Back to School: Huge Clothing Haul

Hey Readers,

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog, or if you’re new, I’m glad you stumbled upon this blog! So yesterday, I went SHOPPING! Cue the screams and squeals! I love shopping so much, especially back to school shopping. I mean back to school is pretty sucky except for the shopping part! I know that you all loved my Shopping Haul I posted earlier this year so if you want, check that out! This will probably be a LONG post so lets just get into it!


1. Ironically, my first item I’m going to show is not a clothing item. It is a pair of shoes! I could probably shop for shoes all day! After basically an hour of  just staring at the huge wall of shoes, I picked up these.


I was hesitant to buy these because they were $50. FIFTY BUCKS! Outrageous! Fortunately, there was a sale going on that was Buy One Get One 50% Off so my sister and I got a great deal! I love these Converse because they are just so basic and go with everything. You can dress-down a dress with them, or tie together a casual outfit!

2. Okay, this also isn’t a clothing item. I probably should change the title from Huge Clothing Haul to Huge Clothing+Shoes+Other Stuff Haul but I’m too lazy. I picked this up at Bath and Body Works!



This is just a travelled sized hand sanitizer to keep in my backpack just in case I need to clean my hands when there is no sink nearby. I love it because it just smells awesome! I also have the body wash with the same scent and am just OBSESSED with it!

3. Finally, my first clothing item! Yay! So I picked this cute dress up at Forever 21.


I love Forever 21 because it’s trendy yet pretty cheap! This dress is super simple and would be great for layers! On chillier days, I would probably add more layers (maybe some tights, a denim jacket and a scarf). The color is perfect for fall and it’s just so cute for back to school.

4. Okay, the next thing I got was also from Forever 21. It was this adorable blue and white flannel.


I mean it’s so cute and I love the material. It’s so soft and makes me nice and warm. Also, flannels are traditionally red and black but I love the blue and white color scheme. I got this a size larger so it could have a nice oversized and comfy look to it.

5. The next store I went to was PacSun. PacSun has a bunch of different brands in it, one of them being Brandy Melville. I know I told you that I wanted the “california” tee from Brandy Melville in my Back to School: Shopping Wishlist post a couple of weeks ago but unfortunately the PacSun I was at didn’t have it. However, it did have this tee which was almost just as good.


I love this tee because it’s just a basic black-and-white. It’s also super soft like most of Brandy’s tees. I can tell that this will probably be one of my go-to tees.

6. The next thing I got was also from Brandy Melville. It was this super cute striped tee.


It’s also super soft and basic. This would go great with just some dark wash jeans or maybe a black skirt.

7. Next, I stopped by Hollister. I grabbed a pair of jeans because for some reason they’re jeans are super comfy and fit perfectly on me. hol_75616_01_model1.jpeg

These are just the normal dark wash skinny jeans. The funny thing is that I have a pair of light and medium wash jeans but not dark. Dark skinny jeans are definitely a staple in every girl’s closet!

8. I did pick up another tee because why not? The regular price of this top is $14.95, but was on sale for $8.


Cute, right? I absolutely love the color of this. Don’t you? Also the fit is perfect. It’s not so tight to the point that it highlights all my body fat, but not so relaxed that everything looks all baggy. So cute and just a super cute tee-shirt for back to school!

9. By now, I was getting a little tired so I decided to hit up one last clothing store, H&M. H&M is actually one of my favorite stores because they are really trendy and timeless. Now when I’m looking at the clothes and reciepts. I think I spent the most money there too (oops). So the first thing I got was a little outside my comfort zone.


Sorry, the picture is kind of hard to tell what it is so let me just describe it to you. It’s a shirt dress that goes down to mid thigh with some slits on the side. I actually didn’t see the slits until I tried it on in the dressing room so it was a nice surprise. I know some ladies could rock this shirt dress with  just a pair of spandex shorts underneath but that is NOT me. I’m probably going to wear this with some black tights or leggings. Honestly, I wasn’t really in love with this piece but who knows, I might like it the more I wear it?!

10. This next item was an obvious buy. Denim jackets are totally something every girl needs in their closet.


This jacket was $24, which I thought was a pretty good deal for a denim jacket. This is great for layering over dresses or basically any outfit! So cute and perfect for Back to School (which I’m just realizing is in 2 days)!

11. I needed a skirt. Aside from my jeans, I bought no other bottoms. I hate wearing shorts to school because we have this really stupid dress code which is that your skirts and shorts have to be long enough so that when your hands hang completely startight by your side, the skirt or shorts must be longer. BUT THIS SYSTEM IS RIGGED! I have freakishly long arms meaning the only shorts I can where are the awkward shorts. Not short shorts or capris, but the awkward short length. Long armed girls feel me. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! So that’s why I went hunting for a skirt.


So this skirt is just plain black. As you can probably tell, I love striped and patterned shirts so I need something plain on the bottom. This skirt fit really well and looked really nice. It was 14.99 which I’ll admit is a little too much to be paying for a skirt but you only live once, right?

12. The last clothing thing I got was this super cute top. It’s so soft and cozy and I purposefully bought it oversized so it could really add to the comfy look.


Now that I’m looking at this, I see that it’s super wrinkley so let me take a quick break and iron it. Okay I’m back. Anyways, what do you think about this top? Isn’t it the CUTEST thing? Yeah, I thought so. This is the clothing item i got.

13. Did you think I was done? The party doesn’t stop after all the clothes are bought! I headed up to the WONDERFUL store, LUSH! If you’ve read all of the posts I’ve praised Lush with then you know how much of a Lush ADDICT I am. I’m basically COMPLETELY obsessed with Lush. Okay… where was I? Oh yeah what I bought at Lush. The first thing I got was a gift to my mother. My mom loves pampering her feet so I decided to get her this.


This is called Pumice Power I believe. This is the website description:

“This scrubby soapy bar will break down that tough second skin. Pumice powder exfoliates away dry, dead skin and brightening sweet orange oil refreshes and rejuvenates from heels to toes. It’s simple to use; soap and scrub in one simple motion, then rinse for wonderfully soft, refreshed feet. We pumice you’ll notice the difference!”

Hopefully, my mom will use this all the time. If not, I’d be happy to take it (MORE LUSH FOR ME!!)!

14. Next, I went to the Bath Bombs. I’m pretty sure I spent at least fifteen minutes just smelling every single bath bomb. I finally decided on HoneyBee because of the amazing smell.



I’ll be honest, I like pretty things. While this isn’t one of Lush’s prettier bath bombs I couldn’t resist the sweet honey and toffee smell. As I’m blogging right now, I may or may not be smelling this delicious bath bomb (wink wink).

15. The final


4 thoughts on “Back to School: Huge Clothing Haul

  1. The flannel was $15 or $19 or something like that and the shirts were $23 each (way too expensive)! Thanks for reading!


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