Catch up-BACK TO SCHOOL?!!!

Hey Readers,

It’s your homie californiangirl! So this post is more of a catch-up post, so ENJOY!!!

The first day of school was Wednesday and I’m already tired! I’m glad it’s the weekend, even though I have weekend homework! I mean seriously? It’s the first week of school, we all know you aren’t supposed to do any work on the first week.  I like most of my teachers, especially my English teacher! Also, I just came back from volleyball try-outs. While I love dance, I also love volleyball. I always play on the school team and have been on the A (more competitive than the B team). Try outs were pretty good, but I’m worried about our team. I just hate this one girl on my team. I mean she’s nice in school but at volleyball she just sucks. I’ll call her Jessie. She thinks she’s sooooo good, but she knows almost NOTHING about volleyball. She can serve, but that’s about it. I really can’t take her. Also, my friend Emma is super nice, but honestly, sucks. She misses 90% of her serves and passes. Okay that’s about it…. I know this is SUPER SHORT, but school started meaning I’m super BUSY! I know it sucks. But actually I just remembered why I even did this post. I have NO MORE Back to School posts… I know, it’s sad, I’m sad too. I’m going to link all my Back to School posts at the very end of this post if you missed one of them or want to check them out! Also, I’ll be posting way more rare but I’m aiming for new blog posts every Sunday, so look forward to that!

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How To Be Organized for Back to School!

DIY Back to School Hacks!

Back to School Edition: Spilling Secrets

Back to School: Huge Clothing Haul


californiangirl signing off,





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