How To Be Organized for Back to School!

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It’s californiangirl, back again with a back to school post! So I’m trying to get as much Back to School posts in as possible before I start school and get busy again and I decided to do this one. Being organized is something I struggle with a lot, honestly. Also, I procrastinate a TON. So this isn’t just for you, it’s also for me! Let’s get right into the post!



Use a Planner

You can make a planner with a small binder and some print out templates (like the one above), or buy one (there are a ton of cute ones from target)

Starting in middle school, we each get a planner to write in our assignments. When I look back at it, I wonder how I could keep track of my time/homework back in elementary school! Well… not that we had a lot of homework back then. In my planner, I put in all my homework assignments in then check them off when I’m done. Also, there is a calendar in the beginning of the planner for me to put in big and important events/projects. Using a planner really let’s me stay on top of what I’m doing!


Use Reminders/Calendars

This ios app is automatically downloaded once you first get your iPhone.

As a substitution for a planner, use your free ios apps as a way to keep track of assignments and projects. For important little assignments that you ABSOLUTELY can not forget, I use Reminders. You can make a new list (I make a new to-do list almost every day when I’m at school) and add things like “Study for Math Test,” “Finish Algebra Homework” or “Finish painting Science model.” You can change the settings so they give you alerts at whatever time/date you want and you can write how important assignments are. For calendar, I use them for BIGGER events like “Math Finals,” Science Fair Project Due,” and “Museum Field Trip.” While I still do prefer using a planner, I think these apps can be a great substitution for using a planner. I actually double up. I use both the planner and ios apps.

Make a Schedule (and stick to it)

Print out a weekly schedule and hang it up in your room or any other place where you can see it everyday!

So you don’t procrastinate, make a study schedule and stick to it! Make sure that you put time to work on your homework for at least an hour each day, but make sure you take a break in between to clear your mind. Making a schedule helps keep you motivated and productive each day!

Here is an example schedule: 3:30 Get home from school  3:30-4:00 Eat a snack/relax  4:00-4:30  Homework  4:30-4:45 Break  4:30-5:00 Homework 5:00-5:30  5:30-5:45 Break  5:45-6:45 Piano Lesson  6:45-7:30 Dinner  7:30-8:00 Study  8:00-8:30 pack Backpack/Check Homework  8:30-9:00 Read/Relax  9-9:30 get ready for bed. 9:30-10:00 Bedtime.

Find Time to Clean

No, by cleaning, I don’t mean the house!  Find time each week to clean your binder, backpack, and workspace.

Make time each week to clean out your binder, backpack, and workspace. This is really important to help keep organized so you don’t have any junk and unneeded papers swarming all around your workspace. This is what I do…  Every Saturday morning I make time to take clean for 20 minutes. I have a drawer in my desk for where I put old work in case I need to use it later for studying, then recycle all the stuff in the drawer after each semester. Also, I like to make sure my desk is clear so, when doing homework, I’m not distracted or over crowded.

Make Goals

Set some goals in the beginning of the year to keep you motivated

In the beginning of each semester, come up with five goals. For example, “Get an ‘A’ on three tests this whole year.” or “Never turn in a homework assignment late.” These will keep you motivated the whole year. Keep your goals in plain sight. I would say write them down and hang them up on your bedroom door or in your locker. Or, make them the screen saver for your laptop/computer!

Get Color-Coded 

Color-Coding can make your life a lot easier (and colorful)

Color-Coding can make organizing your school work so much easier! Whether you want to color code by subject (red is English, green is Science, blue is Algebra, Pink is history etc..) or when taking notes (see picture above), color coding always helps me. Make sure you have a set of colorful markers, pens, or highlighters. Find a color coding method that works for YOU, and trust me, your life will be a lot easier!



And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know in the comments what other back to school posts you want to see soon! Also, let me know in the comments if you have any other tips for staying organized for school! Don’t worry, I’ll probably be back tomorrow with another one, for some reason blogging these makes me want to go back to school. See you later!


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californiangirl signing off,





4 thoughts on “How To Be Organized for Back to School!

  1. Awesome post Californiangirl!! I think I am well prepared for school now. I will try my best. 😛 Just to make you aware in advance, it is my blogging birthday on 25/08 and I will be mentioning you!! Make sure you check it out. 🙂

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    • Aw thanks! Happy early Blog-Day (I just invented that). We should do a collab blog post someday!

      With love,


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