June Favorites (really early)

Hey Readers,

I know it feels like June just started, but since I won’t be blogging in China, I decided to post this a little (actually a lot) earlier than I should have. I feel like there aren’t much “beauty/fashion” items so let me know in the comments if you like it better or if it you would rather have mostly “beauty” items in my Favorite Post. Also, this is a little shorter than usual, due to the fact that it’s this early. But enough of this super boring introduction, let’s get right into this!


  1. Spotify



I just recently switched from using Pandora to Spotify and I’ll have to say I’m pretty impressed. Spotify is basically a free music-streaming app. (You have to be connected to wifi or use cellular data while using it though.) You can create or add playlists created by others with your favorite songs and just shuffle play it. I’m following a couple different ones like the Mellow Morning playlist for when I get ready in the mornings, a workout playlist for my runs, a couple different studying playlists, and, my most played playlist, the full Hamilton Track! It is so much easier to use than Pandora, and more customizable.

  1. Aspyn Ovard


Aspyn Ovard is my favorite YouTuber. If you have never watched Aspyn’s videos, go now and watch one…. Don’t worry, I’m waiting. Anyway, if you have seen Aspyn’s videos, then you probably know why I’m so obsessed with her. She is just so perfect and she and Parker are total #couplegoals. I love her so much and she’s just so bubbly and sweet. Here’s a link to her channel and here a link to her Vlog channel (Aspyn + Parker). Recently I’ve just been waking up and watching like 20 Aspyn videos which probably isn’t healthy. Go on and check her out! My favorite videos from her are (well actually I love all of them) her funny ones with Parker and her hauls. I don;t really know why but Parker’s voice really reminds me of this kid in my grade’s voice. I don’t really know why I just said blogged that, but yeah.

3. Chobani Flips


Fun fact about me… I’m slightly lactose intolerant, meaning I can’t drink milk, but I can still handle small amounts of yogurt and cheese. I need more dairy in my system so I’ve been eating yogurt everyday. I’ve honestly never been a huge fan of yogurt like ever, but the Chobani Flips are so fun and delicious. They come in these not tall but wide, kind of flat-ish containers. One side has the basic yogurt in it and the other side has the “toppings” (ex: almonds, chocolate chunks, and coconut shreds). They come in a ton of flavors from Almond Coco Loco to Sriracha Mango to Chocolate Haze Craze. They are all super delicious but my personal favorite is probably the Almond Coco Loco. which is super tropical and refreshing!

  1. Lululemon Boogie Shorts


For dance, we need to wear black “bootie shorts.” I’ve never been able to find the right fit. After trying five different brands/styles of shorts in the past couple months I decided that I should just invest in some nice ones. Usually, the shorts are too loose in the waist but not tight enough on the butt, because off my small, toned figure. So I decided to pay a trip to Lululemon. I know I probably sound like a basic white girl when I’m saying this, but you really need to try Lululemon’s clothing. Yeah, it is very expensive. ($100 for a pair of leggings that I’ll wear once a month when I’m actually working out? Yeah right.) But the quality is so very good. Depending on the fit, it works for almost every body type and makes you feel comfortable and confident. Like I have no-butt, but when I wear my Lulu’s, my butt looks slightly better. I don’t just save the Lulu’s for the dance studio or gym. You can wear them anytime everyday. The tighter ones are really soft and fit perfectly, making it feel like the leggings are a part of you. Also, they last practically FOREVER. I’m sure I could wear any article of clothes from Lululemon 20 years from now and for it to be in similar condition. Anyway, these boogie shorts from Lululemon are great because they fit perfectly, super tight around my waist and butt, but not too clingy, the quality/material is great, and they are high waisted roll-downs. I love how I can choose how far they go down or up.


And that’s it! I know that was super short, and I’m sorry for that but I hope you enjoyed it anyhow. This is probably one of my last, if not my last post in a while. I’m off to China this coming Monday, so we’ll see if I have time to squeeze another post or two in this weekend. As I said before, I can’t bring my Laptop or iPad and I don’t really like using the WordPress app from my iPhone. So I’ll be tying it down on my notes app and then copying it into my blog and publishing for you guys!

If you liked this blog go on and give me a like or follow! I’m so happy every time I get a little comment or like, it really makes my day! Comment your June Favorites down below!


californiangirl signing off



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