Back to School: Supplies Haul


Hey Readers,

What’s up y’all? School’s starting up soon. I know that back to school kind of sucks, but I think most of us agree that shopping for new clothes and supplies is kind of …. fun. So I did take a couple trips to Target to get some cute new supplies!

This is also a start of a chain of posts all about back to school that will go from now to when I start school (in 2 weeks). I’ll be tagging all of my back to school posts, “backtoschool!” Let me know what posts inspired by back to school you want. I’m thinking of a Back to School Shopping Haul, Outfit inspiration for Back to School, and Back to School Routine-How to look Good for BTS! I still do need some more ideas though so feel free to leave a comment about what other posts you guys want to read!

So with out further ado, here are a couple things I got for back to school!


1. Multi-Colored Binder

Love both of these. But I ended up buying the one on the right (so cute!)

A cute binder is key. This year, instead of buying a huge binder, I got a 1 inch binder. Why? Instead of putting my planner, all my notebooks, and my books in my binder, I’ll just keep them on the outside and keep loose papers in the inside. It was super cute and made up of all recyclable material. The only down side is in the inside cover, there is no pocket. Which leads me to my next thing…

2. Plastic Folders

Only 50 cents at Target!

I have these folders because I need something to put my non binder-punched stuff (loose papers). I just got them in pink and purple!

3. Paper Mate Felt-Tip Flair Pens

Love these. Great for writing, color-coding, and basically everything!

I’ve been wanting these for ages! They are super great for basically everything and an essential for back to school! I purchased these at Staples for $12!

4. Oil Absorbing Sheets

I actually heard about these from my friend. They are really useful and effective!

These are great for back to school! I just keep a couple of these in my locker so after Gym, I can get the sweat and oil off my face. This is great so your pores aren’t clogged as the day goes on.

5. Backpack 

This actually isn’t new, I got it last year for Back to School, but I love it and wanted to show you guys this adorable backpack. ($30 from Target)

I love this backpack from Target! It’s really bright and cute. I’m a big fan of the color pink, so I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it! It isn’t the best quality, and to be honest, it doesn’t hold much, but it’s great for just carrying a small binder and a couple books. So cute and I would totally recommend for you guys to check it out!


And that’s it! I know that it was short and I did get A LOT more, but these are the most interesting, and exciting things that I got!

Again, this is teh start of a group of posts all about back to school that will go from now to when I start school (in 2 weeks). I still do need some more ideas though so feel free to leave a comment about what other posts you guys want to read! 


californiangirl signing off,





5 thoughts on “Back to School: Supplies Haul

  1. Hiya! My stationery mind has gone into overdrive!! I absolutely love having cute, patterned items and spending my money on lots of unnecessary things. However you seem to have bought useful things! I like the look of the Paper Mate pens. I have a black fine liner and it works really well. I will have to have a look. ❤
    Hope you are having a wonderful day. If you have chance, would you be able to have a look at my most recent post?
    Lauren xx

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