Easy/DIY Halloween Costume Ideas! +important blog announcement

Hey Readers,

Looking for an easy last-minute halloween costume?

You’ve come to the right place post!

What’s up it’s californiangirl. Guess what?! Only a little more than a week till Halloween. And if you are like me, you probably still haven’t figured out what costume you are wearing yet! Here are some easy and super cool Halloween costumes for you this year.Also, read the whole post for my announcement at the end!

1. Snapchat Filters (what I’m probably going to do this year with my friends)


This is great if you have a squad you want to get dressed up with. It’s super easy and you can just search online for tutorials for almost every filter! There are so many so get as many friends to join in as you can! (Ideas: Rainbow Filter (as shown above) Dog filter, Butterfly Crown filter, Deer filter.)

2. Instagram Picture


Honestly this one is real easy! Here is a detailed tutorial if you are interested. It’s really quite simple!

3. Rosie the Riveter


Simple and cute, become the iconic symbol of working women, Rosie the Riveter! Just find a denim jacket, dark wash jeans, and a red bandana! Don’t forget the bold lip and to show of your arm muscles!

4. Where’s Waldo


Super easy but awesome costume for people of all ages. Just get, or diy, a red and white striped shirt or tank, jeans, oversized nerd glasses, a red beanie, and you’re ready!

 5. Rock Paper Scissors


Really cute for a group costume with a  couple friends or even as a family costume! Click here for a tutorial. (Skip to 2:00)


And that’s it! I hope you have some Halloween inspiration! I know it’s hard to decide what to be each year and how tempting it is just to not dress up.

Also, I need to tell y’all something. This school year, I’ve been super extra busy. I can barely find time to blog. I really wish I could still put up blogs weekly, actually I wish I could blog daily, but it’s so hard to find time to write a good quality  post. I’ll be posting as much as possible, which means for some months, I might post only once, while others I’ll be posting ten, depending on the busy-ness of that month.  Hope you understand. If you aren’t following my blog, then I suggest you do so because then you get an email each time I post. If you are, then well done! You will know exactly when I post! I love and appreciate all you readers. I know that if you don’t have a WordPress.com account you can’t follow my blog so if you want email notifications just shoot me an email at californiangirlblog@gmail.com so I can alert you when I post. Thanks for understanding, YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!


Thanks for Reading,




One thought on “Easy/DIY Halloween Costume Ideas! +important blog announcement

  1. Awesome post!! 🙂
    I also have been pretty busy with school, life and trying to keep up with blogging so I can relate. I totally understand and I think you have made the right decision about blogging!
    I don’t particularly celebrate Halloween but I liked the costume ideas.
    Have an awesome day!! 😀


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