Day 5: Stocking Stuffer Ideas//blogmas

Dear Readers,

Welcome back to the 12 days of blogmas! It’s day 5 already!! Christmas is getting closer and closer and I’m just so excited! Today’s post is all about some ideas for stocking stuffers!


Having a stocking full of little gifts is a Christmas tradition at not only my home but in homes all over the world. Sometimes it’s easy to find the main gifts for your family but when it comes to the stocking, you’re clueless. Here are some of my ideas for stocking stuffers for all the members in your family!

For the hardworking dad

-breath mints

-playing cards

-pocket knife

-gift cards



For the busy mom

-nail polish

-cute mesuring cups

-bath bomb

-coffee mug

-mini notebook



-gift cards


For the older sister/brother

-chewing gum

-bath bombs (girls–or maybe some guys, I won’t judge… no one can resist Lush!)


-phone/iPod cases

-gift cards




For the babies of the family


lush fun





I hope you enjoyed this post of blogmas!

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californiangirl signing off,




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