Dear Emu,

Letter to my little sister Emma…Today me and my sister got in a fight, actually about this blog. She wrote me a sweet little letter afterwards and I decided to start a special set of blog posts called Dear Emu (emma’s nickname) just for my little sister.

Dear Emu,

I’m sorry for the way I acted too. And I swear I didn’t think that yogurt would somehow fling into your hair. It’s just that blogging was something I could do without anyone judging me. I usually share everything with you and the fam so I thought this would be something just for me. And I’m almost a moody teen, so I guess all that craziness is going on in my mind (my teen-mind takes over when I yell at people).

It’s funny how you want to be like me because there are many times that I want to be just like you. Yeah I get good grades, but so do you. And yeah I’m on the PBS Dance Team, but when I was your age was way worse than you at dance. And the piano thing? I’m really not so great at it. You are just such a natural athlete, something I’m not, but wish I was. You are strong and tough and are very outgoing and seem to make friends so easily. You’re (almost) always happy, unlike me and are a great leader. And to be honest, my life isn’t always as exciting as you think. In fact, I really do think that you have a much more exciting life. You have soccer, injuries-you seem to get a lot more injuries than me, dance, and funny stories (bye feliciahahahaha).Your life is more exciting than you think!

I’m letting you read my blog, in fact that’s not why I yelled at you. It was that you weren’t listening to what I was saying. You ignored me and went against my thoughts. I guess that’s just natural, since we’re sisters! I think it’ nice that you want to know and care about what I’m thinking, and what I’ve been up to.

And blogging is fun! I love writing about the rare-wonderful parts of my life. It’s fun and I really don’t care how many viewers are on my blog, rather just a  way to put it all out there. Maybe we could start a blog together about the adventures we share!

Love you so much you banana/felicia /EPA (inside joke)






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