JUMP Part 2-Convention Experience and Tips

Dear Readers,


This part 2 of my JUMP experience. It’s mostly tips on surviving a dance convention and less about my convention experience but I still hope you enjoy. I also competed a different piece on Saturday but I was pretty much the same as Friday’s competition.

Favorite Classes: 

Contemporary with Teddy Forance-His teaching style really spoke to me. One memorable quote I had from him was “If you aren’t doing it full out, it doesn’t count, and you’re not really dancing.” He was tough on us but I loved his class and the combination he taught us.

Ballet with Katy Spreadbury-I’ll be honest. Last year this was probably my least favorite class. I love ballet but this class was just so easy and basic. However I really enjoyed it this year. It was our first class and it really warmed me up for the rest of the day. The highlight of this class was when she asked me and my friend Alley to come up and and demonstrate the combination! Then we learned a really fun variation.

Hip-Hop with Misha Gabriel-Ahhhhhh I love Misha!!! Our studio really doesn’t even offer hip-hop and all of us girls are traditional ballet/lyrical girls but hip hop was super fun! I LOVED IT. The combo was hard but not too hard because we did moves such as the dab, whip, and we hit the folks, things that everyone knew. His class was certainly a highlight of JUMP 2016.

And this is not a class but I loved seeing Ricky Ubeda around the convention center. Half of the girls on my team may have a dance crush on him but whatevs he’s really not a big deal. Actually he is!!! He’s possibly the best dancer in the world and ahhhh I love him. Almost as much as Nick Lazzarini.


Convention Tips:

What to pack in your dance bag- the answer is EVERYTHING. Okay not literally, but pretty much everything. this is what I bought to JUMP.

All Shoes-ballet, jazz, character, lyrical, and socks

Extra Dance Clothes-a ballet leotard and tights (usually you don’t need this), a bra and tank and booty shorts or leggings. Sweats and some gangsta clothes (wink wink) for hip-hop classes.

Stretching/Conditioning Tools- a theraband for foot stretches or extension stretches and  a tennis ball to roll out your feet.

Hair Stuff-your hair WILL get messed up after 8 classes. So bring Gel, Hairspray, Bobby pins, u-pins, Hair Ties etc.

Makeup- You don’t need makeup for competition so I just wore a basic everyday makeup look (even though I rarely actually wear makeup). Bring some makeup for touch ups. Foundation, bronzer, blush, and highlighter (for contouring), eye makeup, mascara, and some eyeliner.

Anything else you THINK you might need. Bring it.


Scholarships-what are they and how do you get them?

VIP Winners: At JUMP there is a VIP Audition class where you learn a combo by a teacher then they see it in many groups then choosing 10-15 girls as the VIP Audition Winners. You get a scholarship to next year’s Convention and Competition. Sadly, no one in  our studio got a VIP audition but there were so many amazing girls that it was expected.

Class Scholarships: These are given out to people who stand out in a particular class or style. 3 girls got class scholarships from my studio. It’s pretty much impossible to rhyme and/or find similar names to some of the girls so some of the made up names (I need to keep this blog anonymous) have no relationship to their actual name. Ria from the same room as me (the Junior Room) got a Jazz scholarship. Faith from the Teen room got a Contemporary scholarship. And most surprisingly, Kristen got a Hip-Hop scholarship. They got a scholarship to Dancer Palooza, a dance convention in Long Beach that is a week long.


Tips on getting scholarships:

-Wear something that makes you comfortable. Just because other girls are where next to nothing or their bikinis if you aren’t comfortable with that don’t wear it. You should be worried about dancing, not feeling self conscious.

-Stand in the front. Make sure you can see the teacher and they can see you.

-Don’t worry if you don’t know the combination perfectly. A teacher told me that they love watching dancers that maybe don’t know the whole combo but they are trying hard and they have some big and expressive movements. the people with the most potential gets the scholarships.

-Smile. No one likes a grumpy looking dancer. Smile even if you are trying really hard.


Thanks for reading and comment what you thought of this article.



californiangirl signing off,






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