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Hey Readers,

Ahhh I’m still recovering from last night! Last night I had our end of the year dance team pool party. And it was like 9 at night, 40 degrees, and the winds were going at full force. But it was still fun because I mean it was a pool PARTY, and Liv’s pool was heating to the point where the pool was letting off some steam. So I decided to jump in. Except, I forgot my bathing suit. I came straight from an orchestra concert so I forgot to grab my bag with the towel and bathing suit. Shoot.

Luckily, the host, Liv, had a drawer full of bathing suits so I grabbed the ones that I thought would fit me. (aka the one with the least padding in the top and the smallest bottom size) The top fit me fine. It was very cute and I actually plan on possibly purchasing it. (If you are too,*wink wink,* click here.) It was slightly padded, meaning it gave me a lot of support when I was swimming. The bottoms were…. Big. that’s all I have to say. Liv is a year older than me and she has a more curvy body type. I don’t- I have a more straight up and down body. . So I spent a lot of the night hiking them up. It didn’t help that there was a bow on the butt that weighed it down so that every time I got out of the pool, it was sliding down. Anyways, after changing into mine Liv’s bikini, I looked at my team, all sporting bikinis and dancer’s bodies, and I ran out into the freezing cold, the wind blowing at me, and jumped straight into the pool! (You only live once right?) After that, the night became more fun. The host ordered Chipotle and one of the Dance Moms brought homemade mini cupcakes. The food was gone after we went through it. I mean think about it, 15 hungry girls coming from dance class! We grabbed our food and ran into the hot tub. Next, we played pterodactyl, brought to us courtesyly by Kristen.  In pterodactyl, you can’t show your teeth. You are in a circle and you have to say pterodactyl-hence the name. If you show your teeth at all, you are out.  We all crowded in a circle in the steaming, bubbling hot tub and we started. It was fine at first, but soon I got out along with half the girls. Since it was the Top 5, Kristen changed up the rules a little. You have to say a body part, either an internal or out-ternal organ. We cracked up at that. I was feeling so hyper from the Sprite I just had. The finalists faced off. Everyone cracked up again when Anika Selena muffled out vagina. That put three of the girls out of the game. Now it was finals. Sasha and Selena faced off until Sasha became the reigning champion.

Next, we separated in groups and each made up a dance/singing routine. I immediately got in a group with Sasha, Liv, and Selena. We started our dance which we decided would be to Who Run the World-by Queen Bey! It involved us doing a kick-line, some booty shaking, some sassy walking, and some off-key singing/screaming. We ended by jumping into the pool. It was pretty cool. We performed ours along with everyone else, and while it was good, the title of winner went to Kristen’s group, which was a remake of Sexy and I Know It but it was called, We’re better than Nona’s and We Know It (Nona’s is our rival school that we always beat)! It featured some rapping from all the girls in the group, and an almost Broadway-ready dance routine.

Finally, we just sang all of our competition songs, talked about all the funny things that happened this year (like Faith grabbing Julie’s butt causing her to snort up water and throw up in the pool at Jump), and having swimming races. Finally the night came to an end. We were all tired, except Kristen who is never tired. We left and said our goodbyes. The new season was starting next week. On Sunday, there auditions and who knows if we’ll all be back next year. We had one last group hug. 1, 2, 3 PBS!

Updates: Here are some posts you might see in the next week or two.

-Dance Team Auditions: part 1

-Dance Team Auditions: part 2

-May Favorites

-Summer Plans

-(hopefully) Advice Column #2

-15-16 School Year Reflection


californiangirl signing off



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