Today is my birthday?! Updates

Hey Readers,

Yeah, today is my birthday! Yay! Excitement! Party!

I got a lot of things from friends and family this year and just wanted to tell you some of my favorites of them! Disclaimer: I am not trying to brag/show off in any shape or form. I’m sooooo thankful for everything I got!

My friend gave me this awesome Lush set. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you probably know how much I love Lush!


It’s the Relax gift box and it comes with my favorite bath bomb Twilight, the twilight scented shower gel! It also came with Dream Cream, an awesome hand and body lotion!

They also gave me Rainbow fun from Lush which feels like play-doh, smells awesome, and can be used to wash hair, as a bubble bar, and as a soap.

Next, I got a set from The Body Shop! I love the Body Shop as well and was so happy to get it!

Also shoutout to my mom and sister for staying up till Midnight baking me a cake! It was the best gift I could ever get!

Some other gifts I got were gift cards to my favorite stores, like American Eagle and PacSun, a new book to read, and a tea making set! Thanks so much!

On a creepier note, let me know what you know about the clown situation. I’m pretty sure all you Americans know about this. Creepy clowns are roaming the street and apparently “grabbing/threatening” children. A local high school not far from my school got an email last week stating that “The Clowns are Coming.” How creepy is that?! Extremely creepy is the answer. Police have been patrolling that school among many others. Honestly, I don’t even know what to think about this all. I have a feeling its a prank or something, but honestly, this whole thing is pretty scary. What do you think about this? Is it a hoax or is something serious going on? Tell me in the comments!

Anyway….. This winter dance show, I’m cast in a piece called “Snow.” Yes, the infamous piece from the Nutcracker! I’m so excited because it’s with a lot of advanced dancers and I’m the second youngest one there. I love it because it just reminds me of the start of winter and all the memories of snow.I’m lucky to just be tall enough to be in almost the whole dance. Two of my friends aren’t in the beginning because they are too small size-wise. The thing is, I’m just one millimeter taller than one of those girls, so I just made it! Again, so excited and thankful I was cast in this role and that I’ll be dancing alongside many amazing dancers.

Okay thanks for listening to my catch up! It was great just to relax and talk with y’all!



your now-older



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