Day 2: Holiday Traditions…

Dear Readers,

It’s blogmas day and I’m going strong! Today I’m blogging about Holiday traditions I have in my family! Some of these have been going on for years, others new and have just began. Some you won’t see in any other home, others, you will see in many! My family loves the holidays and we like to celebrate it in our own way! And who knows, maybe this post will inspire you to make some new holiday traditions this year!


1. #singing

Does your family love to sing? I’m sure mine does even if we aren’t good at it! My sister and I both play piano and love to learn Christmas songs to play at this time of year. Our whole family gathers ’round and we sing to classics like The Christmas Song, Joy to the World, Let it Snow, and Winter Wonderland!

Let me know what songs your family is #singing during the holidays!

2. #tree

Christmas is not complete without our tree.While other families get their tree right after thanksgiving, we have our own twist. Our family waits the weekend after my mom’s birthday, Dec 2nd, to go get a Christmas tree. We always get a real tree and decorate it with a mix of handmade and store-bought ornaments, complete with multi-colored lights and a golden star!

Does your family get a #tree for the holiday season?

3. #secretsanta

Can you keep a secret? My family likes to do secret Santa between the four of us. Maybe not as fun as doing it with a whole group, but still really interesting to see what we get each other.

Do you play #secretsanta with your friends and family?

4. #tahoe

As I live close to lake Tahoe, we love going up there for skiing and snowboarding. It’s really fun during the holidays, especially since we never get snow where I actually live.

Do you travel during the holidays?

5. #bakingcookies


We all love to bake so during the holidays we definitely love to make homemade cookies, for santa (and us too)!

Do you like #bakingcookies during the holidays?


My family has a lot of holiday traditions. Usually we are super busy so it’s nice to spend time together during this time of year! I hope you have some fun holiday traditions as well!

And that’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed blogmas #2! See you tomorrow everyone! Enjoy your day!


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