Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly//reviewed by californiangirl

Dear Readers,

I’m back! Times have been super busy recently so it’s pretty tough to blog. I wish I could just have one or two more hours in each day to blog! Anyway, it’s good to be back in front of my computer catching up with y’all. Thanksgiving break is coming up in a couple of weeks so I’ll make sure to blog extra-much then!

This blog post is a review about an interesting innovation by one of my favorite stores, LushLush is an all natural cosmetics company known for having fresh and natural ingredients in their products. I have a small (okay fine, HUGE) obsession with lush.


My sister gave me Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly for my birthday! Wait, did you say shower jelly. Oh yes I did! What do you mean by shower jelly? This is what a shower jelly is:


It feels like jello meaning it slips, wobbles, and shakes. It’s quite interesting and innovative. Something that makes showering super fun.

How do you use a shower jelly?

There are two ways to use a shower jelly. 1. Use it like a soap, grab it and lather it on your body. 2. Cut it up (a little piece goes a LONG way) and put on a loofah for big bubbles. I personally like method 1 because it’s more fun, but I know many people like method 2 better because the problem with using it full is that it slips everywhere. It’s up to you on what you like better.

What does Santa’s belly look/smell like?


This deep red jelly is full of Christmas magic. Star anise infusion, and fresh apple and grape juices are blended into the soft seaweed base to brighten and cleanse skin, and for their sweet, fruity scents. Biodegradable golden stars are sprinkled throughout for a dash of happiness. Keep the whole jar in the freezer, then bring it into a hot shower for a stimulating and refreshing apple-scented lather! -Lush USA website

I love the cute gold stars sprinkled throughout it. The sparkly belt buckle makes it cuter and more festive. It smells so freaking delicious! It smells like a crisp apple, kind of like Lush’s bath bomb So White. It just smells so fresh and festive. The scent lingers on you for many hours afterwards and is so uplifting!

Too Wobbly?

As I mentioned earlier, these jellies are very very wobbly. It’s so wobbly that when small bits fall down, it takes me at least two full minutes to get it back on my hand. Also, I’ve lost multiple small jelly pieces to the drain. They slip and slide all over the shower. I know a solution is to freeze the jelly, which works for some people, but I can’t deal with super cold stuff, especially on my body.

Overall rating

I’ll give Santa’s Belly a 8.5/10. I love the smell and look but I still think I want to stick with shower gel instead of jelly. It’s a little too slippery for clumsy me!

The Verdict

Perfect for lovers of apple scented things and someone wanting to mix up their shower routine!

Love ya all,

californiangirl (I almost signed my real name!)




5 thoughts on “Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly//reviewed by californiangirl

  1. Ooooh this is lovely! I have the Snowman jelly and it is amazing. I keep thinking it is going to fall down the drain in the shower though. 😛 I now use it only for my hands in the sink. It is really lovely though! Very moisturising. 🙂
    I hope you have a nice day!
    Lauren xx

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