Summer Outfits!

Hey Readers,

Almost summer! I’m counting down the days till we get out! For my next “summer” post, I’m doing a Summer Outfit post. Check out my other summer series here and here! So let’s just get right on into it!

1. Get playful with a floral Romper

Here’s the link to a cute floral romper


Take a look at this stunning floral one piece romper! Screams put together, chic, yet fun and flirty. Pair this romper with some chunky, statement jewelry and an oversized gold clutch to tie the look together.

2. Style with chic black overalls 

Some simple black overalls linked here.

Beat the heat with some black, backless overalls! Pair with cute peeptoes and an comfy striped tee.  A sleek yet playful outfit ready for summer.

3. Keep it simple with a flowey peasant top

Here’s a similar one here

Jump on this trend by pairing a maroon, tasseled peasant top with some tight denim shorts and some cute sandals. Tie it together with some simple jewelry. Maybe even add a floppy hat to accessorize.

4. Classic preppy with a pin striped button down


Shop the button down here, and the skirt here.

Just because you have to work in the summer, doesn’t mean you need to bring out the boring old slacks. Ditch the pencil skirts and pair a classic pin-striped button down with a bright peach skater skirt. Now add jewelry and don’t forget your sunglasses!

All righty, this is the end… I know it makes more sense to do 5 instead of 4, but I was too lazy to make another one.

I hope you enjoyed and let me know what was your favorite outfit out of the 4?


californiangirl signing off



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