China Blog (days 8-11)

Day 8: Goodbye Lijiang, Hello, Chengdu. 

9:45 PM

Today we spent most of our time in the airport. We did some city exploring again but ended up going back to our hotel early since it started to rain. We had to catch a 7:30 PM flight so we left our hotel and went to our hotel. Unfortunately, because of the rain, our flight was delayed. Luckily, we had a deck of cards, so we killed time by playing bridge and BS. Finally, we are on the plane. I’m exhausted. We are scheduled to leave to Chengdu by 10 and reach there by 11:30. Another late night for us. Why is it that every plane has been delayed for us this trip?

Day 9+10: Chengdu

9:10 AM (of Day 10)

Sorry that I didn’t blog yesterday. Our days are just so busy here in China. Turns out, our first day in Chengdu would be a little cray-cray. We climbed up this huge mountain in our Vans. Mom told us not to pack our Nikes/Rawlings so it felt like we were walking barefoot, since our Vans gave us no support. The view was also a disappointment. The clouds and fog blocked it almost completely. We did get to eat some Szechuan food. They put in a lot of peppercorns so the spiciness numbs your mouth. We got lost on the walk back to the hotel (again), so we just crashed as soon as we went to bed.

Right now, it’s our second day in Chengdu, and we are seeing the pandas! We had to wake up early because the pandas are only awake for a few hours before their afternoon nap. Then they eat some more then sleep again. That’s the panda life! Unfortunately, it’s raining, but there are still many pandas out. Here are some pictures!


unnamed-1.jpgSo cute, right? They are all so adorable. I wish we could get a pet panda!

11:23 PM

Our plane just landed! I’m really exhausted from the 3 hour ride. We are now in Urimuqi, my dad’s hometown. From the airport, there is a thirty minute drive to our grandparent’s house, so after saying hi to all of our relatives, we are going straight to sleep! See you tomorrow!

Day 11: Urimuqi day 1

5:31 PM

Today has been super great! We got to sleep in (finally) and just stay home relax. I’m still in my PJs right now! So we had a late breakfast of pea porridge and homemade buns. Then, we played cards with our whole family, grandma, grandpa, and our aunt. Then, we helped grandma make lunch, homemade noodles, and I mean completely homemade! Grandma made the dough from scratch, we rolled them, then finally we stretched them out into long noodles! Then, we rested some more and played cards. You won’t believe it but my younger sister and I BEAT OUR PARENTS AT BRIDGE!! Like what the heck, we just learned it a couple days ago and we already beat our parents?! It’s pretty nice in our Grandparents’ house. The rooms are a little small, but it’s still pretty nice compared to other living spaces in this area. The only thing that is a little annoying is that there is no WiFi. We have to “borrow” our neighbor’s WiFi which only works in one room. But today has been so great that I’ve sort of forgotten about WiFi and technology. Catch up later, we are starting to make dinner! Kisses.


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