Holiday Beauty Essentials//blogmas day 3

Hey Readers,

Happy-happy-blogmas// day 3. I’m still going strong-ish! And the more I blog, the closer I realize we are to Christmas! Today, I’ll be telling y’all my Holiday Beauty Essentials! The holidays have a very specific make-up look to them, so here are some products that will make you look merry and bright! Enjoy californianfam (do you like that? maybe that will be a name for you readers?)!

1. Bright Red Lipstick

Can you imagine Christmas without hot-red lips. I thought so! Christmas parties will not be complete without bright lips all over the room.


I love Live it Up lipstick from Bare Minerals! It’s very bright and holiday-like! I would use this for a bold look or to add a pop to an otherwise dull outfit!

Swatch of Live it Up!

Note- unfortunately Live it Up isn’t available as of now on the bare minerals site
(you can still get it on amazon etc..) so another one I recommend that is almost the exact shade, Huggable Lipcolour by Mac in Cherry Glaze!

2. Volumizing Mascara (to add some serious drama)

Bring the drama to the party with some luxurious lashes! Loving this mascara from Maybelline!

Those lashes are MEMERIZING! I can’t look away!

3. Shimmery Highlighter

Make your face glow with some delicate, shimmery highlight on your cheekbones. It will make them pop and radiate!


This is a personal recommendation! It’s a great liquid highlighter that will make you skin radiate and shine! Put a little on your cheekbones and colorbone and you’re GOLDEN!

4. Liquid Eyeliner

Do you want all eyes on you? Then finish your look with sharp winged eyeliner, liquid of course for that piercing refined look! I love a winged liner because it really creates a lovely finish on your eye makeup!


5. Bronzer

It’s the midst of the winter and the tan you worked so hard for in the summer has worn off. Solution: bronzer! Add a subtle glow to your pale and drab skin with some bronzer. I love this matte bronzer from Benefit cosmetics .

And that’s it! These are what I personally need for my holiday beauty look! I hope you enjoyed this post! See you tomorrow! Check out my other blogmas posts


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Much Much Love



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