Project Launch: My Own App!

Hey Readers,

It’s californiangirl! Recently, I’ve came up with a great idea for a new app. My Dad is a software engineer so I decided why not learn to code. I have no coding experience but I’m determine to learn. i’m trying not to reveal any details yet because I’m not sure how it will go through and if I might change it throughout this process. All I’m spilling is it is a type of social media—though not exactly like any of the social medias we have now. It’s going to be related to fashion and style, it will be free, and for now it will only be compatible on iPhone/iPads (android coding requires more skill than I have).


So excited to start this project. After working on it for a while, more detail will be coming out (the name, more info about the app, the design etc…)


californiangirl signing off,





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