Day 10: First Day of Winter Break+new favorite snack//12 days of blogmas

Hey Readers,

Blogmas is starting to wind down. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Can you believe it??? Neither can I! I can’t believe time went by so fast (I know hecka cheesy BUT true).

Today was actually the first day of winter break which is weird because it’s so soon to Christmas. Anyways today is more of a catch up and whatever.

Right now, it’s currently 10:45 AM so I’ll tell you my plan for today.

I already ate breakfast which was a bagel and some tea and I began blogging. After this I’m planning on doing some homework/practicing cello and piano. After that i might go on a walk with my sister and mom just to get some air in our bodies. Later i’m thinking about making lunch then watching some TV. Next maybe I’ll call one of my friends or facetime them to catch up even though its only the first week of break, I miss them already. Next I might start putting in more stuff into my families stocking as they look quite empty right now. Next will be dinner which hopefully will be with the whole family. then I’m thinking of a quick stretch/strength dance workout so i don’t lose my splits and quadruple pirouette over the break. I’m also thinking of doing a bath with one of my favorite lush bath bombs, Never Mind the Ballistics. Then I’ll wind down, ready for sleep!


Kale Chips Recipe

I also wanted to share with y’all my new favorite recipe. My mom and sister made a batch of this last night and I have been snacking on it all day! It’s healthy and also super simple to make! Even if you don’t enjoy kale, I suggest you give this recipe a try, I really think you’ll like it.


All you need to do is get some kale (the key is for it to be dry, I suggest the pre-washed stuff) and tossed it with olive oil and salt/pepper. Set the oven for 350 F and pop them in for 6-10 minutes, or till crispy!

Simple but delicious!

This was a short post but just a day in a life look and some catch up information that I wanted to share with you guys! I hope you enjoyed!!!!




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