Interview with Laurelella!

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I’m baaaaack! It’s been a while, almost a whole week since I’ve updated, so thank you for being patience with me and my crazy schedule. Today, I have an awesome Collab Blog Post with my blogger friend Laurelella! We are doing interview (I have her interview on my blog and she has my interview on her blog) Her blog gives me so much inspiration and she is just so kind to all her viewers! So again, I’m expecting y’all to check out her blog, click that link and start to explore her blog. Since she doesn’t live in the United States like me, I believe she won’t get her portion of the post up until later so if you want to learn so cool facts about me, come check that out later! She came up with some very funny and quirky questions that you don’t want to miss! And now, I present to you, my online interview with Laurelella!


C 1): What is your favourite book and why?
L Ah that is a hard one!! I would have to say Mind Games by Terri Terry. It is a futuristic book where life is tightly controlled by the all-powerful PareCo. Standing out from the crowd is misfit Luna who hides her secrets carefully, not realising her own power. It has a sci-fi style ending but it keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole way!! I like it so much because I can relate to refusing to go along with everyone else and discovering my own route another way. It is a really mind boggling book. I would definitely recommend it!!
C 2): What is a beauty product you swear by?
L It is a Lush product named ‘Rose Lollipop’ My lips were always dry, flaky and truly awful. To the point where when I smiled I felt them stretching and cutting, it wasn’t a nice experience! Now I wear Rose Lollipop every single day and use it whenever!! I find it is perfect for keeping my lips moisturized.
If it were more of a skin care type product it would be the Aveeno Hand Cream. My hands get dry, especially in winter so I like to keep them creamy and moisturized.
C 3): What is your dream job?
L I have two dream jobs however they are quite similar. Ever since I was little I have always loved movies. I listen to soundtracks of them all the time!! Just around a year ago I kept watching behind the scenes of movies on YouTube and I was truly fascinated by the whole thing!! How the cameras work and the staging of the scenes are. That is why I am taking Media GCSE. I would love to be a filmmaker and direct people to make awesome movies!! I find the actual shooting of the movie magical and special. However, I also like music. If I was able to play keyboard pretty well (which I am working towards!) It would be my dream to create music for movies. Preferably Pixar or a cartoon type movie but I wouldn’t mind!!!
C 4): Who has influenced you the most in life?
L My Mum. She has taught me proper manners and really helped me become the bright spirit I am today!! My Mum also makes the right decisions and approaches situations carefully which I believe I have applied well to my every day life when she isn’t around and I need to make the right decisions quickly.
In terms of influence from a larger scale would be the YouTube channel JacksGap. They are two brothers, Jack and Finn Harries and create amazing, inspiring and effective videos on serious matters and also do a bit of traveling here and there!! My favourite video which I will always remember and live by is the mental health video because it is touching and also very well put together.
C 5): What is your favourite memory?
L My favourite memory is a few days before I left Primary School! (I would have been eleven then) We all got on a coach for a pretty long time to go to this swimming pool with a massive slide and rapids. It was the ‘fun day out’ before the big last day where we all cried, a lot. I remember precisely when all of us were in the rapids smiling, giggling and having the best day ever and me thinking that we weren’t going to the same Secondary School! It was awesome. The teachers joined in too!
C 6): What’s your favourite candy?
L I’m not sure whether you get them wherever you are but in the UK I like refreshers. They are really strong flavoured sweets which basically dissolve on your tongue! I always take them with me on planes or school because they are awesome. Or, for a more sugary, tough sweet I like rhubarb and custard sweets!! They taste delicious.
C 7): What is your biggest fear?
L The future. I find the unknown particularly scary because anything could happen!! When people ask me where I would find myself in 5/10 years my mind just gets completely dazzled and confused as nobody could tell. The future is coming whether I like it or not and the problem is that I cannot stop it. I know I am not on my own with this fear so I am okay thankfully.
C8): What’s a weird habit you have?
L This one is pretty strange. I am not sure whether anyone else does it but oh well! When I have a drink of any sort of beverage, I take a sip from one place, then turn the cup. I cannot/do not like drinking from the same place I did before!! I do not know what it is at all but I do it and cannot stop. Sometimes there are little marks on the side of the glass so you can see where your mouth has been and I do not drink from that exact place again! Weird, I know.
C 9): If you had $1,000,000 (US dollars), what would you do?
L If I was a teenager when I had that much money I would buy a puppy and revamp my whole room! It would be a pastel coloured themed room with every single item being Pinterest worthy! I love white and pale colours. Stationery is a must have too so I would buy the whole Paperchase store!!
However, if I were an adult, I would buy a house and have a trip to Florida, Disney World with all of my closest friends and family. We would have fast passes to get on all of the rides quickly and even have chance to meet Mickey and Minnie mouse! Yes, I would be an adult but magic is for all ages.
C 10): Describe yourself in 5 words?
L Shy, creative, a worrier, honest and bubbly!
C 11): Why did you start blogging?
L I started blogging on the 25th August, 2015 mainly because I had so many thoughts in my brain I couldn’t contain them! I wanted to share everything that went on in my mind and I turned to blogging! Also because I am a shy person in real life I don’t always have the confidence to say things out loud. Blogging enables me to share my innermost thoughts and reach out to others through a screen. There are no awkward moments or small talk! Just plain, simple happiness. I also find blogging as a way to escape, just like reading really. Sometimes in the darkest of times or when it is dark and cold outside I log into my blogger account and just write. I get a cosy, warming feeling when people comment and read what I have to say. The community itself is amazing too!
C 12): Any advice to new bloggers?
L Be yourself! I cannot express this enough. This is your chance to show your sparkle and skills not conceal them and pretend. The internet can be quite deceiving at times so please share your true self. People will love you for who you are and do not let anyone tell you otherwise.
Persist. Keep learning new skills and explore! When I first started blogging, I hadn’t a clue what I was doing. To this day I still experience issues and learn from my mistakes. Recently when one of my friends made a blog he didn’t insert a title! The first blog post I did, all of the photos were from the internet and placed awkwardly all over the page. Keep trying!!
And that’s all! I loved doing this post with Laurelella! I’m honored to have done this with her and be sure to check my part of the interview on her blog which I’ll link one more time
Love y’all!

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