May Favorites

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Hey y’all! It’s practically June (only a couple more days)! May really flew by this year.  It’s crazy how close summer break is! Today I’m going to be posting my May favorites. If you want to, please check out my April Favorites here.  And without any further ado, here are my May favorites:

*Remember that I’ve linked anything that is in a different color when you put your cursor over it I couldn’t find online links to a some of them so so so sorry*

  1. Sunkissed from Pink
Favorite Fragrance—I love the body mist ($10)

I loved this fragrance from VS Pink because it’s just so flirty and tropical. Just smelling it makes me think of summer! I love wearing the body mist on a daily basis because it’s not too strong, but instead has a sweet subtle smell. I definitely recommend trying it out! Here’s a link.

  1. Hamilton
Best Musical EVER

If you have not heard of the musical Hamilton, go away. Seriously just leave. Just kidding (*sort of*)! Hamilton is a musical about the American Revolution, mostly focusing on the president, Alexander Hamilton. I really want to see it but it’s so popular that most tickets are sold out! I’ve been listening to all the Hamilton songs on repeat 24/7! They are so catchy and unique! My favorite songs are My Shot, You’ll Be Back, and (my personal favorite) Alexander Hamilton. Even if you aren’t a big fan of musicals/broadway, I’m sure you’ll become just as obsessed as me after you listen to those songs!

  1. Patterned Dress from Forever 21

I went shopping with my wonderful friend, Ren (check out her co-runned blog here, it’s wonderful)! We she found this adorable patterned dress when we were making our rounds at F21. It’s perfect for this time of year (almost summer but not quite yet). It’s the perfect length– long enough so your parents don’t raise an eyebrow, but short enough for summer, the back is absolutely stunning, and the pattern is just adorable! Sadly, I can’t find the dress online but it’s super cute and perfect for the season.

  1. Heart Kate Spade Phone Case
Clear Pink (I have it in Gold) Heart Kate Spade Case $40 (I got it for only $16)

I love this phone case because I’ve been looking for a cute case for a very long time now. I have an iPhone 5s  and these day, they don’t make many cases for my phone. So I’ve been on the hunt for a while now. Finally, yesterday when I was shopping at Kate Spade, I found this adorable case. It was $40, but the 60% sale brought it down to$16! When it comes to stores like Kate Spade, we really savor these sales, so my mom got 5 other purses, one for herself, others for relatives, and some jewelry. Here’s a link to Kate Spade’s tech home page.

  1. Lush


Lush=life    I love Lush and all of its products. Their bath bombs are perfect for a soak in the tub, the bubble bars great for making luxurious bubbles, and the lotions great for all skin types. If you are in a bad mood, walk into Lush and I dare you to not be happy. When you walk into Lush, the spa-like scents hit you and the beautiful, home-made cosmetics and bath bombs sit there, waiting for you to buy. I love Lush so much!

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed and comment what your May Favorites were!


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