China Blog (days 17-20)

Day 17: Driving Back

12:49 PM

Now we are driving back to Grandma’s. Last night, it snowed. It’s July 7th and it snowed. How bizzare is that? As we drive back, we see green hills, covered in a thin film of powder, snow. And then vast mountains, with huge chunks of ice and mounds of snow, dotting it. More and more snow appears. Some people that we see, also travelers, are in awe. It’s the most snow they’ve ever seen in their lives, and it’s July.

12:55 PM

We’re apparently lost. I HATE OUR AUNT! While we scramble to find the roads and maps, she’s playing CANDY CRUSH. THE GAME CANDY CRUSH! And she stole our umbrellas. Okay, hopefully we make it to Grandma’s before sunset, but at this rate, I doubt it. (Especially if our aunt is just playing Candy Crush.)

1:11 PM

So we are lost. If we don’t take any food/gas/bathroom breaks, we will make it to Urimuqi at 2. TWO IN THE FREAKING MORNING! So we aren’t going back to Grandmas. We’ll stay at a hotel someplace along the way. Everyone’s yelling at each other, which is just wonderful.

Day 18: Home (finally)

7:38 PM

We finally made it home! Basically, we ended up staying at another hotel and it was actually really nice. It was in front of a river that was super pretty and clean! Then, we were back on the road! I actually have a funny(ish) story about today. So we were looking for lunch and we saw these little restaurants on our way. But our aunt said that there would be plenty of restaurants way cleaner and nicer if we just exited the free way and went to a city a couple miles away. We agreed, but realized there were no restaurants open except a couple. Further investigation lead realizing that all the nice, clean restaurants, were indeed closed. So after over an hour of searching, and still empty stomachs, we gave up and went back to the restaurant we first saw. Funny(ish) right? But that doesn’t realy matter. What really matters is, we are home! I’m so glad because I’ve actually kind of missed this place…

Day 19: Urimuqi 

10:34 AM

I just woke up. It’s kind of late, but I guess this is how vacation should be. Today, we are going to explore the city more, embrace the culture. Urimuqi is unique in the way that there are many more cultures surrounding us. Chinese people (known as Han Ren), live alongside Wei (Arabics), Mongols, and Russians. Today, we’ll get a better taste of the very different, but very interesting cultures that surround us.

7:36 PM

Right now, we are eating at a restaurant with my dad’s college friend. He was the one who gave my dad $300 to start a life in America. He’s very nice and the food is great! I’m stuffed, and there are still more dishes coming up. I’m still full from our late lunch. We went to Pizza Hut. I know, it’s kind of weird that we ate Pizza Hut, in China, but we were all kind of missing American Food. One can only take so much rice. To our surprise, it was much better than any other Pizza Hut I’ve been to! There wasn’t just pizza, there was also pasta, paella, cream of mushroom soup, shrimp fritters, and cheese cake to finish it off. And of course, there were icy drinks too: Frappucinos, milk tea, and fruity iced tea. After our meal, we went to the Bazaar! It was a huge marketplace, primarily filled with Arabics. There were little, bejeweled genie lamps, bright scarves, and dried fruit all around. We even bought some lavender soap! It was so wonderful and interesting to learn about other cultures here in China!

Day 20: Family Day

8:32 PM

Today was really fun!!! We spent the whole day with our family. First, we ate a great lunch together, at this really nice restaurant. Then, we went to a park. The park was so big! Way bigger than any park in our town. Next, we experienced the public bus. It is pretty intense. Everyone is standing up and smooshed up against each other. I mean, I need my personal bubble! And the smell! It smells like… Well let’s just say that a lot of people forgot to put on deodorant! The sweaty smell and crowded space was just about to kill me! Finally, it was time to go back home. Now we are chilling out a little, then we’ll probably play some cards, go to the park, watch TV with my cousin, and call it a day. I can’t believe it’s the last day in Urimuqi, I sure am going to miss everyone.


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