What I got for Christmas 2016!!!

Dear Reader,

Merry-late-Christmas! I hope all of you had a great Christmas! I certainly enjoyed my Christmas! I had a lovely time with my family and friends. I know… I didn’t end up doing a Day 12 of my blogmas. I broke down on the last day and forgot to blog. With guests coming over, I had to clean the house and help cook dinner. Time flew by and by the time everyone left, it was already 11 PM. I went to bed knowing I had something I forgot to do. Unfortunely I was so tired, I forgot about blogging! Okay enough about that, I mean you’ve all probably heard the saying better now than ever! Okay on with what I got for Christmas 2016!

***Disclaimer: I’m very thankful for all I got and am not trying in any shape or form to brag. If you find this post offenisive, email me at californiangirlblog@gmail.com***



1. Uggs

I got the mini Bailey Bow Ugg Boots!

I’ve never gotten Uggs before in my life! I mean yeah, I got all a couple pair of the knockoff from Costco, which were very comfy but didn’t last more than one day in the snow or rain without being stained and beat up. My mom got me these and I couldn’t believe it. She really didn’t have to considering everything she does for me. I love these boots and they should be perfect for the winter months!

2. Poetry Book


I’ve never been into poetry but after recieving this book from a friend I think I’m getting into it. The poetry in this book is about the struggles and hardships in life. I can’t wait to start reading this!

3. So White Bath Bomb


You all know me, the Lush Addict. I love all things Lush, especially their bath bombs! My friend also got me this bath bomb because she knows me just that well!

4. Necklace

From J-Crew’ kids line CrewCuts

I wa really happy to find this in my stocking! It’s so cute! I especially love the ballerina charm and the tassel! I feel like this charm necklace is just so me! Like if I was a necklace I would look like that!

5. Hamilton Soundtrack


Since we can’t see Hamilton live, my mom bought me the soundtrack on iTunes! this came a little bit early but I’ve really been enjoying listening to it this whole month!

6. Lokai Bracelet


I got this Lokai from my lovely younger sister and I’m so happy! I’ve always wanted one of these Lokai bracelets and I’ve seen so many people with these. They have a really cool meaning and are super stylish too!

7. Makeup

For dance team, we need to have the exact same makeup, and I mean down to the last second exactly the same everything! So I recieved all of that in my stocking! Mandatory makeup or not, I always get excited to recieve and get it!

8. Warm Jacket

So the day after Christmas, today, my family and I went shopping. I’m including some of it in this post. I love this pullover very much and I’m definitely in need of a warm fleece! It’s a purple fleecy pullover with pink drawstrings in the front and a hood! I love it except for the hot pink strings. I’m probably going to cut them out and it will make it a lot better!

9. Jeans

$40 from Levi’s

Finally, another thing I got on today’s shopping trip was a pair of jeans from Levi’s. I basically live in jeans or leggings so I can never get enough of both of them. I have a dark wash pair and a light wash one so I decided to get a mediam wash pair! They are super skinny, the way i like my jeans!


And that’s it! I’m really thankful for all I got this year! Let me know what you guys all got down in the comments!

Happy Holidays!





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