What to do this Summer… 10 things

Hey Readers,

It’s almost summer! My second “summer/end of school” post is all about what to do this summer. Here is a link to my first one (School Year Reflection), so check that out!

So summer’s super fun and all, but I think we all agree that there are those days where you just want to do SOMETHING, but you don’t know what to do. And even worse, your stuck at home, rewatching old reruns of Friends, and theres nothing fun in your neighborhood. Those days really suck. I mean summer’s supposed to be fun?! So— to save us from having those days, I decided to make this list of 10, for some super fun, full-day activities you can do! I plan on trying all of these so…. Let’s get started! 

1. Camping (in your own backyard?!)


Camping is a fun thing to do, but what if you don’t want to leave your house and book a campsite? Easy! Just stay in your backyard! If you ask me, it’s much more convenient and relaxing. Bring some friends or family and set up a tent! A couple things to do outside are: Have a scavenger hunt, Tell funny/scary Stories, Cook on the Grill, Toast Marshmellows and have s’more contests (who can make the most delicious and pretty s’more), and watch movies. If possible, project a movie so you can watch it outside. Or you could just go inside and watch it in the comfort of your living room.

2. Girls Night (or Guys Night)


JGalt 061

Invite your besties for a sleepover and hangout with them. Some activites you can do are nail painting, watching Movies, Card Games, and baking. It will be a great night, even if you won’t sleep a wink.

3. Spa Night


Sometimes you just need to have a day to relax. Go buy a Bath Bomb (I love Lush’s) and get ready to relax! Fill your tub with some hot water and let your bath bomb sizzle. Another thing I love to add are rose petals because they make your bath smell delicious and look super artsy! Step in and relax, listening to relaxing music in the background. Afterwards, pamper yourself with some facial masks, body lotion, and manis+pedis. Then, rewind in your covers with a deep beauty-sleep!

4.Host a fancy dinner 


This may not sound the most fun, especially if you are culinarily challenged (like me), but it’s worth a shot. First invite people. I would invite friends, family, or neighbors, but if you want you can just bring your bae. After making your guest list, it’s time to start cooking. Look up recipes at your cooking level (so if you are beginner, then maybe don’t go for the Beef Wellington) and start buying ingrediants. After you finish cooking, decorate the dining room so it looks nice. I would suggest to dim the lights and light some candles, then  have nice tablecloth and silverware, and finally end with a vase of clear water and flowers for the occasion (roses for romantic mood, daisies for a light happy mood… etc). Fianlly, go get some drinks or, even better, blend/mix up some drinks yourself. Then you are ready for the dinner to begin! I promise you that you will be a happy camper at the end of the night with your friends and family by your side and a stomach full of delicious, homemade food!

5. Start a Blog

Before I keep going, I have to tell you something important. If you start a blog, you may get  extremely addicted to blogging. Starting a blog is a great way to beat those summer blues. I would suggest using WordPress-like I do, but anything works. Blog about something you enjoy, or just about your life. This will keep you busy for weeks, I mean blogging is a very addictive thing!

6. Make a Video


Make a movie, a YouTube video, and Vlog, anything that interests you. It’s a ton of fun to make a video of any sort. Even if you don’t have proper equipment, you’ll be fine. All you need is a smart phone and iMovie (for editing). Then just have fun!

7. Make a Lemonade Stand


Do you need quick money, fast? Open a lemonade stand! I know this might give you old memories of failed lemonade stands, but its really fun and easy if you use the right approach! Make sure your lemonade is homemade. The biggest mistake people make is using either too much sugar or lemons. Remember that most of the solution is water, then a little bit of lemon juice. Lemon juices flavor is very powerful so you don’t need that much of it. Then add sugar or honey. Make cute signs that advertise your sweet, delicious, icy lemonade. And Location is KEY! Go on a busy street corner or in front of a park and get ready to sell some lemonade!

8. Go shopping


Bring some friends, shopping bags, and a full wallet! Go to the local outlet or mall and shop your favorite stores. After a long day of shopping, come back home and model your outfits with your friends.

9. Have a TV Show Marthon


Watch your favorite TV show from Season 1 to the newest episode. Get ready with popcorn, chips, soda, pillows and blankets and lie on your couch for a day of TV.

10. Bake a Cake


Get out that old apron buried in the back of your closet, and get started! Look for a recipe fit for a queen! After baking your cake, decorate it to perfection and invite your friends to come eat it. Or you could just eat it yourself if it comes out really delicious!

Ahhh! I hope you enjoyed this, and let me know what you want to do on this list in the comments!


californiangirl signing off






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