2015-16 School Year Reflection

Hey Readers,

School is finally drawing towards an end! I get out this coming Tuesday. Ahh, it’s almost summer. This half-week building up to the first day of Summer,  I will be doing some summer inspired posts. But before we can get into summer, I’ll have to blog about this school year. This is my reflection on how things went at school this year.


First Period: Science, Teacher: Mr. H, Overall Rating out of 10: 4

The class itself: I honestly wasn’t the hugest fan of science this year. Mr. H was kind of on the boring side and he lectured and lectured for what seemed like hours and hours and hours. Also, he really wasn’t the best at class management. For example, I heard from a couple of my friends in 4th period science, that this psycho kid, I’ll call him Everrett, had his phone in class, and was even face-timing someone. Mr. H didn’t even bat an eyelash. We did do a couple projects that were pretty cool. Some of these projects included a murder investigation and -ewww- dissecting a frog to learn about its internal organs! I learned a lot that I guess will be useful in the future. At least we didn’t do the puberty/sex-ed unit this year. That’s always really awkward in middle school.

People in the class: This is probably the most “mellow” class out of my classes in school. Most of the people are really well behaved, and want to learn and succeed. I just wished that had more of my own friends in this class, as there’s not many of my close friends in this class.

Favorite Moment: Murder Investigation wasso fun!

Second Period: Orchestra, Teacher: Ms. T, Overall Rating out of 10: 9

The class itself: At first I wasn’t a big fan of this class. I’m in 7th grade and I was selected to play in the 8th grade orchestra. I became too comfortable sitting in first chair, being section leader, and, thinking orchestra was easy, I auditioned for 8th grade orchestra. It was very hard at first and I bombed my first chair test, landing myself in the back row. I wanted to quit. But now, I’m pretty happy with my third chair. I’ve gotten so much better, and I love Ms. T! Class is super fun everyday and I enjoy coming to this class after snoozing off in Science.

People in the class: since most of the class is eighth graders, I don’t know the people as well as the people in my grade. I do love my section. The section leader is Joella. She reminds me of me. She’s very Type A but is really funny. Tied for first chair is Miles. Then, there’s Diane, who I really love. She’s so funny! Then me. Next, it’s Joe whose really friendly. I totally ship him and Diane! (Don’t tell them that!) Then, it’s Zach Jack, who is probably my biggest rival. He’s the only other cellist in our section that is a 7th grader. Finally, there is Daniel, followed by Walter. I love my section, they’ve always been inclusive and cheer me up.

Favorite Moment: Listening to Hamiliton and singing along with the whole class. Love you, Ms. T!

Third Period: PE, Teacher: Mr. D, Overall Rating out of 10: 8

The class itself: PE has been good this year. Okay, maybe the dance unit was on the awkward side, and I have been hit in the head like 20 times, but I loved having Mr. D as a teacher. I’m super sad that he’s leaving our school next year because I’ve had so much fun in his class this year. I loved the survivor unit, which basically is just competing in teams of 7 or 8, by making posters, doing obsticle courses, dodgeball, and scavenger hunts. We did finish in second to last place, but I really enjoyed this unit.

People in the class: According to Mr. D, we have the most athletic class. It’s true. We have a ton of super athletic- and competitive kids in our class. For example, this kid named Thomas John, literally ran over Daria during the Rugby unit. When we were playing this game called battleship, we made a truce with Max and Julie, only to get our truce broken and for me to get hit in the face with a ball after like a minute of our “truce.” And we are a loud class too. We always have trouble finding subs for our class because of our reputation of bad behavior. But I do have my friends. I’ve got Emma-my main partner in crime, Julie-there to make me laugh, Ruby-if I want to get competitive, and Arianna-if I want to slack off.

Favorite Moment: Completing our Survivor Scavenger Hunt first was really fun and brought our team from last place to second place. And just having Mr. D was awesome.

Fourth Period: English, Teacher: Ms. M, Overall Rating out of 10: 1

The class itself: Can I just rant for a sec? Okay. Ms. M is the most annoying, unprepared teacher I’ve ever had. She is probably the WORST teacher I’ve ever had. She did not prepare us well for any of our tests or presentations, and she teaches at such a slow rate. Luckily, she’s finally fired and children won’t ever have to suffer from  her teaching again!

People in the class: Our class used to be bad but after Byron moved out because he was having “problems” with Ms. M, it became a little better. I have Kelly-who I usually work with, Emma-for if I feel chatty, and Aubrey-for when I want to complain about Ms. M.

Favorite Moment: Doing the Renaissance Project with Kelly!

Fifth Period: Advanced Math, Teacher: Ms. S, Overall Rating out of 10: 7

The class itself: This class is known as “advanced” math, while really it’s not harder or more advanced than normal math. However, we do move faster. Instead of just covering 7th Grade, we also get in half of 8th grade. I love Ms. S because she is really funny and likes to roast the guys in our class. She has really creative project ideas-like planning our own road trip, pretending we are advising a finacially unstable family, and surveying fellow students. Also, Ms. S makes math more fun than most of the teachers I’ve had. I’m usually not the biggest fan of Math, but I’m starting to grow to like it more.

People in the class: There is one weird thing about our class. There are 20 guys, and 4 GIRLS!!! COUNTING OUR TEACHER! How does that even happen? We are a crazy bunch, but I love the girls in my class. I’ve got Alice, for when I need a laugh, Katie, for explaining things to me, and Ellie, if I need a partner.

Favorite Moment: Doing a group project with Ellie, Katie, and Alice—The Kavotos for Life (inside joke)!!!

Sixth Period: History, Teacher: Mr. N, Overall Rating out of 10: 7

The class itself: I love History, it’s actually the most interesting thing to learn about. That probably explains my love of Hamilton. This year, we learned about medieval history, which was very interesting. Even we don’t get standardized testing on history, it’s just as important as ELA and Math. When we learn about the past, we can make a better future. And Mr. N is awesome. He’s super cool, and is probably the only teacher that can tame Byron. However, our class is too much to handle, especially since it’s 6th period, the last period of the day.

People in the class: Our class is… well crazy! It’s the end of the day, and we’re all ready to leave school. Plus we have Byron, Daria, Max, and John. It’s really crazy and we’ve gotten like 9 bad reports from subs out of ten. Once, Byron and Max were being so disruptive, that they had to  write, “I will not disrupt the class again” 100 times. And just today, John jumped on a water bottle, which sounded like a bomb. He had to write, ” I will not make loud noises in class,” 100 times. So this isn’t my favorite class people-wise.

Favorite Moment: Group Project in which I got to make a rap with Max and Daria about basketball. It was pretty lit.


Overall, I feel that I’ve done much in this school year, but it’s time to move on and learn more. I can’t wait till next year because, while summer vacation is awesome, I love the freshness and the feeling of the fresh start of a new school year.

What was your favorite part of this school year? -Comment down below


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