DIY Back to School Hacks!

Hey Readers,

What’s up everyone! I’m back with another back to school post! School is starting in less than 2 weeks for me, and I’m starting to realized that summers almost over (RIP summer of 2k16). I’ve spent most of yesterday night on Pinterest and YouTube looking for some Back to School Stuff, which inspired me to make this post! I’m going to tell you some super easy/ helpful hacks to make Back to School super easy and un-stressful. So without further ado, here are some awesome hacks for Back to School!


1. If you are forgetful…

Tired of forgetting what your homework is every night? This is the hack for you! This hack is super helpful for me if I have a ton of important homework. Basically, when you write down your homework, you take out your phone and snap a picture of all your assignments and projects. Then, you change your lock screen to that picture so that whenever you go on your phone, there is a big reminder of what your work is for that day!

2. If never know what to wear…

If you are like me and spend most of your mornings deciding what to wearthis hack is just for you! On Sunday, plan out all of your outfits so it’s just grab-n-go. All you need is to make some super cute tags to put on your hangers so you can eliminate morning craziness everyday of the week!

3. If you want to take more effective notes…

Are your notes making you even more confused? If so, then listen to this. Studies show that if you take your notes in blue pen, you will retain the information better. This maybe an urban legend, but definitely worth trying out.

4. If your gym shoes smell far from fresh…

Do your gym shoes stink up your backpack and locker? This is a tip for keeping your gym shoes fresh smelling all year! This may sound weird, but get tea bags (dry) and put them INSIDE your shoes. They absorb all the stinking sweat from your shoes. Say goodbye to your stinky shoes!

5. If you never have time to pack a lunch…

Do you always throw together an unhealthy lunch of candy and sugary granola bars? This hack will change your life! On Sunday, I plan out what I’m going to make each day and get all the ingredients together the night before. Also, I slice my favorite fruits or veggies and I do a mass slicing of them (I love strawberries with blueberries). Then I bag them in 5 bags one for each school day. I keep them in the fridge so then I can just grab them and put them in my lunch box for school so that each day you have a healthy little snack!

6. If you get stressed and nervous…

Are you stressed out for your presentation? This “weird” hack may help you! Blow on your thumb to reduce all you anxiety and nervousness. This is a great hack to try before a big presentation!

7. If you have a headache (or snacky)…

Do you have a headache? Do you need a study snack? Try these snacks. 


Chocolate and Almonds can cure headaches and help clear your mind and study better! And they both taste AMAZING!


Okay that’s it! I hope these hacks were helpful and let me know how they work! Expect another post very soon! I love doing these posts because they are just so fun and help not just you guys, but also me!

Let me know what other #backtoschool posts you want in the comments!

californiangirl signing off





5 thoughts on “DIY Back to School Hacks!

  1. Awesome! *blows on thumb* I’m already nervous about school! I am probably the most forgetful person too! I have heard about writing in blue pen for taking notes. Might give it a go. Really helpful post there!! 🙂 ❤
    Lauren xx


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