Back to School: Shopping Wishlist

Hey Readers,

This is my second Back To School Blog Post! I’m not sure if I’ve already told you guys this, but my sister and I are actually saving up/making money to get new clothes for back to school! Right now, we’ve raise about $230 dollars, and will probably get a loan for a little money. Some people may believe that $300 is way too much to be spending on back to school. I’ll explain. This amount is covering the cost of all our supplies, shoes, and clothes.  And, since my sister and I are basically the same size (I’m only an inch or two taller), we do share most of our clothes. Now, you might be thinking that $300 is a little too little to cover the cost of so much. Well, this shopping trip is going to be super carefully planned. Down to the very last penny, carefully planned. Anyway, we will be shopping next Friday, so after then, expect a HUGE haul blog post!


So what’s this post all about then? These are just a couple of things that I feel I NEED to get for back to school. Stuff that will be in the back of my mind as I browse through the mall.

1. Denim Jacket


I need a denim jacket. Like need… I’ve been looking through my closet and I can’t find a single denim jacket. I feel like denim jackets go with everything and can tie together any outfit. I’m probably going to look for a nice oversized one like the one shown in the picture above. It’s just so cute and great for layering! A must-have for Back to School!

2. New Nike Shoes


I’m not sure about this one yet, but I think I want a pair of new Nike’s. I’ve been browsing through all the Nike shoes, but I guess for now I just want to stick to classic black-and-white Nike’s! These are just really basic and go with any outfit. Usually, I focus on the outfit itself and can throw on any of my shoes because they are all really basic and simple.

3. A dress

In May, I bought the cutest dress ever from Forever 21. Problem: It’s not dress code. Ahhh DRESS CODE SUCKS… So now, I’m looking for a dress that is cute, but also okay for school. I’m probably going to look again at Forever 21 and maybe take a look in Hollister or American Eagle.

4. California Top from Brandy Melville


I know what you’re thinking. you are sooooo basic.” Okay, so Brandy Melville may be a store for basic, teenage girls, but honestly, they have a ton of cute, good quality stuff. It’s kind of expensive but not terribly. This top is just so cute, and since I do live California, I thought it would be appropriate. We don’t have a brandy melville in our actual mall but we have a PacSun which sells clothes from Brandy Melville.

5. Converse


I’ve been wearing Vans this year but I think that I’m going back to Converse. Converse kind of goes with everything which is perfect because I think I need a couple basic shoes because, like I said above, I like to have all the attention on my outfit, and my shoes to just tie it all together.

6. Lush Face Mask


During the summer, my face tends to get really oily and I get a lot of blemishes so I’m going to Lush and picking up a face mask. Okay: I LOVE LUSH! Lush is the best. Lush, if you don’t know already, is a cosmetic store that specializes in making bath bombs, skin care products, and other handmade, fresh cosmetics. So to get my skin ready for back to school, I’m going to find a Lush face mask!


I hope you liked this post. Let me know in the comments what other back to school type posts you want to see in the next couple of weeks! I’m probably going to post one about how to not procrastinate and how to stay organized soon so look for that!


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6 thoughts on “Back to School: Shopping Wishlist

    • Awww, uniforms suck. But at least you get to save money to buy other things (like cute supplies)

      Love ya, californiangirl


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