The Dance Winter Performance//my experience

Dear Readers,

Last Saturday was the annual dance winter performance! The show is a big deal, but maybe not as big a deal as the Spring Showcase. I was in four dances this year, Rondo (ballet), Snow Scene (advanced ballet), New York Christmas (Jazz), and Winter’s Night (lyrical). This is my experience of both backstage and on stage, and I’m ready to share.


tech rehearsal

If you are not in the performing arts, you probably haven’t heard of tech rehearsal (Tech). Tech is where we run all of the dance pieces without costume and makeup because we just want to see if all the technology is running smoothly, the lights more specifically. We also run through for spacing on the stage that is much bigger than our studio practice space. I love tech because I get to watch all the pieces… both the little ones that look up to me and the older girls I’ve been inspired by since I was four! Tech ran pretty smoothly except for one dance, the Snow Scene.The stage we were performing at was a lot bigger than the studio we’ve been practicing at! The wings were quite hard to run around and through and it was just exhausting because we had further to run. So it was pretty intense. So I didn’t do that well to be honest, and I was exhausted by the end, and I mean sweaty, aching, and in pain! It was really fun to hang out with the girls!

dress rehearsal

Dress rehearsal is basically like doing the show, full makeup, hair, staging, but without an audience. It is like a practice run before the show, when we take pictures, not videos, laugh, not get stressed out, and get ready for the real thing. I was pretty exhausted from tech and rehearsals throughout the week and my ankle was really hurting. remember the Russian Pointes I talked about before, well they were very soft and I had to put Jet glue in them to harden them a little bit. I worried about dancing in them because I’m not very supported in the shoes. So they might of been the cause of the pain in my ankle. So dress was good. I loved all my costumes and I thought they were all very pretty. Everything ran smoothly except for those few blips. Unfortunetly, Snow did not go well either, My headpiece, a diamond (fake of course) crown, popped off my head and on the stage in the middle. I’m scared to see the pictures. I feel like it will look really bad since my crown will not be on my head where it’s supposed to be, omg!

the real deal-show night

And then, on Saturday it was the day of the show. Where all the work and pain lead up to. The show was really fun! I love the feeling of being on stage, the stage lights a glow, the audience buzzing. No mistakes except a small bobble on my turns and running into my friend in the jazz dance. Lol but overall not bad. Backstage was fun too. It was had to change from costume to costume. Changing lip color and shoes too, but it was great too! I took some really funny pictures with all of my friends on my phone and on my friends Polaroid camera!


It was pretty exhausting but I think it was worth it… definitely!


love ya all,




2 thoughts on “The Dance Winter Performance//my experience

  1. Hiya!
    Dance sounds really tiring but worth it in the end 🙂 Well Done!! 😀 I’m sure you’re a brilliant dancer. It’s nice to hear what you’re up to; it’s really brightened my day.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your day,
    Lauren xoxo


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