Updates…Summer Plans

Hey Readers,

Today is the first official day of summer break!!! I feel like I haven’t really just had a blog post updating what’s going on in my life. So here we go…


I realized that I haven’t even told you guys what’s going on in my summer this year! Since next year I’m going into 8th grade, this is probably going to be one of my last big trips. Once you’re in highschool, summers will be spent working, studying, and visiting colleges. So this summer is probably my second to last big trip. Next summer, my family is planning to re-visit Europe. However, instead of visiting France, Spain, and Italy, we’ll be going to Austria, England, and Germany. This summer, I’m visiting relatives in China for a month. I’m really excited because I haven’t seen some of my cousins, grandparents, and aunts/uncles in many many years. I probably won’t be able to blog during this month of summer because I’ll be extremely busy. Also, I won’t be allowed to bring my iPad or Laptop and I really do not like using the WordPress app from my phone. Also, our whole month is jam-packed with a lot of activities and events. However, I will be making blog posts in my “notes” app almost everyday, then publishing it all when I get home. (I hope that made sense to you.)

This summer, I’m also going to be reading a lot. Hopefully I’ll be able to write some more book reviews!

Finally, I’ll be redecorating my room! I love my room but I feel that it needs to be     tumblr-fied. (yes, I just invented a word). What does this mean? How can one be tumblr? Isn’t tumblr a website? WHAT EVEN IS TUMBLR? Well I’ve done some digging around on  Urban Dictionary and I found this definition.

White hipster girls who post crop pics of themselves showing their tanned midriff posing highwaist short shorts, fringed shirts, and heels (if the picture doesn’t stop at their upper thighs). Sometimes a group of friends. They are all generic and are annoying.
For some reason, dumbasses think everyone wants be a tumblr girl when in reality nobody but hipster blogs gives two shits about them.
tumblr user: *scrolls though dashboard* ugh another tumblr girl. When will they end?
okay maybe that’s not the best definition… *give me a sec* Let’s try this definition…
a tumblr girl has gorgeous, long, flowy sunkissed blond hair, often braided just so. she has the perfect tan, almost burnt but still golden. she has the perfect body. tones legs and stomach, but not too muscly. cute nose, beautiful eyes, prefect teeth and smile. every teenage girl who’s tumblr active wants to be a tumblr girl. they are instantly reblogged, and admired.
Omg, i was on tumblr earlier and my dash was flooded with tumblr girls! so jealousss.
Okay, this is only slightly more accurate…. Well maybe urban dictionary isn’t the best source. If you’re still confused on what a tumblr girl is (I know I am VERY confused), Check out my good friend Sierra Furtato’s video by clicking here.
I’ve already selected some things for my room (my totally tumblr room)
See those adorable lights? I know, a must for a “tumblr-fied” room. (From Urban Outfitters) And this adorable duvet cover down below? So cute! (more info here)36090884_053_b

So yeah. I can’t wait to start on that project! It’s going to be tons of fun and I’ll update with some photos of my new and tumblr-fied room!

Okay today was the first day of summer. I’ll be honest, it isn’t the best way. I woke up at 8:30. I had to get a check-up by the orthodontist to see if I needed braces, since my sister was recommended to have an evaluation and since it was free, they thought I should get my teeth checked too. So it turns out I need braces! The worst part is my whole life, I’ve been told by every dentist I’ve had I DON’T NEED BRACES! *takes a deep breath* 

Okay, I should calm down… Well actually I don’t need braces, they just “strongly recommend them” My mom and I ain’t going to spend thousands of dollars on something I don’t need. I have perfectly straight teeth (except for a small gap between my two front teeth). I do have a overbite, but it’s pretty slight. So hopefully, I can avoid braces for as long as I live…

Anyways, after we went to the orthodontist, we went to the library to pick up some new books then went home. My sister and I started a painting and then we had lunch. Tonight, we are planning to make a fancy dinner for our parents then we’ll probably all watch a movie. Ah, Life Is Good!


Anyways, it was nice catching up with you! Your comments and likes really make my day, so if you enjoyed this post, give it a like, and if you want to ask me anything, go ahead and comment. Enjoy your day and your summer!


californiangirl signing off













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