Let’s Catch-Up….

Hey Readers!


I feel like I haven’t really done a blog post in a long time where I just basically talk about what I’ve been up to and random thoughts swarming around my head, so I just am in the mood to do that right now…. This post isn’t very structured or anything so sorry if you are more into my “diary” posts, or “favorites” posts. Generally, I like to keep things more neat, so this is weird for me too


Okay…. where should I start? I guess I should tell you about this project my sister and I are doing this summer. So sometime in China, we were thinking that we should try to make our own money. And we are! We’ve been doing a ton of chores around the house and have planned to do a couple of lemonade stands throughout the summer, so hopefully, before the first day of school, we can go on a huge shopping trip (we’re thinking around $350).

Next, this Sunday we are inviting a ton of family-friends over for a Barbecue! I love these because we all have a blast (a good food). Right now, we are planning/setting up a scavenger hunt and a obstacle course for the kids coming. We are also in charge of helping make dessert, a wonderful (no-bake) apple cheesecake! It’s really going to be fun! I mean every year it is… I can hardly wait!

Okay, I don’t even know why I’m talking blogging about this but I’ve been so obsessed with Modern Family lately… I think I’ve started seriously watching in the beginning of July… But I’ve seen almost every episode. (like 98% of them from season 1-7) I don’t even know why I suddenly started loving Modern Family, I’ve seen my first episode a couple of years ago, but I’m started to really love it!

Okay, what else should I talk about… Oh yeah, Dance. I’ve been dancing everyday since we’ve got back from China. I dance from 3-4 hours each day. It’s great to dance because it really relieves stress. Sadly, today is my last day of dance until the fall because my studio doesn’t hold summer classes all summer.


I think that’s all I’ve got for now. If you liked this type of post, then give this a BIG “like” so I know to do more of these in the future. Also comment how life is going for you, because I love hearing about your probably more-exciting lives. If you like my posts, maybe follow this blog so you can get an email each time I post. 


californiangirl signing off,







2 thoughts on “Let’s Catch-Up….

  1. Nice little catch up californiangirl! Sounds like you have got lots of amazing memories to make the next few days and lots to look back on too. 🙂 I haven’t been up to much really! Life is treating me well though and I cannot wait to start August on a positive note.
    If you have chance, would you be able to have a look at my blog? laurelella.blogspot.com
    Thank you so much!! I love your blog, keep your hard work up!
    Lauren xx

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