Day 9: Memory Boxes//12 Days of Blogmas

Day 9 of Blogmas…

Hey y’all welcome back to blogmas. It’s getting closer and closer to Day 13! CHRISTMAS! I can’t wait! Honestly the season is just amazing all the way through. I will miss blog-mas when Christmas is over though. I totally enjoy writing these awesome posts!

So for today’s post, I’m letting y’all about know a super cool idea. This is for New Years, not so much Christmas, but is festive and holiday-like enough nevertheless.


All you need:

Shoebox (decorated)

memories to fill it with (photos, ticket stubs, recipts, letters (if we even write those anymore))


It’s really that simple!


My family is starting a new tradition this year where each of us will will make a memory box. We will decorate it and throughout 2017, fill it up with memories, ticket stubs, tests, report cards, notes-to-selfs, photos, and more. I’m thinking of opening mine after four years, all the memories rushing back will be a bittersweet feeling!

How I came up with the idea?

I recently read this amazing book called Thirteen Reasons Why  by Jay Asher. It is about this girl who commits sucided, then leaves tape cassettes to all the people that were a part of why she killed herself. It’s a chilling, thrilling book that I’ll never forget. I definitely recommend it! Back onto topic… After I read this book I began thinking, suicide happens when we are to filled with depressing emotions, when all the happy in the world is nowhere to be seen. By making a box of memories we can remember all the happy moments in life.Life is worth living and there is a box full of memories and moments that show why. And for the not so happy moments? We can remember that we got through it, that people were there for us. That we are not alone.

When will I start putting in things?

Like the impatient person i am, I have already began putting in some things. A poloroid of my friend and I at the winter dance show, some note to self’s etc… Most of the stuff will be put in during 2017!


Let me know if you will be doing a memory box along with me. If you decide to, maybe one day we can open ours together and remember who we used to be and who we are now!





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