JUMP Convention part 1- Friday

Dear Readers,

As I mentioned in my last post, last weekend I went to JUMP dance compeitition/convention. It was A LOT of FUN.Yet also one of the most tiring weekends of my life. Let’s start with Friday Night.

Friday: I got to the convention center at around 6:30 in full makup and hair-Low clean bun with HEAVY winged eyeliner, Thick Thick Thick fake eyelashes, lots of blush, and bright red lipstick. I realized I haven’t really explained what our Junior dance is about so I’ll give a quick description.


So first of all, you see me refrence us as the Juniors or Junior Small Group a lot. That’s because our age is 12 when averaged up so mostly we compete in the Junior age division (different in most competitions. For example: Rainbow: we competed in the 12-14 divison while JUMP we competed in the 11-12 division) And we are a team of 5 (originally 6 until complications caused a dancer on our team to take a break from dancing), meaning we are in the small group category. Onto the more exciting part. Our dance is called Stepford Territory, based on the Stepford WifesI’ll wait a minute while you go google that if you don’t what that is. 


So the basic storyline is that we all want to be perfect house wives-have the perfect homes, perfect kids, perfect clothes and makeup, and, most importantly, the perfect MAN. It just happens that us 5 Stepford Wives want the same guy. So we are competing for this guy and towards the end we start looking ridiculous, our hair is messed up, we have crazy facial expressions. But yeah, good old M I mean Holly (I have to use fake names still) gets the ring at the end. I would link the performance however I want this blog to stay mostly anyonomous. The music is to Settle Down by Kimbra.


Anyways… We were scheduled to compete at 8:36, I believe. But we needed to get there early in case it was running early or something happened or something was left at home (the convention center was in Santa Clara)-about 20 minutes from home. We warmed up, did our dance, used our therabands stretch and strengthen our feet, and practiced our splits and turns. It was only 7. We were nervous, the energy was like a cloud of buzzing bees hovering over us. We did some jumping jacks and crazy 8’s trying to keep our focus and burst the cloud of flying buzzing bees. The nervous energy only grew as we saw other teams. “Look away. It won’t help us if we look. Will they your performance better?” Our Coach, Ms. C, asked as she noticed our gaze towards them. “Stay focused.” And we did. More sit ups, more jumping jacks, more listening to music through our earbuds.

“Look away. It won’t help us if we look. Will they your performance better?” Our Coach, Ms. C, asked as she noticed our gaze towards them. “Stay focused.” And we did.

Finally it was 8. We went back stage and changed into our costumes. They were running a little behind. I put on my fishnet tights, my sparkly hair clips, my pearl earrings, my puffy petticoat, and my cute pink dress with a black belt that made me look like I was going to have breakfast at Tiffany’s any second now.

My team pulled in a tight circle. It was our last competition; next year all new teams would be formed. Who knew if all of us would make it onto team next year, and if some of us were moving to Teen or Senior, Others staying in Juniors. We smiled at each othwr one last time, squeezed each others shoulders, and were ready to dance.

And we did. We didn’t place in the top 3 but that was expected since JUMP had no ability split (we could be going up against someone who has been competing and dancing since they were 2). I was still proud we did good and I couldn’t wait to go back to our studio to listen to Judge commentary. I mean many of the best dancers out there were judging. Like Nick Lazzarini and Ricky Ubeda.

We were happy and went home… or to our hotel rooms ready for the convention the next day.

californiangirl signing off







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