China Blog (Days 21-23)

Day 21: Saying Goodbye

12:43 PM

We just left our grandparent’s home. As much as we complained about the heat and the stuffy rooms, we really will miss our grandparents, aunts, cousins, and uncles. Everyone is crying. It was great connecting to our family and getting to spend time with them since we don’t see them often. This might be, well, one of the last times we see our grandpa because he has heart problems. We need to cherish all the time we spend together and not take anything for granted. Now, we are headed to my mom’s hometown, Wuhu. Our flight is at 3:30. Fingers crossed, that we don’t have more airport troubles.

9:46 PM

We are finally in Nanjing. After we pick up our luggage, we are driving to Wuhu. It’s about an hour away. Then, we’ll say hi to family then go to bed. Luckily, we are going to stay at a hotel. No more crowded rooms and early wake-ups for us!

Day 22: Wuhu

8:20 PM

Right now, we are eating dinner with some of my mom’s classmates. Wuhu is really hot. Er, not hot as much humid. The humidity is making my skin so oily and my hair so frizzy. It’s great meeting my mom’s friends and family. We didn’t do much today, but we did shop a little. Vacation without shopping is unheard of! Then, we went to a spa with our aunt. We got our feet and backs massaged. It was so relaxing, especially since the building was air conditioned!

Day 23: Wuhu day 2

9:13 AM

Good morning!

10:09 PM

It’s been a good day. We went to a famous temple then had a nice lunch. I feel like I’ve eaten way too much this trip. I must of gained at least ten pounds! As soon as I get home, I totally need to hit the gym. Anyway, back to today. So after lunch, we went to this park which was really nice. From what I’ve seen, parks in China are much nicer and better taken care of. Next, we went to a museum which was interesting, even if I couldn’t read most of it! I just came from dinner and I’m super full! Oh and I got some shoes! They look sort of weird, but I probably shouldn’t have such high standards since I did get them in a Supermarket. I can’t really describe them but they do make me at least an inch taller! I feel so tall!


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