Dance Show part 1-tech+dress 

Hey Readers,

It’s californiangirl! Ahhhhh I’m really excited for this weekend because it’s the SHOW! I bet you want to know what the SHOW  is. Each year, our dance studio puts on two shows, one in the winter, one in the summer. They are the highlights of this whole dance year. It’s a huge deal for everyone: hundreds of new, sparkly costumes are ordered, dozens of props made, and thousands of fliers printed and passed out. The whole month leading up to the SHOW weekend  is pretty exciting. Everyone has this happy energy that just buzzes through the studio. Costumes start to arrive and get tried on then packed into hundreds on bags, one for each dancer. 

The little kids are maybe only in 2 minutes of the whole 2 and a half hour show, while I’m in about 4 three-five minute dances and the older girls dancing almost the full show. Yesterday was dress and Wednesday tech. Tech rehearsal is where every dancer in the studio comes and we run the whole show. It usually starts around 5 or 6 and goes to 10-10:30 at night. It takes this long because it’s when we do all the spacing, practice lighting, etc… However, we don’t run in costume during tech, so it’s more chill. Now that I think about it, I might do another post about surviving tech/dress because it’s pretty tough the first couple of times. During tech, it’s really fun because we all sit in the audience together and make weird snapchats (we are a wild bunch of dancers 😂) watch the more advanced dances, practice elbow stands and backbends, and steal each other’s food. Many of don’t remember to bring food, so when some one does, everyone tries to steal it 😝. I unfortunately was not at tech, because of my school orchestra concert that is worth like half our grade was at the exact same time. It was kind of sad because I love tech, even though most people don’t 😳. This yeah there have been a ton of conflicts because my Olivia  Liv, isn’t in the show because of graduation, Blair wasn’t at dress because of her high school graduation, and I wasn’t at tech. And we are in a way smaller stage because the usual stage we go to was all ready booked until July. 

Dress was fun. Trying on our costumes was especially fun. Sadly, in ballet, our costumes came with the ugliest antennas because we are supposed to be butterflies I guess 🌸. They moved up and own as we danced which sucked and they were made out of 20 year old pipe cleaners. My friend made the funniest snapchat about this, currently dying just thinking about it. I did get to wear one good costume. It’s my last costume and it’s off-white with some intricate designs. But for some reason, my teacher thinks I’m a Child Mediam while I’m actually an Adult Small. My petite, smaller friend, got a child large while I got a child Mediam. So it was pretty hard to squeeze into most of my costumes. At 9:30 we finally finished and I was ready to just crash and wipe of the massive layer of makeup. Dress wasn’t the best…. Our very big picture frame prop fell over with a loud thud. Our contemporary dance just failed. So hopefully the show is better. 😁

I’ll give you all an update about the show probably on Sunday or Monday. 

Just a note, I just got the WordPress App on my iPad and it’s really hard to use so sorry if there are a lot of mistakes and weird things on this post. I think I like typing it on the computer a little better.

californiangirl signing off




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