day 6: Winter Pamper Routine//12 days of blogmas

Dear Readers,

I’m not going to give up, NOT GOING TO GIVE UP!  Life is getting busier and daily blogs are hard to do, even only for 12 days. However, they will certainly pay off. I love writing these because they get me in the holiday spirit! I hope you are enjoying them too!

Today I’m telling you my winter pamper routine. Basically what I’ll be doing on those chilly, lazy winter nights! I hope you enjoy and let’s get into the post! I hope you enjoy this one!

The first thing I do in my pamper routine is change out of all the layers I’ve been waring throughout the day and change into a warm robe and some sweats!


Christmas themed pajama set is optional but much encouraged!

Then I go into my room and wash my face to remove any makeup and all the gunk that built up on my face through the day! I use my normal face wash, from Aveeno. avn_clear_complexion_foaming_cleanser36ad8331-1d1c-469a-92af-6be990df1876_1-fe86f1c4f20b1fa62c10588fc0af355a

Since it’s the winter, my face does get more dry so I like to use the Aveeno lotion as well. It’s normally too oily for my face but in the cold months, I love using it!

Next I light some candles for some mood-lighting. I love all the bath and body works christmas candles because they add such a festive touch to the atmosphere.


My favorite ones are twisted peppermint and vanilla bean noel! They are so delicious I could eat them! I always have a candle burning around this time of year because it ameks the house warmer and christmas smelling!

Then I go to the bathroom, where the real magic happens, it’s bath time! My personal favorite Christmas bath bomb is The Luxury Lush Pud. It smells so relaxing and lush-y! Also it’s gorgeous in the waters! Any bath bomb will work as long as you enjoy the scent!


I like to sit in the bath for about 45 minutes to an hour to get the most out of each bomb. There I love wearing my face masks and body scrubs, catching up on some shows/youtube I’ve missed, reading a few chapters of my favorite books, or sometimes just relaxing, letting my worries melt away.


Then I put my jammies back on and get ready for bed by watching a christmas movie like Elf, just spending time with my family by the fire place! I love Elf it’s so funny and certainly a classic!

Finally I get ready for bed by brushing my teeth and then crawl under the covers and drift of into a relaxed sleep!

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see you tomorrow,



One thought on “day 6: Winter Pamper Routine//12 days of blogmas

  1. Awesome blogmas post californiangirl! I really liked it 🙂 I love cosying up on the sofa to watch a movie after a relaxing Lush bath with candles. Merry Christmas! ❤


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