Top Seven Saturday- Fall Essentials

Hey Readers,

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I know that I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been CRAZY busy with school! If you have any tips of managing time better so I can get more posts up, let me know, I’d LOVE to hear them in the comments.

So I’m starting a new series… so on some Saturday you will get a Top Seven list. I don’t really know why I chose seven… I guess mostly because seven is one of my lucky numbers and also happens to start with the same letter as Saturday, my blogging day. I would do a “Top Ten Tuesday” but my weekdays are EXTREMELY busy and since I’m a morning person, I love getting up early ish on weekends to blog! So I may be busy on a couple weekends so these probably won’t come up every single weekend but expect them to come up at least once a month. (Hopefully)

Without further ado… Here is the first Top Seven Saturday! Since fall is almost here, I thought I would do this so you know what things you need to buy (or DIY) for fall!

1. Flannels


Let’s be real, ladies. Flannel jackets are a MUST HAVE for fall. They are great for layering, lazy days, and just SUPER CUTE! I love using flannels for layer. If it’s particularly chilly one day, I love putting a buttoned up flannel over a hooded sweatshirt for a cool, cozy look. On warmer days, I love tying the flannel around my waist as a way to spice up a plain outfit.

2. Dark Lipstick

Dark lipstick is great for fall. I don’t know, it just seems like dark red and maroon is the color of fall! Dark lipstick works anytime but in fall I see more and more ladies switching from light pink lip glosses to matte dark lipsticks. You can basically pick up dark lipstick anywhere, from the Walgreens across the street to your local Sephora. Regardless of where you get it, as long as you love the color, it’s all good.

3. Ankle Booties


Ankle Booties are a MUST-HAVE for fall! I love these chunky heeled booties from Urban Outfitters. These are great for putting together any outfit, from a dress with tights to a tee shirt and skinny jeans!

4. Scarves


I LOVE this scarf! The color is perfect for fall and it looks so cozy! I love infinity scarves because they are easy to put on, and are so comfy and cozy!

5. Beanies

Beanies, like scarves, are super cozy and cute! I have a white beanie, which I love, but I think really any beanie is super cute! They are great for those chilly fall days or when you are having a bad hair day and you need to cover your nasty hair up.

6. Body Butter


In fall and winter, my skin tends to get SUPER dry. When your usual moisturizer is too light, or for moisturizing dry spots. While tehre are lotion-like options, I love Buffy body butter from Lush (pictured). You use it by running it under your tub a little then moisturizing your whole body with it (espeically drier spots), then you rinse off lightly and your all set! Super mositurizing and great for skin that gets dry towards to colder months!

7. Fuzzy Socks

If you don’t own a pair of fuzzy socks, then you don’t know the feeling of comfort! I own probably 4-6 pairs of them and they are all I wear in the fall/winter! YOu can pick them up anywhere and they are pretty cheap, but a good investment!


I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know your fall essentials in the comments below!! I’ll see you next week (hopefully)!


californiangirl signing off,





One thought on “Top Seven Saturday- Fall Essentials

  1. Hiya Californian girl!!
    I realise you are going through the exact same problem as I am. I also have school and things are toppling over! It is extremely difficult to keep on top of blogging while doing homework and keeping your social life alive. At the moment, I am considering posting twice a week in order to have time to blog but also work at school and not have to stress. Have a rethink of your blogging schedule! Before I went back to school, I was writing around four blog posts per day to ensure I kept up when I got back to school but I literally have no time to make any more. I wish you luck with figuring out a plan which works for you.
    Just a quick question… When are you posting my interview? I am holding mine back so that we can post them at the same time.
    Awesome post, I have purchased myself a pair of fuzzy socks already!! I have never been a fan of socks but cosy ones are my life. ❤
    Lauren xxx


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