China Blog (Days: 1-3)

Hey Readers,

Finally back from my trip to China! We just got home a couple minutes ago. I’ve been typing in my notes app about my trip and I’m going to share it with you. Here it goes!

Day 1: June 20, 2016 Still Back Home

10:21 AM (pacific time)

Right now I’m still at home but I’m just testing out this notes thing. Turns out I can’t even bring my phone. I know the horrors. I’ll be phone-less for a month so we’ll see if I’m able to last! Right now, I’m typing this on my iPad, however, WordPress is blocked in China (by the great “Fire Wall”) so I’ll not be able to post any of this until I get back. We’re still packing right now but leaving in less than an hour to get to the airport. but Our plane flight is at two so by eleven we’ll have left our home to get to the airport and by three we will probably be out of California. Then we’ll make it to Beijing to get on another plane. In China time, by 10:30 PM, Tuesday, June 21, we’ll have landed in NanJing China, where we will meet my aunt. Stay tuned for my adventures.

Day 2: June 21, 2016 Airport Adventures

8:54 PM (Beijing time)

We finally landed in Beijing but we still need to take another plane to Nanjing. It’s really hot and crowded in this airport. When walking outside, it feels like you’re stepping into a huge sauna! My sister and I are making fans out of paper right now as an attempt to beat the humid heat. Also, things are pretty disorganized. Because of the weather, our flight has been delayed for over an hour. We finally found a chair to sit in! Before, we just had to sit on the dirty, hard floor. Also, since we don’t have Chinese SIM cards, the wifi doesn’t work on our phones. Also, we can’t make calls from our phones. This is technically the shortest day of our trip because of the time zones, but it certainly feels like the longest.

10:33 PM

Still in the airport right now. We were supposed to arrive at Nanjing at this time but the flight is super delayed. In fact, we just found out that our flight is canceled and we’ll have stay in Beijing for the night. It’s 10:30 at night and we need to find a hotel. Also we don’t have our luggage or plans to get to Nanjing tomorrow.

11:00 PM

We have a paid for hotel apparently, but it’s an hour away. Because of this, all of our fellow passengers and us are arguing and yelling. It’s late and we have an eight o’ clock flight tomorrow morning. I just want this drama to end. Who knew that this day, our first day in China, would be so crazy!

Day 3: June 22, 2016 In Nanjing (finally)

5:30 AM (Beijing time)

We eventually got to the hotel last night and let’s just say it was really, what’s the word? Interesting. Our room smelled like smoke even though it is a non-smoking hotel. The beds were super hard and felt like you were sleeping on the hard floor, and the soap made our skin itchy and rough. By the time we got into bed, it was 1 AM and we were very tired so we just passed out (in the same clothes we wore the day before since we had no luggage.) We woke up at 4:50 and got ready. Now we are on the bus, with our grumpy, fellow passengers, and driving to the airport. Wish us luck!

7:14 AM

Right now, we’re picking up some breakfast from the airport. We’re getting a quick meal of noodles and pork buns. The buns are delicious! They are warm and soft, and the flavors are great! It’s a thousand times better than the airplane food. Food is definitely the best part about traveling! I ordered pork rib noodles. When it first came, I didn’t know if I would like it or not but I changed my mind as I took my first bite. It was so good and authentic! The flavors were very bold and the meat was tender and flavorful.unnamed.jpg

7:50 AM

Finally we are ready to fly to Nanjing! There, we will meet our aunt! Right now, we are all pretty tired because of our almost sleepless night last night. I’m ready to sleep as soon as we take off.


Okay, that’s it for now! My trip was 28 days so watch out for updates!!!


californiangirl signing off,







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