How to Have the Best Staycation

Hi Readers,

Hello lovelies! It’s californiangirl! This week is Spring Break for me and I’m staying home this whole week. So I’m on a Staycation, a vacation that is a getaway without actually leaving home. If you are also on a staycation or if you are looking for ideas for summer break, this is your post! Here are some ideas for your staycation!


  1. Camping in your own backyard. This is a super fun idea for the whole family! Get the tent out, take out the grill (to make BBQ and S’mores), and bring plenty of blankets to snuggle when telling ghost stories.
  2. Have a spa day. This is for the divas in the house (I know, I’m one of them! Go get your nails and hair done (at the salon or home). Then go shopping for a brand new outfit. To complete the look, try making some homemade jewelry.
  3. Bike Riding. If your family is outdoorsy, this is a SUPER fun thing to do. Since we live near San Francisco, we drove into the city and rented bikes. We rode pretty much the whole day, all around the city, except for a picnic in the garden.
  4. Make a grand dinner with the family. Look up some recipes or make some of your own and set up the table with the nice tablecloth. Maybe have the kids write or type out a menu to pretend like it’s a real restaurant. The dinner is completed with music and soft candlelight.
  5. Movie marathon. Pick out your favorite movies and watch them all in one day. It’s ok if you binge on popcorn and ice cream–it’s a vacation after all.
  6. Read a book. Make a refreshing smoothie/iced coffee then head to the book store and buy 3 books. Then come back home and create your reading place, fit with pillows blankets, and snacks. The you can just read the whole day-what’s better than that!
  7. Family game night. Get out the long forgotten board game~Monopoly, Clue, Game of Life, Uno etc… and get ready to play. Keep track of the wins on a white board or just play for fun!
  8. Paint. Go to Michaels to grab a canvas and some paints and paint. My sister and I did this and it was really fun and we still keep the completed canvas in the guest bathroom.

Now it’s time for you to relax and have fun on your Staycation!

Have you ever been on a staycation? What did you do? Let me know in the comments…

PS: Remember the National Nutrition Month Post: I completed everything except the 5k. I’m really proud of my 7:15 mile!!! And I only had fast food once (let’s not count that)! And I do usually workout 3x a week. (I dance 6 days a week and I also try to run once a week. I do pushups every day). So I feel pretty accomplished! How did your fitness goals go this month? Let me know in the comments…  

californiangirl signing off,





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