China (days 12-16)

Day 12: Urimuqi day 2

6:01 PM

So maybe having no good wifi connection is a bad thing. It puts everyone in a bad mood while we wait forever for things to load. Today was pretty fun though. First, we went to a fair nearby. I was surprised by how many rides there were, after all, last time we went (5 years ago) we didn’t see any rides except for one. There was a really fun roller coaster that we went on but it was really short. We also went on a water ride which was also pretty cool. It came with plastic rain jackets which we thought we wouldn’t need but after we came out, we were glad we put it on. The water splash was so fast and hard that it blew off my raincoat hood which I was tightly holding on to. We were so soaked! After drying off, we walked around in the city. I went to a nice salon to wash and style my hair because there is no shower in my grandparent’s house. Yesterday we just went to our aunts, but her place isn’t the best either. The shower is old and doesn’t really give hot water, or in some cases, any water at all. Got to go, catch up later!

Day 13+14: Urimuqi and beyond

4:09 PM of Day 14

I was way too tired to blog yesterday, so sorry. It was pretty chill, we just stayed home and relaxed. But I have good news! Okay, we are finally getting out of Grandma’s house today (and for the next couple nights). YES! YESYESYESYES! I mean I love my grandparents, but I haven’t really a good sleep since we’ve gotten there. For one, Grandma wakes up super early (at 6) and talks super loud. And I mean SUPER loud. It sounds like she is screaming 24/7. Second, my mom, sister, and I share this one stuffy room. It’s tiny and hot. My dad’s got it worst though. He has to sleep on the couch in the living room and is always awoken super early by Grandma. He’s sick right now and super spacey. I mean he overfilled my sister teacup with tea and 5 minutes later I asked if he knew where the tea came from that he spilled and he shook his head very crazily. I REALLY hope he feels better. Next, there is no wifi and showers at Grandma’s. This is a little inconvenient for obvious reasons. That’s why we have to go to our aunts to surf the web or shower. Finally, there is absolutely NO PRIVACY. The house is small and Grandma likes to just poke her head in randomly, even if one of us is changing. Anyway, we are on a road trip with our aunt’s family. I’m glad to be able to finally have some privacy and a good nights sleep. Right now, we are on the road! I’ll keep you updated.

Day 15: On the Road

11:34 AM

I don’t exactly know where we are, or where we are going but it sure is beautiful! Right now we are grabbing a quick lunch/brunch so I’ll just share some pictures from earlier today.unnamed.jpgunnamed.jpg

Day 16: Nalati 

9:28 AM

Finally I found out where we are! We’re near Nalati, a park full of beautiful scenery and meadows. Today we are going on a hike. I’m actually super tired because our hotel’s bed was really hard and uncomfortable. Hopefully, it will be a fun, relaxing hike!

It’s so beautiful here! The meadows and grasslands are so green and natural. Turns out we aren’t doing much hiking. Instead, we are on a bus that takes us to different parts of the park. Here is a picture of the beautiful landscape


11:20 AM

Right now, we a taking a quick break. I actually lost my sunglasses on the bus because I thought we were going back to it but we are at the last stop. We are waiting for my dad who is checking if my sunglasses are somewhere on the bus. Just enjoying the view with my family and it’s quite beautiful!

This stream is made from mountain snow. It’s been melted then trickled slowly into this stream. That’s why it’s so clear and clean. There are white dots in the back, and they are actually houses. Well little tents that some people call home. Okay I’ll talk to you soon, apparently I’m hogging the iPad.

1:48 PM

It’s cold and rainy…. My feet are numb.


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