Black Friday FAIL?

Hey readers,

What’s up! I hope you had a good thanksgiving! I certainly had the best time with my family and friends. We were all very excited for Black Friday and woke up early to hit up th deals. Unfortunately the sales weren’t that good. Especially at places we were expecting deals like Target. We shopped for four whole hours and got only a couple items for normal prices.

So lesson learned…. Black Friday is OVERRATED

Next weekend is the dance Winter Showcase. I’m so excited! I love the holiday show because it’s just so fun and makes me get into the holiday spirit! I’m in four dances including the Snow Scene from the Nutcracker. I love it even though it’s super tiring… I won’t be blogging all week unfortunately because if all the rehearsals and stuff. 

Since it’s after thanksgiving, it means it’s Christmas/Holiday season! I love this time of year and I can’t even believe it’s already here…. I’ll be starting to post holiday posts after my dance show is over! 

How was your thanksgiving? Did you go Black Friday shopping? Are you excited for the holidays too? Let me know in the comments.
Love y’all!


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