rehearsal.
  12. I’m terrible at the sport badminton (among many others). I just don’t have very good hand-eye coordination which makes me suck at any game with a ball and ratchet and/or a bat.
  13. My room is a deep purple. I wanted to have a light lavender but my mom convinced me that royal purple would be more mature and beautiful so I took her word, I’m glad I did. I love the color of my room!
  14. These are 5 things I can’t live without (besides food, water, shelter, and clothes). My iPhone 5s, my blog, my friends, my family, and my journal.
  15. I play 2 instruments, the cello, and the piano. I’ve played the piano since I was 7 and the cello since I was 9. I love music and I could not live without it. Playing instruments and dancing has helped me through depression and pain.
  16. My favorite snack is brie and crackers. I love brie, mmmm, especially double creme. Another favorite snack is pita pizza’s which is a fresh take on pizza. You pretty much just make a pizza on top of a piece of pita bread.
  17. My favorite movie ever is Mean Girls. Love it!
  18. The emoji I use most is the laughing-while-crying emoji. Next is the blowing-a-kiss emoji, then the red heart emoji. EMOJIS!!!!!!
  19. If I could go on a trip anywhere it would be a month long trip to Italy because even though I’ve already been there, we didn’t plan the trip very well that time. If I went again, I would plan it better adn have more fun!
  20. My dream college is UC Berekely or Stanford (Yeah, I know, rival colleges), and I want become a doctor with a double major in Dance Education.

Thanks so much for reading!!! Love you guys all so much!

californiangirl signing off,






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