JUMP Dance Convention is Next Weekend

Dear Readers,

Next weekend is the last dance competition of the season. After that we have auditions in May then we start the cycle all over again with new teams, dances, competitors, and costumes. We’re going to JUMP which is my favorite dance competition because it’s so fun. It’s also a convention meaning we get to take master classes from famous instructors. I got to take Hip-Hop with Misha Gabriel, Contemporary with Mia Michaels, Ballet with Katy Spreadbury, and Jazz with Nick Lazzarini. All accomplished dancers and choreographers. So for my post today, I’m going to share the highlights of last year and what I’m looking forward to next weekend!

The Highlights of Last Year

-Nick’s Class. We did this really fun and sassy jazz routine to Ex’s and O’s. Nick was so funny and he was also really talented

-The Audition. I didn’t get a scholarship but it was still super fun to audition alongside some amazing dancers. It was a great experience and I’m excited for this year’s auditions.

-Lunch. I know, lunch doesn’t sound very exciting or anything but really it was fun. I bought my lunch, chicken tenders and fries, from the little store and got a drink from Starbucks to go with it. We sat by the pool (unfortunately no one remembered their swim suits) and talked about our days while spliting a huge bag of Starburst candy Liv bought.

-Hip hop. I’m a ballet dancer. I can handle lyrical and jazz, but hip hop just isn’t my thing. Luckily my friend convinced me to not skip hip hop classes and I took a class with Misha. It was SO FUN and I actually enjoy hip hop. You can be more loose and less uptight than ballet and lyrical.

-Skipping. We skipped tap because none of us even own tap shoes and it was an ADVANCED tap class. It was fun. We bought candy, sat by the pool, watched other classes going on (for other age groups) and chilled by the pool. Pretty lit.

Looking Forward To…

-Nick’s Class. I literally cannot with Nick’s class. He makes it so fun and unstressful and his choreography is just so fun and sassy.

-The Audition. Like I said, I didn’t get a scholarship last year but it was still super fun to audition alongside some amazing dancers. I’m really excited for this year’s auditions.

-Hanging out with the squad. Most of us are staying overnight at the same hotel since we compete really late, 11:30 PM, and have to get up early, we need to be registered by 7:00 AM. It’s going to be fun. When we’re not dancing, we can all just hang out and chill by watching TV and movies, swimming, and just talking.

-The Competition. Last year we didn’t compete at Jump, just attended the competition. But now we’re competing. It’s going to really fun like usual. I’m really not expecting to place becasue Jump is the most vigorous dance competition. They only have age categories, not ability so someone who has just started dance but is my age will be competing against me and someone who is homeschooled for dance and has been competing since 2 years old but is our age. So it will be hard, but it’s exciting to be seen by the judges who are all super well known and successful dancers/choreographers.

Check out JUMP:







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